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Casino Adrenaline - unfair and un proven confiscation of winnings


Found for the Casino - Casino Adrenaline have provided proof that this player's account has accessed their site via an IP address that matches another player's account. This is clearly prohibited within casino terms and conditions and as such we have to rule in favour of the operators.

However, the player claims to live in a block of flats - this is supported by their address - and to have left their wifi unsecured. This explanation is reasonably plausible. As such we asked Casino Adrenaline to provide any additional evidence that would support a conclusion of multi-accounting in this issue. After many weeks of chasing Casino Adrenaline failed to do this, so while the operators are technically in the right, this also has the appearance of a harsh terms enforcement due to a technical violation rather than confirmed multi-accounting.

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Player's Complaint


( I requested askgambler to help me only to be and have this case issue dragged out only to be snubbed at the end with no proof nor was I allowed to see any of the claims against me they're basically saying I have two accounts same i.p in the same residential hotel/holiday resort, with same details and also said I have played and used the welcome offer twice deposited and played but O said to askgambler show me the transaction bank deposit records hence if it is me its mine instead they refused and said no and closed the enquiry as complete even after numerous times I said I can legally provide all my banking statements to prove I only have deposited in my only account





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4 Responses

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April 15, 2016

Hi Kane1986 - welcome back!

Unfortunately I strongly suspect there's nothing we will be able to do in this instance. Having read through the material you submitted I can see that you're staying in a multi-person residence. If this residence is using a shared internet connection then it's very likely that you'll share an IP address with many of the other residents. To quote Casino Adrenaline terms and conditions:

1.1. There can be only one account linked to any single individual, e-mail address, IP address and place of residence or location with public access to computers (Internet cafes, public libraries, college dormitories, schools, workplace etc.). Should more than one account be registered at the casino though the same computer, we will require confirmation of identity of all users on that computer. We would advise you to contact customer support before creating more than one account from a private computer or an account from a public computer

If you have not contacted the operator prior to setting up your account and someone else in your building has an account with Casino Adrenaline, you have violated this term. At that point it would be at the operator's discretion whether or not you were paid, but if there were other notable similarities between the accounts registered in your building it would be highly unlikely that the operator would choose to pay you.

As far as your complaint at another service goes, we do not share evidence in cases where multi-accounting is the potential issue as this would help educate those parties caught attempting to circumvent casino security procedures as to how to avoid being caught in future. As such it's unlikely we'll be sharing anything that the operator provides us with in this case.

I'll contact the operator and see what they have to say.



User icon
April 15, 2016

sir this is my entire point



they even admitted in emails that the other person registered after me so

clearly in term 1.1 i didnt break any rules i followed there terms this supposed other account holder didnt .....

The the sad and confusing part is why you and these so called ask gambler agencies state you investigate and are very detailed in your reviews and reports but yet this entire issue can be solved by simply asking the casino to provide you with my other account and deposit number but yet they cant and will not you know sir because im correct and i did nothing wrong and the casino knows this askgambler and the casino took 3-4 weeks just to finally come back with that issue changing there concern 3 times

Might i also add the casino also state in 1.1 and 1.2 if the player is using the same i.p address like public or library ect they should contact support before joining!!!

I DID i followed all rules along with my account this is what i mean seriuosly please ask the casino for this and you will see it is not me its a lie and they re will not and i repeat will not be any other deposit s on any other accounts from me because im a fair vip player

kane jones

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April 15, 2016

Hi Kane1986,

If you allowed other people to use your IP then that's the same violation - you're responsible for that.The terms aren't just binding at the point of agreement, your agreeing to certain behaviour going forward. By allowing other parties to use your internet connection you're still putting yourself in the position that allowed someone else to violate these terms. Both your accounts are void at that point if you haven't both received permission.

The sad truth here is that it's impossible to distinguish what you've done in this instance from fraud multi-accounting that is common place within this industry, where one person uses multiple IDs to sign-up under different names. Asking for details of a 'second account under your details' would be a worthless endeavour. Just because you haven't used your own name twice doesn't mean that you're not in control of the second account.

I don't particularly appreciate the attacks on this site and our services when we've done nothing but be upfront with you. If you'd taken the time to look you would know that we have Casino Adrenaline listed negatively, so there's no grounds to claim bias towards them. This was your mistake by allowing other people to use your IP address, so take ownership for that. There's no investigation required when you openly accept that you share an IP address with other accounts. That may be an innocent mistake but no casino is going to view it that way when there's such a high volume of multi-accounting fraud.

I'll let you know if we receive a response from the operator - if it's appropriate to share the information we receive.


User icon
April 15, 2016

As I've already stated Kane1986 - it's perfectly possible to run accounts under other individuals names either via the permission of that person (i.e. one of your neighbours/friends/family) or via identity theft. Having access to payment details in someone else's name is far from impossible and is a regular occurrence within the online gambling industry, though I will say nothing further on this issue. As to attacking this site, yes you did:

The the sad and confusing part is why you and these so called ask gambler agencies state you investigate and are very detailed in your reviews and reports but yet this entire issue can be solved by simply asking the casino to provide you with my other account and deposit number but yet they cant and will not you know sir because im correct and i did nothing wrong and the casino knows this
The above is a direct insinuation that we would cover up for the operator. There is no other way of interpreting that statement. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion, but let's call a spade a spade. Nor is your assessment of the term actually accurate. The term states that if 2 people are going to sign-up from the same computer they must have the permission of the operator before hand. There is no such exclusion for signing up from the same IP address. The operator has stated that 2 accounts are registered under the same IP address which is simply prohibited. A simple analogy to compare this situation - if I go into a shop and start putting sweeties directly into my pockets before I've paid for them, no-one is going to blame the police for arresting me and it's unlikely the judge is going to believe me when I say I intended to pay for them before I left. By putting the unpaid for sweets into my pockets I made myself look like someone engaged in criminal activity. It's very hard to defend someone who has chosen to do something that makes them look like they're engaged in fraud, especially when the figures are of significant value. ThePOGG

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April 15, 2016

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