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SLBet – casino don’t want to pay.


Found for the Player - SLBet have enforced a term restricting play with multiple casinos in their group, however the term fails to offer the player any guidance regarding exactly which casinos they are associated with and as a result is an invalid term that would not be legally up-holdable.

SLBet have shown no willingness to either pay this player or make any adjustments to this clearly inadequate term and as such we have no choice but to mark this complaint 'Found for the Player' and strongly advise players not to engage with any of the casinos that are in this group. For the record, the casinos that we are aware of that are run under this license are; SLBet, Fastlane Betting, UniGaming, Betting-Max and BetMonkey. There may be other venues that we are not aware of.

Player's Complaint

On 7th August I registered account at SLBet casino. On 7th September I made my second deposit(50 euro) and received monthly bonus. After meeting wagering requirements, I requested withdrawal of 600 euro. On 8th September I was asked to send documents, which I did. On 9th Septmeber, to my suprise, casino sent me following email:

"Please be informed that we have noticed that you have two accounts with us - on Fast Lane Betting web site and on SLBet. As per Terms and Conditions (T&C), you are not allowed to have two active accounts on same license. Please take time and read through the following extract from the T&C:

The Player is restricted to opening only one account or having one active account under the listed Gaming Licences. Eventual duplicate accounts or accounts opened later or under a fictitious name or in the name of other people shall be closed. Any bets and wagers placed on these accounts and any relative winnings will be voided at all times, including after the results of the event.

Note that ALL deposits on the second account will be transferred to the user's account at Fast Lane Betting web site and all relative winnings reversed as stated in the T&C."

So they simply expect from player to know licence number of every casino he played at.

But this is not the main issue. The main issue is, that those terms looked differently on 7th August when I opened account there.

There wasn't 'under the listed Gaming Licences' phrase. It was just standard term about having one account at casino.

Moreover, it wasn't there on 30th August and also on 4th September, so only three days before my deposit. As a proof, I sent you(to [email protected]) cached version of SLBet terms page from google(from 30th August), saved in html file, beacuse google already replaced it with newer version.

I also sent you cached version of Betting-Max terms page(from 4th Septmeber). This is another casino owned by Playbay Malta, with the same licence and the same terms and conditions.

So terms of all their casinos obviously had to be changed at the same time, between 5th and 9th September. So I can't even be sure if they weren't changed, for example on 8th September, the day after my deposit.

Casino failed to inform about those changes and forced those terms retroactively on existing accounts.

I won my money fair and square. I was low rolling and having fun on slots. I wagered much more than was needed yet the casino decided to unfairly confiscate my money, based on terms I didn't agreed for. That's why I ask you, thePOGG to help me.

As they have returned my deposits, they still owe me 490 euro. This isn't a big amount, and I would leave it, if I didn't think that I'm in the right here.

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6 Responses

Oct 07, 2014

Hi warden - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Regardless of the terms presence or lack thereof, if the terms do not provide a detailed list of associated properties or a relevant source to find this information the player cannot be expected to know which casinos are owned by this group.

I'm one of the more knowledgeable people in the industry right now when it comes to casinos and their ownership and I've never heard of SLBet, Fastlane Betting, UniGaming or Betting-Max, the venues I've managed to find that are associated with this license. For my own notes - this company also appears to own BetMonkey.com, though hasn't made the site operational yet.

Expecting players to be able to make the connection between their venues independently isn't acceptable.

I'll contact the casino and see what I can find out.



Oct 15, 2014

Hi warden,

To keep you in the loop - I have been trying to contact SLBet, but currently have had no response. I'm going to keep trying for the time being and will let you know if I hear anything back.



Oct 15, 2014

Thank you for update.

It's shame they chose not to respond. I guess they don't care about their reputation.

Oct 22, 2014

Hi warden,

I have had a response from SLBet, basically saying exactly what they told you - that their terms and conditions restrict playing with multiple properties within their group. I have respond pointing out the fact that player's cannot be expected to simply know which casinos they are associated with and directing them to a site detailing the Office of Fair Trading's guidance on fair terms and conditions.

So far I've not heard anything back. If I don't get a response I'll be closing this complaint on Friday the 24th of October.



Oct 24, 2014

Hi warden,

I'm sorry to say that SLBet have offered no further response. I'm not particularly surprised by this - the tone of their communications was one of a made up mind not a group interested in any actual discussion about the issue.

I would recommend that you take this up with SLBet's regulator - SLBet are clearly and obviously in the wrong here and hopefully the LGA will support you. You can find contact details for the LGA here - http://thepogg.com/regulator/lotteries-and-gaming-authority/

I'd be more than willing to discuss this issue with the LGA if required so feel free to get back in contact if you feel that will help.

Sorry I couldn't do more.


Oct 26, 2014

Thank you ThePOGG,

I will try my luck with LGA as you suggested.

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