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Las Vegas USA - Payment denied, no reasons provided by casino


Found for the Player - Sadly there's nothing we can do to help this player. Las Vegas USA enforce a dormancy policy on accounts that they have not yet paid out fully. This is an extremely predatory practice that effectively ensures that any player who has a large win will have to continue to play or risk not being paid out their full balance. For this reason this group have been included on out Blacklist.

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Player's Complaint

This is a dispute vs Las Vegas USA casino, which has declined to pay me a portion (8,402$) of legitimate winnings, without providing me with any reason.

Originally, I won 22,652$ at Las Vegas USA from a deposit match bonus. I met the bonus requirements, I submitted all my documents, which were approved, and the casino started slowly paying me in normal installments. The last time I checked, 14,250$ have been paid, and the casino still owed me remaining 8,402$, which were all approved and sitting in the payment queue. Then, in September 2017, Las Vegas USA declined to pay me those remaining 8,402$, without giving me any reason. They also locked me out from my account. Although I have sent them multiple email inquiries, unfortunately I have not received any response. On live chat of Las Vegas USA, I was promised that “the security manager will write you back”, but he never did. Subsequent inquiries on live chat were also waste of time, as they started disconnecting me from live chat, over and over, although I was always polite. I’m not sure if taking time to explain their actions was such a burden for them, or if they had reasons for trying to avoid that conversation.

I declare that I have abided by all terms at Las Vegas USA at the times when I played there. I have never attempted chargebacks against either Las Vegas USA or any other online casino. If you need any other information from me, please let me know.

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5 Responses

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October 1, 2018

Hi Vladstud - welcome to!

Before we go any further when did this win occur and have you played at all since?



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October 1, 2018

The bonus terms were met in December 2016. After that I played some more, but a few weeks later I discovered that the casino quietly removed all accrued comps from my account, which wasn't too nice. And so from that point, I just got busy requesting withdrawals, and haven't played anymore. I expected to receive the entire balance within a few months, based on processing timeline that the casino posted on its website. But instead, I've experienced payment delays and stalling by the casino, and so only $14,250 have been paid by the time the last payment was received (which was in July 2017). The last time I requested a withdrawal was on June 16, 2017. And in September 2017 I was informed that remaining payments totaling 8,402$ are denied. I hope that answers your question.

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October 4, 2018

Hi Vladstud,

Unfortunately I can tell you exactly what's going on in that case. Las Vegas USA casino carry the following term:

"1-The casino reserves the right to close any account in which there is no activity within 180 days. Not placing a bet, not making a deposit or withdrawal, or not accessing the account, within this period, are considered examples, but not exclusively, of account inactivity and consequently, any balance is forfeited."

So effectively what happens is you have a big win, the operator engages a slow payout process, you stop playing - why would you play more when they're going to take months to pay what you've won already? - and then after 180 days your account is closed due to inactivity and the rest of your balance is forfeit.

This is an entirely rogue practice, but having discussed it with the operator previously I can say with certainty that you will not be paid.

Sorry we could not be of further help!


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October 5, 2018

I understand what you are saying. But still, I would ask if you could please inquire with the operator about my case. Otherwise we are just assuming things here.

Specifically, my questions for the operator would be:

1) when I logged in to the casino account on June 16,2017 and used the casino cashier to request a new withdrawal, was it considered "account activity" or "account inactivity" on that day?

2) have 180 days passed between June 16,2017 and September 2017?

3) when did the rule about 180-day inactivity in its current edition first appear in LasVegasUSA publicly displayed T&C?

4) are pending withdrawals considered to be

a portion of a player's account balance?

User icon
October 8, 2018

Hi Vladstud,

There's no purpose to us engaging that dialogue. We are familiar with this group, we are familiar with this policy and this group do enforce this policy. Given that what you describe falls into the bracket where this group will enforce this policy there's no question to be asked here. The reason for your issue is self-evident.

And to answer your question the term is clear in this regard - "Not placing a bet" is considered an example of "account inactivity". Having placed a withdrawal does not change the fact that you have not placed a bet. So yes, your account does fall into the set criteria for inactivity. Finally, unless you have specific evidence to demonstrate that this term was not present - we do not and we have been aware of this term for a long time now - there's no basis to challenge it.



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October 1, 2018

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