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1bet - complaint


Declined - This issue has already been submitted to the operator’s official ADR/received a ruling from another ADR.

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Player's Complaint

I have a big problem with Curacao resided gambling company 1bet. In march this year at start of covid-19 problems, I have made a withdrawal request most of balance from 1bet. Few days later my account was closed , and 6262 euro of balance confiscated. 1Bet accused me to a violation of 1bet dublicated account policy, by using more than one 1bet account to bypass system limitations.

The accusation was false, I never have a second account. I am sure that no one else has logged into 1bet from my IP. Moreover, in the previous weeks, my account activity was limited to matters related to the withdrawal like account verification etc. After the fact I learned that there are many more people cheated in this way by 1bet and sister company 18 bet ( both belongs to Bellona N.V group), and it is a common practice in these companies.

Below more details of my case .

16.03.2020 1bet closed my account and confiscated all funds from my account - 6262 euro. 1Bet accused me to a violation of 1bet dublicated account policy, by using more than one 1bet account to bypass system limitations.This accusation is false and irrational.I am customer of 1bet since 11.2011 , I have never opened or used duplicate 1bet account. I have made over 20 withdrawals from my 1bet account , so my account was surely verified and checked many times.I have never used any registration bonus, or bonus from deposit in 1bet.

A few days before my account has been closed, I have requested a payout of 4800 euro by ecopayz ( so almost all my balance). I did it because I was concerned about the covid-19 situation, and almost all sports events have been cancelled. Worth to mentioning that 03.03.2020 I have made small deposit by ecopayz to linked it with my 1bet account, and made small withdrawal of 100 euro to check it ( earlier 1bet refused my withdrawals to skrill, neteller and credit card due my country restrictions). To process this withdrawal 1bet ask me to send a screenshots from my ecopayz. I did it , and payout of 100 euro was processed at 05.03.2020. So 2 weeks before my account has been closed, it was succesfully checked and verified by 1bet.In general, the 1bet accusation is absurd. Whoever used 1bet (or other sportbooks belongs to Bellona N.V. like 18bet or Babibet ), knows that duplicate account doesnt help to bypass system limitation. Near all bets goes to pending section for several dozen seconds. Offer is then not available with info odds are updating. When odds are back, You can bet with dropped odds. It doesnt matter, the same or other account - odds and limits will be the same . If someone would insist on the above options, they can do it fully legally. Other sportbooks belongs to Bellona N.V. like 18bet or Babibet offers exactly the same odds and limits. Terms and Conditions each of these bookmakers dont prohibit to register and use to other bookmakers from the group. Also livechat support allowed it.

21.03.2020 that is almost after a week of my requests for evidence, 1bet sent me screenshot


I suppose this screenshot is false, or log comes from my 18bet account. 1bet, 18bet, Babibet are part of the same company Bellona N.V. work on the same licence NO.8048/ JAZ, offering the same offer , odds and limits , has the same system and employees.I log in to 18bet regularly, so it it is very probable.I suppose all bookmakers from Bellona N.V. group ( 1Bet, 18bet, Babibet etc. ) work on one security system. I regret to say that it is not mistake, 1bet employees simply lies. I ask them few times about 18bet. They either avoided the answer , or lied like [EDIT] (1bet and 18bet chat operator ). At 3.42pm [EDIT] said on 1bet livechat -Never has heard about 18bet before, must be other site . At 5.30 pm the same day [EDIT] was my operator on 18bet livechat.



Back to screenshot I have received as proof, It was really insolent. That month I have almost no used my 1bet account. I have placed only one bet ! ( it was 4th march , I have placed it , because 1bet support noticed me that I havent made required rollover for mentioned small deposit). My last real betting activity in 1bet was in 1st half of february. Last weeks I have login only to check payout options or made withdrawal request. Logs presented by screenshot comes from 10th march - I didnt have bets from 1bet during this period. I have been using 1bet account almost 10 years, I have placed thousands of bets, and 1bet security never detected my fraud activity. Now , when my account is almost inactive , I log only to make payouts - 1bet security detected fraud activity of my account to bypass system limitations. Exacly in the same time I have requested withdawal almost all funds from my account, and betting offer is reduced to mimimum due a Covid-19 problems. it stinks of deception per kilometer.

A few months ago Alternative Dispute Resolution Pardee Consulta made its decision regarding 18bet (sister site of 1bet) accusation of the player having multiple accounts, closure of his account and confiscation of the money belonging to that account. Below is the most important part of this decision:

Pardee Consulta observes that Operator terms and conditions does not expressly stipulate that only one IP address may be used for each account. Pardee consulta remarks that for the Operator to establish that a Player may have duplicate account there must be clear and unequivocal evidence; the mere fact that a Player shares the same IP address with another player does not establish this. From the evidence brought from the Operator, Pardee Consulta does not believe that the Player had a duplicate account and thus deems that this complaint is merited.

As a result of this decision, 18bet had to refund the Player the confiscated 42000USD. Unfortunately, despite almost the same T and C, the same ownership, employees etc. 1bet is operated outside UE , so 1bet does not intend to comply with this decision. Can You help me?


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1 Responses

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March 28, 2021

Hi gryzonko - welcome to! If this matter has already been reviewed by the operator's official ADR we would not become involved in the discussion. If the operator has refused to comply with their ADR's ruling you should contact the ADR and the appropriate regulatory agency to inform them of the non-compliance. Sorry we cannot be of further help. ThePOGG

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March 27, 2021

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