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Playbetr - non-payment


Player's Complaint

I made my account on march 2nd 2022 (almost a year ago). Deposited $1000 at first. I've been betting on sports (football or basketball) ever since, on and off for about a year. The limits on this website were not very high, and I found (sister website to with higher limits. Made my account end of last year, 31st december 2022. My first deposit on playbetr was $4k. Then later on I deposited another $1000-2000 not sure exactly. Same with, I deposited another $1000 ish. So in total, I had deposited around $7000-8000 somewhere total on playbetr, all in BTC. Never had any issues. I had only been betting on NBA at playbetr, was losing at first. Then I win some bets (NBA basketball) on both sites. Did not bet same selections on both sides, was completely different bets (if that has any relevance). I had been previously losing and that was apparently fine for them.

Anyway, after winning - I tried to withdraw my balances from both websites realizing I had been limited down to less than $10 stakes on NBA etc. The total withdrawals were 0.65 BTC from playbetr and almost 0.21 BTC from betcoin. I got emails from both sites asking me for KYC. Uploaded full KYC to both sites, including pictures of my driving license + selfies, and address proof etc. My account was fully verified and I was waiting for my withdrawals. Next day, I try to log in and see it doesn't let me. On neither website I was able to log in, or when I could, I had no access to any features of the account. Basically they blocked my playbetr and betcoin accounts both at once for no reason. I get an email from both sites saying this: [EDIT]

Basically they claim I have been guilty of fraudulent actions and they had the right to terminate my account and suspend payouts. What's most funny, is they offered to return my deposit. (FYI, I don't give a sh*t about getting my deposit back). This is literally laughable. I'm seeing this happen to more people. They just close my accounts for no reason, not providing any form of explanation or evidence and then ignoring me for weeks. I have been emailing them ever since I got these emails (3rd january 2023), and there has now been over a month since without getting a reply. I try to speak to them through live chat and get the same reply everytime ("email for more information sir").

I have seen them (playbetr specifically) reply to many threads on this forum and most of the times they claim to be very transparent and fair. It actually amazes me how well-knowledged they are and the fact they always reply to complaints is kind of surprising. Now I would really love to know why I have been scammed out of 0.85 btc, which at the moment is almost $20k. These are the types of [EDIT] actions they listed (they have not explained how I broke any of them - I OBVIOUSLY HAVE NOT):

These actions include, but are not limited to:

Syndicate play or participating in any type of collusion with other players

Match fixing

Late betting

Development of strategies aimed at unfaithful winnings or advantage play, which is detrimental to our business

Arbitrage/corridor betting, use of forking services, use of surebet or valuebet services or steam chasing

Fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment providers

Chargeback procedures with a credit card or denial of some payments made

Other types of cheating

Providing incorrect information about personal data during registration

Is known to have gone bankrupt in the country of his residence

Suspicion of money laundering or funds having been obtained by illegal activity

Use of a device, bot or software to place bets or interfere with any transactions occurring at

They have not explained how I have done any of this. I am 100% sure I have not. All I have been betting on is NBA bets (one of the biggest markets in the world) and it would be impossible to cheat on these markets. NBA is the #1 league of a top 3 sport in the world, which has huge limits on every known sportsbook. It is a false claim that "I cheated" and they are fully ignoring me and many others. I refuse to let this be ignored and will do anything in my power to take it the next step. What's laughable is the fact they claimed they would repay my deposits, I wouldn't accept them, but still ignored me when I mention it. I have seen other users contact Curacao courts and lawyers. I am willing to pay any amount of money or do anything to get this sorted straight. Not letting these scumbags get away with scamming innocent fair players for absolutely no reason.

Here are some links proving my claims:

- Proof of my withdrawal requests -> (proves me having 0.85 BTC total in both accounts): [EDIT], [EDIT]

- Screenshots of bets I won on playbetr (FAIR, NORMAL NBA BETS) -> [EDIT], [EDIT]

- Video of me trying to access my playbetr account after getting the emails (now I can't even log in) -> [EDIT]

Long story short:

- total amount 0.85 BTC (deposits + profits)

- accounts were randomly blocked 3rd jan 2023 after requesting withdrawals (over a month ago)

- did not break any rules

- no reply on live chat or email (getting ignored)

- no explanation or evidence to back anything up

Looking forward to a reply from and / or Thank you in advance.

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4 Responses

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February 14, 2023

Hi cru7ufy - welcome to!

Please read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

You have chosen to play with a weakly licensed property. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.



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February 19, 2023

Date – 19/02/2023

This complaint has been checked. Work is ongoing on this matter. We will revert to you when we have new relevant information to share.



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February 27, 2023

Date – 27/02/2023

This complaint has been checked. Work is ongoing on this matter. We will revert to you when we have new relevant information to share.



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March 4, 2023

PlayBetR has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that this player has opened multiple accounts in breach of terms and conditions. As such we will take no further part in the representation of this player's claim.

No further posts will be approved on this thread.


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February 10, 2023

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