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14Red - Withdrawal denied


Found for the Player - This is another instance of a Game Tech Group associated property enforcing a maximum bet term on non-bonus play. We do not recognise these terms as legitimate.

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Player's Complaint

I recently deposited €611.31 with 14red and placed various bets and got my balance up to €1100. After trying to process my withdrawal they have now said my withdrawal is denied via email. I have now read reviews online. I now log in to my account and they say my entire balance is originated by bonuses given to me from the casino which is absolute nonsense. When I asked to withdraw this the advisor said I need to “‘make a deposit and I will receive 100% bonus and 50 free spins for each of the next 2 deposits” without actually letting me withdraw. Please help me try and get my winnings. I have screenshots of the live chat if it helps.

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6 Responses

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October 24, 2018

Hi jordanmc92 - welcome to! Before we go any further I need to make you aware that as a UK citizen you should only be playing with operators that hold a UKGC license. 14Red casino do not have a UKGC license and as such are breaking UK law by accepting your play. Moving on, I'm afraid I'm not following your issue here. Why exactly are the casino refusing to pay your balance? Thanks, ThePOGG

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October 24, 2018

Ok so here is the story in full. I deposited 611.31 EURO on 21/10/2018. I placed 4x bets. First one was 11 EURO on black which was unsuccesful, then, I placed 200EURO on black which was succesful, then done the same again before finally placing 100EURO on red which was succesful.My balance was now 1100.3. I tried to withdraw and then received an email saying my withdrawal has been denied as I breached terms and conditions. This is the reason:

"16. Betting rule

16.1. You must bet according to the specific rules of the game you are playing.

16.2. We reserve the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings and bonuses for irregular play.

16.3. "Irregular play" includes, inter alia:

Placing total bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the deposit currently in play.

Using Martingale, double-up and similar systems and strategies."

Now this is the most ridiculous condition you have probably ever seen. It's basically saying if you deposit 10EURO if you place a bet of 4EURO you are playing irregular. It's clearly a way to keep the casino's losses to a minimum. Plus this condition was not made clear before signing up and placing the bet. I spoke to live chat and the advisor 'Tom' said I could deposit more money to get free spins and a bonus. If I had lost the bets they wouldnt have said a word to me. Please help me reclaim the money that I am owed. I feel having this as a term and condition is ridiculous also. This basically says no matter if/what you win, we can refuse if we want to.

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October 24, 2018

The excuse of 'its in our t&c's' doesnt really work. They could technically insert a t and c that says any bet you win we wont let you withdraw.

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October 26, 2018

Hi jordanmc92, Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this circumstance. Firstly the point you raise about what is and is not in terms and conditions - this isn't a valid argument overall. If you agree to the term then most of the fault lies with you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not agreeing to terms you feel are unreasonable. That said, in situations where you would not naturally anticipate restrictions beyond the normal the terms do have to be legitimately fair. So for instance, if you have received a bonus with your deposit - which I don't believe you have, the bonus will come with additional restrictions and it is up to you to familiarise yourself with them. However where there is no bonus involved you would not reasonably anticipate additional restrictions. This would be no different to walking into any offline casino in the world and placing a bet - there's simply no way that after accepting the bet the casino can refuse to cash you out based on club rules. And this is where your case has merit. If you did not receive a bonus then your play should not be restricted in this fashion. Unfortunately we've dealt with many similar cases against this group over the years and despite have clear guidance from a group specialising in EU consumer law that this term could not be considered valid, this group refuse to acknowledge or comply with this. As such, despite broadly supporting the premise of your claim I can say with certainty that our intervention would not result in any change in position from this operator. Sorry we could not be of further help! ThePOGG

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October 28, 2018

Is there anyone you could refer me to or any advice you could give on escalating this? It just seems massively unfair a company can conduct themselves like this.

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October 29, 2018

Hi jordanmc92,

If there was I would have directed you to them already. The regulator for this group supports these terms.



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October 24, 2018

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