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How to Play Slots

by Glenn Baird - April 13, 2021

This article was written by Glenn Baird.Online casinos are seriously big business and there is nothing more popular in the lobby of your average online casino than video slots.Whilst our interaction with these games is essentially no more than the click of a button there is still plenty worth knowing about online slots before choosing your game of choice. In this […]


Affiliate Edge and retroactive term changes

by ThePOGG - February 20, 2018

Affiliate Edge. In the last 12 months this name has become synonymous for large swathes of the affiliate industry with bad practices and underhand dealings. A group that we previously considered to be a rare gem within the programs that functioned in their markets, one that consistently demonstrated a commitment to treating both players and their affiliate partners […]


World Wildlife Day

by Glenn Baird - March 8, 2019

World Wildlife Day began its climb from the primordial sludge on the 3rd of March 2013, and since then it has gone on to “become the most important global annual event dedicated to wildlife.”This year’s theme has been coined: “Life below water: for people and planet". The theme comes directly from the UN’s 14th Sustainable Development Goal and is the first […]


ADR Report 1st of October 2020-30th of September 2021

by ThePOGG - November 9, 2021

Number of complaints managedTotal complaints managed – 1199Total complaints managed under the MGA ADR remit – runs its ADR service via a Maltese company named Nohadon Ltd. As such only complaints from Maltese citizens would be considered domestic complaints. Only a single complaint this year has fallen into that category, all other complaints are […]


BetBlocker Dutch language app launched

by ThePOGG - September 13, 2021

September 13th 2021BetBlocker, in partnership with casino network L&L Europe, today launch their new Dutch language app. This collaboration was announced in May this year and means that BetBlocker will now be able to offer a full native Dutch language service. This included the app on all available platforms alongside the BetBlocker website and full user technical support […]


The History of Slots

by ThePOGG - February 15, 2021

By far the most popular games found in online casinos today are the slots games. The simplicity of these games, requiring no significant knowledge to play, alongside the huge variety in both function and appearance gives these games a wide appeal and ensures that there is always something new and engaging to find. @import […]


Are Online Casinos Rigged?

by ThePOGG - February 18, 2021

One of the most common questions amongst players is 'have I been cheated? This is perfectly understandable. Many of the most popular games offered by casinos are 'high variance'. This means that there are rare big payouts balanced out by large numbers of smaller losses. Some players are lucky and get more than their fair share of the big wins. Others are unlucky and see […]


Is Online Gambling Legal in the Republic of Ireland?

by ThePOGG - May 17, 2021

Where is the Republic of Ireland and how is it Governed?To be found in the North Atlantic, the Island of Ireland is divided geopolitically into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which fills around a sixth of the land mass. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom whilst the Republic of Ireland is a stand-alone country in its own right. The Republic of […]


Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

by Dame de Coeur - May 7, 2021

As with so many questions connected to online gambling, we wish the answer to this question was as simple as yes or no. In reality gambling legality in Canada is a complex area. Different types of law take precedence over others and local and national government initiatives have different priorities. We will do our best to give you a comprehensive overview of the status […]

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