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Best Live Dealer Casinos

This article was written by Dame de Couer.

An Independent Guide to the Best Live Online Casinos 2022

To learn everything you need to know about the best and safest live casinos read on.

What is a Live Casino?

Led by a real human being and played in real-time, online casino sites are growing more popular with every passing year; they do not even require you to leave the comfort of your own home. Instead, they seamlessly blend the thrilling experience provided by engaging in play at a conventional bricks-and-mortar casino environment with all of the convenience of virtual premises that can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

With the opportunity to interact directly with the live dealer and the other players, if you so desire, the social experience of live dealer casinos can be very appealing for many players.

The dealer performs his or her functions according to the playing decisions the players make in the moment and they are live-streamed to the device of your choice in real-time. Players do not have to compromise on their playing experience thanks to the HD quality, high-resolution images.

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Why are Live Casinos so Popular?

For many players, trust is a big factor in the rise in popularity of Live Casinos. Players instinctively trust that which they can see with their own eyes.

The random number generators employed to institute an algorithm, allowing it to enact the mechanics of card distribution or other procedures in virtual casino games, is abstract and difficult to comprehend.

So some players feel that it is less likely to be operating honestly than a real person, with a real deck of cards, dealing and shuffling them before their very eyes, with nothing functioning behind the scenes.

This is why so many players ask "Are online casinos rigged?"

Watching a live dealer drop the “pill” or roulette ball into the spinning roulette wheel seems tamperproof in comparison to a computer-generated wheel, spinning in cyberspace, operated by a seemingly ghostly presence. You can read more in this article.

Not only do

Players assume that human being controlled games are more reliable – they also feel inherently more authentic. Watching the cards being shuffled and hand dealt is part of the ritual that players associate with visiting land-based casinos and recreating this process faithfully makes the entire experience infinitely more satisfying to take part in.

Why Might I Want to Start Playing Live Casino Games?

Many players are dedicated slots players or sportsbook fanatics and perhaps they have never considered live casino games as an alternative. The vast number of players that do engage with live games suggests that there is something incredibly appealing about them that perhaps is worth exploring. One thing is for sure – their popularity never diminishes – it increases if anything – so why?

For many fans of live dealer casino games there may well be an element of challenge, and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming a challenge, involved in their popularity.

For games such as blackjack and poker there are very definite strategies involved that can optimize the playing conditions for players. For blackjack playing perfect basic strategy – and we mean perfect - can reduce the house edge to around 0.5% depending on the specific rule variants in use.

Slot games: a whole different animal

This is an advantage that players cannot tap into when playing slots games. There is nothing a player can do to affect the outcome of a spin on a slots game.

Players looking to develop a new skill might find learning basic strategy and deploying it during a real game really enhances their live play experience.

Think of being able to judge the silly decisions players not using basic strategy make and being able to take pride in new skills you possess.

Though in blackjack all players are playing against the dealer rather than each other, there is still a competitive element in that at the end of a session you want your bankroll to have grown and you want to have beaten the house.

There is an argument to say that players of live casino games feel they have more impact on their outcome than those that play the RNG-controlled variants.

Comfy? Why not?

The element of convenience may also make playing at a live casino an attractive proposition for players that have not yet tried this. Playing in a bricks-and-mortar casino requires travel and preparation. It is unlikely that players will want to go out to play looking less than their best. To access the same thrill of live games from the privacy of your own home means that much less preparation is required.

You can be sitting at home in your pyjamas and the other players at the table will have no idea.

There is no need to worry about how you will travel to and from a land-based property either – it can be accessed from wherever you are. If you have 30 mins to fill before dinner, then that is perfectly doable with a live online casino. In this way, live casinos offer far more versatility than their real physical counterparts.

Live Online Casinos: More Games to Choose From

Similarly, specialist live casinos are often able to offer a larger range of live games than their bricks-and-mortar cousins, since space is not an issue in the number of tables they can fit in as the games are not all hosted in the same location.

All land-based casinos offer roulette and blackjack games but often not much more than this; live online casinos regularly offer more unusual games like Caribbean stud, sic bo, the big six wheel and even some gameshow format games, so for players looking for novelty value, live online casinos may be the answer to their prayers.




Live Casino Bonuses

More live casinos than ever are cottoning on to the fact that bonuses are central to player experience and casino profitability. There has never been a better time to be a live games player in terms of bonus availability.

