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Party casino - Self exclusion reopened


Resolved - After discussion between the player and the operator the player has informed us that this issue has been resolved and they have received a full refund.

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Player's Complaint

All detail of registration the same. Same email registeted. Nothing different.

As you know been looking throught old gambling sites looking for wrongs in the way they operated through Self Exclusion.

Opened a Sportingbet account and SE on the 26/8/2016 for 5 years

I had opened a Bwin account on the 16/9/19 and then SE on the 18/9/16 indefinitely

At this time they were not connected by Licence.

21/11/17 I opened an account with Partycasino. I was told to phone up to open the SE there. They were the same licence as Bwin.

Ive only just noticed that I closed my Bwin Account Indefinitely. Was I allowed to open the Partycasino SE??

I have the email that states the SE and it was Indefinitely SE.

Now Sportingbet was brought into the equation, they merged 28th November.

Should I of been allowed to carry on as this account was SE ??

Should all accounts be affected from this merger because if SE with Sportingbet?

Also how can I re-open an account that is SE indefinitely??

Can you help please?

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6 Responses

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September 28, 2018

Hi kemps1977 - welcome back!

This issue sounds questionable.

Dealing with the Bwin self-exclusion first - the use of the word "indefinitely" does not by definition mean "forever", it would simply mean an exclusion that does not have a defined end point. Reading further through this email however they do clearly define what the standards of the exclusion are - you cannot re-open the account for 6 months and if you do not contact them after that to request re-opening the account will remain closed. Had it only been the use of the word "indefinitely" this would have been problematic, but with the clear definition of the end criteria this simply becomes a 6 month self-exclusion.

With regard to the merger of licenses - yes there would be an expectation that a self-exclusion at one property would be carried over to the rest of the properties on the license within a reasonable time period of the merger. This is where you may have a claim. If the account matches those of a self-excluded account on the network then the account should have been subjected to the self-exclusion.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
September 28, 2018

Thanks mate. Im in the process of getting a SAR of the 3 sites if im being honest. Sporting bet where licenced bt HEADLONG Ltd at the time of my SE. I dont think they where aware of it until I mentioned to find it.

Maybe best to wait till the SAR is produced?

Also appologies for the complaints etc, in a funny way, its helping my problem, giving me something to do you know?!

Im a very amicable person uno, but when I asked to be fully excluded I mean it, and at the time I had problems.

Again I suspect these 3 sites prey on the vulnerable, if I opted for a 6 month Exclusion I wouldnt be here. But when you ask to be self excluded fully. Then to find the small print so to speak, letting the provider get away with opening SE sites. Personally thing its wrong..

These systems of SE have been set up to actively lead on the vulnerable to re-open the accounts, as they know this is where the miney is made.

Personally very tempted to complain about them.

Is this actually compliant with the UKGC LCCP?

Not offering the full term?

Tbh i honestly think they need a review!!

The other casino I have complained about to you are the same!! Preying in the vulnerable gambler!!

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October 2, 2018

Hi mate just checking on any progress

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October 5, 2018


Kindly accept my thanks for all you help but SPORTINGBET have been intouch this morning, and issued me a full refund.

They have explained a few things to me, and also exactly where the mistake was. My end, and there end.

They have dealt with this in a very professional manner, and have been very helpfull.

Thanks again, this is sorted now. Cheers

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October 8, 2018

Hi kemps1977,

That's good to hear - I'm glad you managed to work things out with the operator.


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October 29, 2018

You may close this case now The Pogg. Thank you

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September 28, 2018

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