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Chance Hill - Locked account


Unresolved - Chance Hill claim that this player was part of a significant ring of accounts either being run by an individual or being operated as part of a syndicate intended to exploit casino bonuses. If this is true it is a clear violation of casino terms and conditions.

The information required to verify this claim has been destroyed by ChanceHill's previous software provider SoftSwiss after termination of their agreement. We have verified this independently. As such no ruling can be given in this instance.

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Player's Complaint

Hello and good day. I have made my sign up in Chance Hill Casino on 09/05/2016. The same day I made a win of €1685. After completing the wager requirements and decided to withdraw the money. I uploaded all the docs casino wanted, and waited for the money. After a couple of days I couldn't enter my casino account. Talked to the chat, send several emails and the only answer was that my account is under investigation. After 2 months and lot of emails casino responded that my account is locked and send me this email:

Dear [EDIT], (they even write my name wrong. It is [EDIT])

These are the motives for our decision.

- We have found linked accounts to your account/syndicate playing

- You are not allowed received bonuses as per our t&c's as your nationality is bonus banned.

Hope this helped clarify your doubts.

Best regards,

It took them 2 months to tell me these.?????? There was no terms about nationality when i was playing the casino, they probably changed the rules after this, and this think about link accounts is something i don't understand. If my account was linked they shouldn't let me play at first place. Why they gave me the bonus if my nationality was banned ????. I think all these are excuses because they don't want to pay my winnings and they find a great way after the changed their site they changed the Terms too . It is unacceptable to try and find a reason not to pay my winnings.

Please contact them and tell me if you have any news. Thank you very much for your time

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3 Responses

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July 13, 2016

Hi Goremester - welcome to!

We monitor the terms and conditions at ChanceHill casino so I can tell you whether your country was restricted at the time you played. What country do you live in?



User icon
July 14, 2016

Hi Goremester,

I've had a look and unfortunately there was a small change to the url of this page at the beginning of this year and as such I don't have records for the time around the start of May.

I have reviewed various search engine caches and even WayBack Machine, but I can find no indication that the terms were changes after your play.

As such, unless you have proof that the terms were changed after your play to include Austria, there's no case to be argued here.

I'll contact the operator regarding the multi-accounting issue.



User icon
September 21, 2016

Hi Goremester,

I've concluded our investigation into this issue and unfortunately it has been impossible to reach a verdict.

The situation is as follows:

We can find no evidence to support your claim that Austrian players were not restricted at the point when you played. As such this is not a viable line of investigation.

With regard to the claims of multi-accounting I requested supporting evidence to back up the claims of term violation. Due to ChanceHill switching platform providers (from SoftSwiss to iGaming Cloud) over this period they no longer had access to the necessary information. They submitted a request for SoftSwiss to provide the relevant information and followed this up several times but were unable to get access to the relevant information. This is the reasons for the delay.

At this point I used my own contacts at SoftSwiss to discuss the issue with them and was informed that as per their contract, when ChanceHill switched gaming platform all records associated with their players were destroyed.

Unfortunately this results in a first of its kind situation for this service, where we can actually confirm that the information necessary to validate the operator's claim is no longer available.

As such, and making the highly likely assumption that you would contest these claims, we have two parties making diametrically opposed claims and no evidence on which to assess the validity of either claimant. For this reason, this complaint will be marked as 'Unresolved'. However, unlike other Unresolved complaints, as ChanceHill have demonstrated that they would have provided supporting evidence if they could have, this will not impact their rating.

I will say that if the operators claims could have been verified there is no question that we would have found in their favour.

Sorry we could not bring this issue to a more satisfactory conclusion.


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July 13, 2016

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