Live Casino Welcome Bonuses

Besides the social aspect of live online casinos being a draw for players looking for those human interactions and personal quirks that come with the presence of real croupiers, bonuses can also be a good reason for giving live games a whirl.

Many of the best live casinos are well aware of how beloved their games are to players and they also know that regular Welcome Bonuses are not particularly appealing to players of this type. They very often construct bonuses dedicated only to live games as part of their player acquisition techniques.

In the dynamic live casino sector operators know that they must offer competitive bonuses in order to attract new custom, to convert prospective players to actual players and to retain them beyond their initial signup bonus session.

This all bodes well for new players looking for a new live casino to signup and play at because many places offer live casino bonuses that are optimized for the live casino games category.

Live Casino Cashback Bonuses

Players often view cashback bonuses as incidental – they are playing anyway - if they are able to recoup some losses or gain a cash reward associated with the level of their wagering then they are happy enough.

Cashback bonuses for slots players can seem fairly inconsequential in terms of reward since wagers on slots can tend to be on the smaller side meaning that it can take a long time before any significant reward is accrued via the cashback bonus route.

When playing live games, suddenly cashback bonuses can become more attractive. Wagers on live games tend to be larger than their equivalents on slots play and so cashback can be built up at greater speed. Generally, cashback bonuses are wagering requirement free, particularly if they are directly linked to losses incurred.

Live Casino Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

Though live casino bonuses may seem very attractive we always recommend that players do their homework before accepting any bonus at all. Reading the associated bonus terms and conditions is absolutely non-negotiable – how can you tell if you really are happy accepting a bonus unless you know all of the conditions that apply to it?

Take This Into Account before Claiming Any Casino Bonus

One of the biggest factors to take into account before claiming any live casino bonus is the wagering requirements applicable to it. Wagering requirements can make or break a bonus for many players.

If you have not heard of wagering requirements before they are simply the number of times a player must wager the amount of the bonus they received, or the bonus they received plus their initial deposit amount, before any winnings accrued can be eligible for withdrawal.

Wagering requirements can vary considerably – from as little as 1xB to 35x(D+B) or more. As you can imagine this can have a massive impact on how much a bonus is worth to a player in real money value. You can access hundreds of Bonus Reports here at ThePOGG that categorically lay out the worth of a bonus to players.

Live Casino Bonuses and Games Contributions Percentages

It is important to make clear that when it comes to contributing to wagering requirements, not all games contribute equally to the amount of wagering requirement left to complete after a period of play.

Where casinos may offer a general welcome bonus that can be played on most games that they offer – including live casino games – some games will contribute more to the wagering requirements than others.

It is most unusual that all categories of games will contribute 100% to the wagering requirement – if you cannot see games contributions percentages in the bonus terms and conditions then please take the time to check the general terms and conditions too – often they are found there instead.

Ask Support Before Claiming Your Casino Bonus

If all else fails and you cannot locate these percentage elsewhere, please take the time to ask live support for the information you require before you go ahead and begin playing with the bonus on your account.

By and large, most slots games will contribute 100% to the wagering requirements – some games may be excluded from wagering or contribute less than 100% but these will normally be in the minority.

Live casino games generally contribute significantly less than slots to the wagering requirements stipulated in the bonus terms and conditions, often between 5 and 15% is how their contribution to wagering compares to the 100% linked to most slots.

In real terms this means that if a live casino assigns a wagering requirement weighting value of 10% to live games contributions and 100% to slots games contributions, for every £10 wagered – the entire £10 would be counted towards the wagering if played on slots but only £1 would count towards the wagering of played on live games.

This is quite a considerable difference, so you can see why we urge players to do their due diligence and check out all of the conditions linked to the bonus they are considering claiming. This also highlights why live casino focused bonuses are likely to be worth seeking out instead of just general welcome bonuses that allow live games play.

Live Casinos and Mobile Compatibility

The live casino industry has moved on considerably in recent years due to the increasing demands players have regarding accessibility. If a live casino is to secure and retain players, it must provide the best experience.

The massive rise in the use of mobile devices to access live casinos in recent years has meant that these casinos have been forced to move with the times.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission do good work in researching trends and statistics relating to gambling habits in the UK and in this market alone they have tracked a rise from 33% of people having accessed an online casino via a mobile device in 2015 to 43% in 2016, 51% in 2017 and in the most recent published figures – in 2018 – this had risen to 55%.

