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Royal Vegas - I owe them Money they say.


Found for the Casino - Royal Vegas have provided documentation demonstrating that they have received a charge back on this account. This may not be the fault of the player but is an issue the player needs to take up with their card provider to resolve.

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Player's Complaint

They sent me an email stating that I owe them money and threatened me with being put on a bad credit list. They did not tell me what it was for and I had to email them several times and found out it was for apparently doing a charge back. I did not do a charge back to them and sent supporting screen shots of my bank accounts to prove to them I did not do a charge back. They then sent me another threatening email stating the same stuff. It is only for $24.00 and if I owed it I would pay it but I do not owe it. I have all emails from them and my responding emails also. I even checked my online account and could not find what they are talking about.

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2 Responses

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July 6, 2016

Hi chrissysan58 - welcome to!

Before we can do anything to help you I need you to provide me with the username and email address you use at Royal Vegas. Once I have those I'll contact the operator and see what I can find out.



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July 18, 2016

Hi chrissysan58,

I've spoken to Royal Vegas about this issue and they've forwarded through account details showing that there has been a charge back on your account.

Charge backs are a serious issue within the online gambling issue due to the level of fraudulent claims. In other industries charge backs are used to contest a fee, usually one that been incorrectly taken or where the service/product is not delivered. Within the online gambling industry there's a significant volume of claims where the player has deposited and lost and then decides do initiate a charge back and claim that deposit to the casino was made without their consent.

For the above reasons all online gambling operators view charge backs as a very serious issue that will instantly lock a playing account.

The above said, there are situations where an operator will receive a charge back without the player actually initiating it. This can occasionally happen due to your card or bank provider declining to process a payment to a gambling operator.

There really isn't much I can do to help in this instance. The operator has demonstrated that they have received a charge back for a deposit you made on the 23rd of May for $24. The charge back was issued on the 21st of June and notified to the operator on the 23rd of June. To get any further information on this issue you would have to contact your credit card provider. There should be enough information here for them to investigate.

Unless you can resolve this issue with your Card Provider and Royal Vegas, I'd strongly recommend that you not play with any other Microgaming run casinos (primarily any operator that offers a download Microgaming client) as you are now likely to be on a barred list with all these operators until such time as this issue is cleared up.



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July 6, 2016

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