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Royal Vegas - unfair gamming


Declined - Unfortunately what the player describes sounds like bad luck rather than any inherent problem with the games. There's not enough for us to investigate.

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Player's Complaint

i have been playing on royal vegas for a long time,my despute is why dont the games payout as per the casino's advertised winning percentage of over 94% the results are usually the same lose a lot of money,or thousands of spins before a good win, in the last week ive wagered a lot of money to get a win, playing the game leagues of fortune , first it takes many spins on average for a bonus round or free spin round , and 95% of the time when you do get the bonus round the payout is poor 10 to 20 times your wager, it took 1200 spins 1100 spins and 1000 spins to get free spins or bonus rounds, which payed out poorly, the average amount of bets before a bonus round is usally 250 to 450 spins, thats a lot of spins, the casino uses a random generator for payouts, and this is unknown,if this is unknown or fair then why does it take so many spins for a good win, if it was random then the spin ratio to win ratio is very high, ive been playing the same game for a year and these stats are true,i think this is unfair gamming and a player shouldnt have to lose a great amount of money to see small payouts, this is a big disadvantage to the player, if their winning percentage is true then i should be winning alot more than losing, they also have a feature called a jackpot thermometer which shows if the game is hot or cold , this is not accurate , i am at a great disadvantage here and seeking help, i would like all my money reimbursed back to me,if you cannot help or agree with my concerns then how do i seek other options,IE litigation or lawyers that do this kind of work

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1 Responses

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February 14, 2018

Hi torontot - welcome to!

Unfortunately we won't be able to do anything to help you with this issue. The winning percentage that you are referring to is based over long term results, meaning it is derived from millions for rounds of play over all games in the casino. It is a statement that of all deposits across all players 94% of the total deposited amount is returned.

Slots games are referred to as 'high variance'. This means that players will experience rare large wins and extended periods of losses. What you describe does not suggest that anything untoward has taken place.

Likewise, the hot/cold jackpot meters are provided for entertainment purposes only. The indicate how recently a game has made a significant payout. This information does not give any indication of what will happen in the future.

All I can suggest is that if you have lost faith in the fairness of the games offered by Royal Vegas you should look to choose an alternative operator to play with in future.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help,


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February 14, 2018

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