As it stands, all live casinos are absolutely mobile compatible in 2021. Most live casinos offer a downloadable app option or players have the option of playing via their mobile browser. It should be noted that for players accessing live casinos via a capped data package, live games can burn through this very quickly, using wi-fi facilities is a far more cost-friendly option.

The Benefits of Live Casinos

To summarise – here are the clear benefits player report that live casinos offer:

Human Connection and Dialogue

Many live casinos offer an in-game chat feature allowing players to converse with each other and also with the croupier working that shift. People are not solitary creatures, and such interactions are very appealing to our social sides – this may account for some of the rise in popularity of the gambling sector.

It should be noted that there is an expectation of the same level of respect and courtesy towards staff and other players being shown in this virtual live casino as is required in a regular land-based casino.

Operators will not tolerate anti-social behaviour, racist or abusive comments towards the croupier or other customers, and anyone conducting themselves in this way will be exited and barred.

High Level of Engagement

It can be difficult for human beings to feel connected to and absorbed by a computer-generated RNG version of a table game.

Players like the ritual of certain games, the rhythm that develops during live play is more authentic – some players even find it fairly relaxing - and this can be wholly more satisfactory than the fast-paced, computer regulated RNG-controlled games that have swamped the market.

Safe and Trustworthy Gaming

Many players feel that live casinos and the games they offer are entirely transparent.

Everything connected to the game takes place right there in the open in front of players. If cards are to be dealt, they are dealt by hand from a pile that can be clearly seen. If cards are to be shuffled, they are shuffled by hand right there in front of your very eyes. If the roulette wheel is to be spun, the dealer spins it in plain sight of all players.

All actions take place in real-time and are transmitted using HD quality images that are unlikely to be tampered with. Players like to feel that there is nothing going on behind the scenes that may be less than fair, and they feel that live games afford them the opportunity of negating this unseen factor.

Authenticity of Playing Experience

Many players who cannot, for whatever reason, make it to the bricks-and-mortar venues they favour playing in, find solace in the live casinos now operated by many online providers.

Many players feel that there is equivalency of playing experience when engaged in these live games and that they are far more authentic than their RNG counterparts in terms of atmosphere and playing mechanics.

New Live Casino Games Releases

Live casino games have grown so much in popularity in recent years that software developers are working tirelessly to push developments and advancements so that players receive the very best of experiences when playing their games in the hope that this will keep them coming back. As a research article in the 2017 winter edition of the MIT Sloan Management Review Magazine so insightfully points out:

Profits flow to video game app developers not when their apps are downloaded for free, but when users decide to keep playing and spend money to upgrade the app or make in-app purchases. Yet in many cases, the notion of generating revenue is no more than a pipe dream: According to one estimate, less than 40% of video game players return to a free-to-play game after the first session;3 another analysis found that, on average, three-quarters of people who download apps stop using those apps within 90 days.

Live Casino Games Developers Need To Level Up Their Game

Now more than ever, live casino games developers understand this principle and look to build return customers by making their experience of their games an incomparable one. One of the most significant live software developers in the industry today, Evolution Gaming, has been busy developing and launching a trio of brand new live online casino games in an attempt to engage and retain new customers.

Still whether it is the comfort of tradition or something new and groundbreaking – live casinos can fulfill all of your playing needs.

The three new games featuring in the Evolution Gaming portfolio are: Crazy Time, Mega Ball and Instant Roulette – more on these follows.

The Best Live Casino Games

The skill live casinos possess in creating incredibly realistic playing atmospheres is what has given rise to their incredible popularity with customers.

As a result, live casinos are flourishing and in turn the quantity and scope of the games on the market is extensive. There are hundreds of games already on the market and dozens of thrilling new releases in development, soon to be enjoyed. Below you will find a guide to the best live casino games currently available to players.

Live Dealer Roulette

One of the most iconic and popular casino games of all time Live Roulette offers a range of variations. From the basic American Roulette (with 0 and 00) and European Roulette (with only 0) to variations that feature a vastly increased rate of play, multiple wheels or balls and even big bonus payouts on random numbers.

Live Casino Blackjack

Live Casino versions of blackjack also proliferate in the online market – another hugely popular game, blackjack is one of the mainstays of casinos - both online and land-based – players just love the social aspect of the game and the fact that they are all playing against the house and not each other.

Live Casino Baccarat

Live Casino Baccarat completes the trilogy of hallowed live casino essential games. Players have cherished baccarat as a game for centuries, the live casino version is just the latest incarnation of a very old friend and software developers have done all they can to maintain the atmosphere that players love whilst giving them new twists to keep them tantalized. If you feel like engaging your inner James Bond then Live Casino Baccarat is the game for you!

Live Dealer Poker

Practically every live casino player will have played some variant of online poker at some time or other – it is hugely popular in all circles. The number of variations now on the market means there is a twist for every taste.

Three Card Poker

Sic bo

Caribbean Stud Poker

Gameshow Live Casino Games

Live Gameshow casino games are like nothing else. They shy away from the conventional formats that players associate with the old-style bricks and mortar casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. They are more akin to the television show games format we are familiar with where players compete for prizes.

There is little in the way of strategizing or skill building needed to be successful at this sort of game, instead they are cultivated to focus on pleasure and amusement, to create a vivid atmosphere of enjoyment, no skills required!

First Person Live Gaming

First Person Gaming is revolutionary in the live casino sector – no surprises that Evolution Gaming have been at the forefront of the charge to bring this unique experience to players. A vast selection of games are now available in the first person format bringing players so close to the action that they are in amongst it.

The unique combination of live casino and RNG allows players to move through the games as they unfold to deliver immersion like no other. First person versions of Lightning Roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, Dragon Tiger, Craps and Football Studio – there is something to meet the needs of every live casino player.

Virtual Reality VR Live Casino

VR Live Casinos are the next stage of development for live casinos and Net Ent are pushing hard to develop their product at speed. They are at the forefront of this area of live gaming.

Currently the cost of associated paraphernalia required to take part in VR games, such as VR goggles, is somewhat prohibitive, but as with all technology, as the price decreases the product becomes available to more people and then VR casinos can capitalize on this. Net Ent in conjunction with Bethard have named their VR Casino Next Level Live and they tantalise players by stating:

Next Level isn’t just a fancy slogan for something that has been done so many times before.

This is really next level. How would you describe playing VR Blackjack in space? Or VR Roulette on the edge of a flamethrowing volcano? Or what about experiencing Live Casino gaming in the deep blue sea? Too good to be true? Definitively not.

This is live casino gaming as never before – we cannot wait to see where it takes live casino players next.

Casino Live Streams

How Live Dealer Streams Operate

Live Dealer Streams allow for a hybrid experience whereby offline players and online players can come together and sit at a single table, allowing an entirely unique atmosphere to be established.

The very best bricks and mortar casinos become accessible to players the world over – distance is no limiter – the gambling world becomes rather small, and players can be in some of the best casinos at just a moment’s notice.

The list of casinos offering Live Streams is growing rapidly and the majority of live streams are provided by Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming and Play ‘N Go.

Can I Win if I Play at a Live Casino?

It is always possible that you will win when playing at any casino – live or not – but it is more likely that you will lose.

That is the stark truth of it. Casinos are in operation because they are profitable business enterprises which means that more players lose more than they win over their lifetime of play at an operator. Games have a set house edge that always favour the house - no matter how small they may be.

Minimize The Risk Of Losing

There are steps that players can take to minimise the amount they are likely to lose – play games that have optimum strategies – like blackjack’s Basic Strategy – and always play them perfectly.

Only play the games that have the most favourable rules – for example European Roulette wheels with a single zero and the En Prison rule in play are more favourable for players than other versions.

The house edge can never be eliminated altogether, but by doing your research and playing intelligently, you can pay as little for your entertainment as possible.

Our Game Guides are excellent places to start out – they contain all the information you require to help minimise the edge the house has.

The Difference between RNG and Live Casinos

As a rule, live dealer games take place in real-time right before the players, as a result many players believe these games to be more trustworthy since there is no mechanical input.

RNG games are by contrast controlled by an algorithm which has been designed to randomize the outcomes of the games. Often players feel that because the mechanics are hidden, the game is less trustworthy.

Some games require an element of both formats combined to allow them to function. If it is imperative for a player to play only human controlled games, then they should check out the mechanics of the game they are looking to play before proceeding – some games of a choice between RNG or live dealer and some cannot exist without the presence of both.

How Live Casino Games Compare to RNG Games

Live casino games are often felt to be more social since they require human-to-human interaction in order to proceed.

Players can feel more isolated when taking part in RNG versions of a game also offered in live format – largely because they play alone against a faceless house.

Some players have the notion that games involving a live dealer or live croupier have higher levels of fairness and trustworthiness since all takes place out in the open.

RNG games require a hidden element to allow them to function – players feel that this can allow more underhanded tactics to be employed. Since testing labs are required to carry out audits on RNG it is extremely unlikely that any of these games, in well-regulated jurisdictions, operate unfairly.

For players with limited data allowance allocate to their device it may be preferable to use RNG games because they eat data at a far slower rate than the live streamed games which use more than animated graphics to entertain patrons.

Often live casino games allow players to play with bigger stakes than RNG games and so for high or super high rollers live games may meet their needs more fully. Higher stakes; higher thrills.

Live Casino Game Providers

There are a fair number of live casino games providers operating in the market now and competition between them to continue pushing the boundaries of gaming experience is fierce. All want to offer a premium product to engender loyalty for their brand in the lucrative sector that is live play. The provision of live games is more labour intensive for the software provider, so it figures that they want to maximise their returns for their efforts. Unlike RNG games which are pretty much design and marketed, live casino games providers must establish the studios their games will be hosted in whilst also recruiting, and training salaried hosts to present and run them.

Maintaining of a quality live stream is also the onus of the software developer so live games are a far costlier business to bring to the market than RNG ones. Some of the most innovative and high quality providers are headlined for you below.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was established in 2006 meaning that they have in excess of 15 years of experience in games development.

They have grown to such a size that they now have in the region of 4,000 employees and offices across the world with their company headquarters being situated in Latvia.

They are constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging their development teams to come up with something new and satisfying for players.

What makes Evolution Gaming unique is the fact that they made the decision from the outset to place all their attention on live games – they have other sister companies that can take care of other styles of gaming products.

This live games focus has undoubtedly led them to develop high quality live games that are broad in scope and high in number. Players have very positive experiences to report when playing games from Evolution Gaming.

The positive attitudes players have towards Evolution Gaming products is reflected in the high standing the company have in an increasingly competitive industry.

Evolution are constantly the recipients of some of the biggest accolades in gaming industry awards lists. It recently won the coveted award for Live Casino Supplier of the Year in July 2020s EGR B2B Awards ceremony, meaning it has now won this title for an unparalleled 11 consecutive years!


Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 by Pontus Lindwall and went on to change their name to NetEnt in 2015. NetEnt’s headquarters remain in Sweden where they have been found since the company’s inception.

The name NetEnt is synonymous with quality and the company have a formidable reputation for excellence in igaming product realms.

Their big success is really their ability to produce graphically supreme slots games which players love.

NetEnt have been forced to diversify into live dealer games in the competitive industry of which they are part. They are garnering a reputation for offering excellent live games with many of them being customizable, allowing casinos that wish to offer them greater flexibility.

Their live studio setups are housed in Malta and NetEnt are known for allowing bigger table limits than the majority of other live games providers. They won the 2019, Leading Provider of Live Casino Award as presented by Live Casino Kings.


Established in 1994, Microgaming are one of the most popular igaming software providers on the market today. Their stunning headquarters, Sixty Two Building was purpose built for them and is architecturally stunning – set on the Isle of Man.

Microgaming are renowned for their development of progressive jackpot games and they have the largest progressive network in the industry.

Microgaming have developed such an immense number of slots games – over 800 to date – that they can perhaps be forgiven for being late to the party when it comes to live games development and provision.

Six years ago Microgaming and Evolution Gaming struck up what is referred to as a “European Partnership” meaning Microgaming providers can stock Evolution Gaming’s live offerings.

Pragmatic Play

Like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play were slow to turn their attention to live casino games and in order to try and redress this balance they decided to try and buy over an already established live games producer, rather than starting their own from the ground up.

This led to them purchasing one of Novomatic’s subsidiaries – namely Extreme Live Gaming, a company in the Evolution mould, in that they focus only on the live sector.

LiveBox is the streaming service that Extreme Live Gaming offer – live dealers and hosts carry out their jobs in purpose-built studios and the action is beamed to players in HD quality.

The drawback with ELG is that their services are not as widely available to players as the bigger names in the live gaming business.

We expect this to change as the company matures and diversifies its portfolio.


Established by Teddy Sagi in Tartu, Estonia in 1999, PlayTech is a name synonymous with innovation in the igaming industry. With a headquarters situated in London and offices globally, boasting in excess of 5,000 employees and well over 600 casino games, there is no question that Playtech are an industry giant.

Playtech bring all of the innovation they are renowned for to the live products they offer. Live streams are brought to players from studios in: Latvia, Belgium, Philippines, Spain and Romania.

They offer a smaller selection of live games than Evolution but their reputation for excellence means that they are still very popular with the largest operators in the sector and so they are fairly readily available.

Where do Live Games Providers Stream From?

Live games are streamed in real-time which means that they must be housed in a custom space that allows for 24/7 uninterrupted gaming.

All of the large live games producers have dedicated spaces in areas of the world that legally allow such activities to take place and ordinarily ones that are considered tax friendly too. Malta and the Isle of Man alongside other places are beloved of the igaming industry.

Operating a Live Casino

A lot goes into operating a live casino – the costs of providing the live games are a burden to the software developers rather than the casinos offering the games and so it is vital that the games are as enticing as possible to players.

No live games developer wants to be paying live hosts to turn up when the players don’t!

Live Croupiers and Dealers

Players are attracted to live games for a reason – mainly the social aspect that they deliver. Much of the sociable atmosphere is created by a talented dealer or croupier who is able to bring the energy and vibrancy that such a situation demands whilst simultaneously delivering a high-quality playing experience precisely and deploying the rules perfectly.

Live Casino Dealers Are The Real "Deal"

This is no mean feat. It requires meticulous training and live game experience. Many of the dealers and croupiers selected for these positions have had several years of experience on the casino floor before moving to the live studio setup.

Many of the live hosts are not just bilingual, but multilingual, which adds another layer of pressure to an already complex situation. They may be conversing with players in several different languages simultaneously.

These positions demand respect, hence why the rules about table etiquette are so stringent – these live hosts are expensive assets and their respected developers want to protect their assets after investing so much time and money in their training.


Some live games have a dedicated shuffler whose job it is to deal with the spent cards which are housed in a shoe and stacked in a discard tray for reshuffling at the end of the game. The shuffler is responsible for ensuring that cards are shuffled as per the rules stipulated for the particular game in question. They should be on hand to ensure that there is no great break in the play.


A hidden expense associated with live casino games is the cost of providing cameras and recording equipment in order to ensure that the HD quality players expect is maintained and that live streams are constant and fluent.

Some games have several cameras – as many as 15 – so that all angles of the table can be covered, and replays can be provided when required.

There are even games that allow the player to select which camera pov they prefer to have in place whilst they play. This equipment is not cheap and so this is another large investment on the part of the software provider that is not borne by the casinos offering these live games.

Scanners and Sensors

Much of the appeal of live casino play is the fact that it allows human to human interaction in a way that RNG games do not – however – there is still an element of technology required to help maintain a pace that allows excitement and atmosphere to remain undiminished.

Barcode scanners are employed to enable the recognition of playing cards dealt instantaneously so that this information can be displayed on screen immediately for the convenience of all players taking part.

Sensors are required for games such as roulette where an object is moving and lands in a particular location that needs to be tracked and then conveyed to the game control unit which then aggregates all the collected data and then transmits it to the player interface so that subsequent playing decisions can be made seamlessly.

Player Interface

The player interface is the aspect of design that players will be most familiar with since it is the actual screen that is displayed to them as they play. It allows them to follow the action, control their bets and make playing decisions.

Many player interfaces also display live statistics that are continually updated so that players can utilitse this information to aid betting decisions if they so wish.

Additionally, some player interfaces are customizable so that a range of tastes and needs can be met.

How to Signup and Play at a Live Casino

If you are familiar with the signup processes instituted by regular online casinos, then you will find signing up at a live casino very easy.

The process is pretty much the same and the casino in question will guide you through the process if you require help. Just ask! In general the steps are:

  1. Find the Sign Up/Register/Join Now/Play or Join Here button – most often found in the top right corner of the player interface.
  2. Complete the online registration form. Details required are normally: first and last names, date of birth, email address, mobile number, residential address, jurisdiciton in which you are resident, currency of choice, a secret question and at some operators, you might have to opt in/ out of offer alerts via email, mail or text. You will also have to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy relating to the chosen operator.
  3. Select the username and password that you wish to have associated with your account.
  4. Normally operators now require email address verification at this point to confirm ownership of said email account.
  5. Claim a Welcome Bonus eligible for the live game you wish you take part in.
  6. Make your deposit – remember to only gamble to a limit that does not stretch you beyond your means.
  7. Play!

Live Casinos FAQs

Is there a difference between live online casinos and regular casinos?

Yes – but there are similarities too. Both require you to signup and verify your account; both offer Welcome Bonuses and both should be considered for entertainment only.

No surprise – live online casinos offer only live games – the major difference between live and regular online casinos. Live online casinos offer games that facilitate human to human contact and an atmosphere uncannily like that found in land-based casinos that can be visited in person.

Live casinos can be accessed from pretty much any device and any location making them much more convenient to engage with than land-based casinos that require travel to visit.

What are live casino games exactly?

Live casino games are those that are accessed and played in real-time – that is – the action occurs exactly as the player sees it on their player interface.

Live HD quality video streams are used to bring the action unfolding in the dedicated studio directly to the player as it happens. Players are still able to access these games remotely via their personal device be that a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

All the land-based casino games feature in the providers catalogues, live versions of: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat are present but there are also new style game show format games to keep the market fresh – games such as Monopoly, Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal. There is something for every taste.

How do I play live casino games?

That is easy! If you are familiar with the signup procedure for regular online casinos, then you will already know how the whole process works.

Find one of our recommended live casinos and hop over to their site – you will find a link on our page.

Hop through to their website and locate the SignUp or Play button – the system will automatically guide you through the process from here.

There is a personal details form to complete – the usual information is required – full name, date of birth, address, email address, mobile number, country of residence, currency you will deposit in and often a secret question.

Verify your email account, make your deposit and claim any pertinent bonuses then play. Remember to stick to your limits – live casinos create such a vibrant and social atmosphere that it is easy to get caught up in the moment.

Don’t! If you are planning on playing Blackjack make sure you have a Basic Strategy guide to hand – you will find one in our Blackjack Game Guide.

How do I play Live Roulette?

Roulette is a great entry level game for those starting out in the live casino world. There is not a great deal to strategise over compared to other live games.

The only decision that may affect the odds the player plays at is the rules assigned to the particular roulette wheel they elect to play at.

If at all possible, to minimise the cost of the game to players, only a single 0 (European) roulette wheel should be played at and if it allows the En Prison rule then that is even better – this rule stipulates that players only wager on even money bets – that is odd/even, black/red or halfs.

For more information on the ins and outs of roulette and how different bets work you can make use of our handy Roulette Game Guide which includes all of the information you need to know in an easily understandable format.

Is it possible to win when playing Live Roulette?

Is it possible to win? Yes. Will you win? In the long-run, most likely, no. There are decisions players can make that will bring the cost incurred when playing a live roulette game down.

Still, the house edge and lack of optimum strategy in roulette means that the long game will always favour the house. Live Roulette is played for entertainment so the cost to the player should be thought of as the fee for the entertainment value of the game.

To make the best possible decisions (and pay as little as possible for your entertainment) please make use of our Roulette Game Guide – we have done all of the hard work for you.

Is it possible to win when playing in a live casino?

Of course it is possible to win, the more pertinent question is are you likely to win? The answer to this question is a resounding no.

Live online casinos and indeed any online casinos are in the business to make money and the reality is that most players over a life-time of play will be losing ones.

The best you can hope for as a player is that you employee every strategy or gaming decision available to you to minimise the house edge – more information on house edge and RTP can be found on this site.

Casinos offer entertainment, the cost of that entertainment can be reduced but not entirely eliminated.

What are the benefits of playing at a live online casino?

The most obvious benefit of live casino play is the human factor. Live casino hosts are highly trained and selected for their ability to create a convivial atmosphere for players looking to engage with other people.

Most live casino games have an in-game chat function that allows players to communicate with the host and often with each other too.

Lots of live casino fans also cite the fact that the action unfolds in real time and right in front of the players as a plus.

Players can watch the host dealing, rolling, dropping and shuffling right there in the open.

Many feel that games can be considered more trustworthy and safer if there is nothing taking place behind the scenes, such as the algorithm employed in RNG versions of games.

Where can I play live casino games?

The highest rated, safest and most secure live casinos can be found right here on our Best Live Casinos page. We will never recommend an operator that we do not trust, and all of our reviews are completely independent and indepth.

Many online casinos have a live games section but for a great number of these operators there will only be a few games to choose from. It is better to select one of our online casinos if you are looking for more choice of live games.

Is it possible to beat live online casinos?

Casinos of every type are run as businesses, meaning their objective is to make a profit for those that own them. Taking this into consideration, it is unlikely that you will be able to beat a live online casino. You can however reduce the amount you are likely to lose by employing the optimum strategies for games that have them (blackjack and poker) and making sensible choices about which rules are most favourable for you in games where there are different variants, such as roulette.

Am I likely to get better odds at a live casino?

The odds for live casino versions of games like blackjack and poker are highly likely to be exactly the same as their RNG counterparts.

It is worth noting however, that the house edge for games like these, and other table games, do tend to be a bit lower than slots games or bingo games.

This is only true if players are able to deploy the optimum strategies for these games consistently, and so making use of our Games Guides will help players reduce the house edge to the lowest possible.

Are online casinos likely to be rigged?

If you have selected your live casino according to our recommendations, then it will be safe to play there. Our list of live casinos contains only those operators that we know are honest and reliable.

Any online casino in possession of one of our top-tier licenses is highly unlikely to be rigged. All top-tier licensed operators are subject to regulations that insist on their games being tested by recognised and approved testing labs.

Remember – the house edge is such that in the long-run the house will always come out on top – losing in the long term is expected – games are provided as a form of entertainment and the cost for this service is what you sacrifice to the house edge.

Are live casinos actually real?

Of course! Software developers incur huge costs to employ set designers and provide dedicated studio spaces that allow their live hosts to meet the needs of players all around the world 24/7.

Players can watch real human dealers deal real physical cards, roll real physical dice, or release real physical roulette pills all from the comfort of their own home. They can be sure that everything they see is happening as they watch – in real-time.

Multiple cameras capture every single aspect of play and some live games even allow players to choose the camera angle they wish to view the game from. There is no smoke and mirrors – what you see is very much what you get.

Have a chat with your live host or other players at the table – they are all real and they will be glad to hear from you – after all it is the sociable nature of live casino games that has brought them all together.

Who makes the live casino games available?

Live casino games are expensive to create and host so not every single igaming software provider makes them. The number is increasing though as the popularity of this sector grows with the playing community and innovation is the name of the game to stay ahead of the competition which is a good thing for players!

The biggest players on the live gaming stage are Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming – all highly reputed brands synonymous with integrity and quality.

Evolution Gaming are the masters of envisioning and then creating new styles of live games that keep players seeking out operators that offer their games.

They are multi-award winning and have won Best Live Online Casino Provider for the past 11 years! An unprecedented run!

Can I play live casino games with a welcome bonus?

In most cases, yes you can! It is important to be aware that all games have a weighting assigned according to the contribution they make to reducing the associated wagering requirements - live games can contribute significantly less than their slots counterparts – sometimes as low as 5%.

This means that you will have to bet a lot more to complete the bonus wagering requirements before you can withdraw anything you may have won.

This is to offset the decreased house edge applicable to many live games. Now more operators are cottoning on to the fact that players love live games, and many are offering welcome bonuses and other bonuses dedicated just to live games and these may be more to your liking.

As ever it pays to do your homework. If you would like to know more about bonuses and how they work, you can find information here.

How many gamblers are playing live online games?

This question is pretty much impossible to answer since no real data has been shared publicly.

What we can say for sure is that it must be a lot to offset the software developers costs to produce and run the games and still produce a good profit margin.

The fact that more games developers are looking to branch out into the live gaming sector also suggests that there is growing demand for these games which is good for players – they can demand and get the very best.

Live Casinos and Responsible Gaming

Live casinos are subject to the same regulatory standards in terms of responsible gaming provision as regular casinos. The best and safest operators – the ones that you will find on our Best Casinos list all take their responsibility to protect vulnerable players extremely seriously.

They all offer links to some of the external agencies that offer support to those affected by problem gambling habits and they are obliged to do this by their regulators. No less is required by those providing live games.

We would expect them to link to blocking software providers such as BetBlocker – the registered charity and only entirely free to use gambling content blocking software out there today.

Other paid for blocking softwares are available including: NetNanny, GamBlock and GamBan - different pricing plans apply according to the number of device licenses required and the duration of the blocking contract users wish to take on. Links to support agencies are also mandatory – these are likely to include a mix of: Gamblers Anonymous, GambleAware, Gambling Therapy, Gordon Moody Association, GamCare and GAMSTOP.

Remember – our top-tier licensed operators will allow players to set limits on their accounts and it is important that if you feel you are vulnerable to problem gambling habits that you are proactive in instituting these.

They range from setting deposit and loss limits to taking a time out or setting a definitive period of self-exclusion – you will also have the option of setting reality checks so that you can keep track of how long your session has lasted thus far.

When gambling stops being fun and when it negatively impacts your life in any way at all please use these limiters and seek external help.

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