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Times Square - confiscate money


Found for the Player - Even if we considered the term in question fair (we do NOT) flat betting on a single number in Roulette is not a "betting system". If betting in this manner is to be considered a betting system EVERY player is in violation any time they play.

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Player's Complaint

Regarding Times Square casino.

I opened account and did my first deposit of 630 euro. I played roulette only one number 12 times, stake 35 euro. My number won and i got 35 times 36= 1260 euro. I played one more spin and my balance was then 1435 euro. I requested a withdrawal and then got the message beneath. Its in Swedish. I dont know if you have Swedish talking staff so i translate it.

What it says is its forbidden to use Martingale, double up or systems similair to that. Because of that we confisticate your winnings. How can they do like that?

All i had done was betting one number on roulette 13 times and then my number won. What is wrong? Im chocked! I didnt take any bonus or something neither. I even talked with the chat that i did not want bonus. They told me i could get cashback afterwords if i Went to chat. But i didnt do that because i won. I also asked all about the rules if i could play roulette. Ofcourse they said.

I would be so happy if you could help med.

My accountname is [EDIT].

My name: [EDIT]

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5 Responses

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March 5, 2018

Hi Putriken - welcome to!

Times Square Casino are part of the Game Tech Group N.V. This is one of the most widely Blacklisted groups in operation today and are Blacklisted here. Due to this they are routinely non-responsive to complaints posted at this site.

I'd strongly encourage you to disengage from any future play with this operator!

Unfortunately this means that it's highly unlikely we'll be able to help you with your issue. Nevertheless I will try to contact the operator for you and let you know if we receive any response.

Can you tell me if you changed you bet at all? Did you start with smaller bets and increase them after losses?



User icon
March 14, 2018

Hi Putriken,

I've had a conversation with the operator about this issue and they have confirmed what you have said. Unfortunately they are absolute in their refusal to change this ruling.

I can say that this action is unfair in the most fundamentally unfair on every level. In the first instance this term is FAR too vague to be considered legally binding. You did not use the Martingale betting system, or even a betting system that is close in nature to this system. In the second instance, describing flat betting on a single number as a "betting system" is farcical in of itself. If flat betting is to be considered in breach of this term than every player who ever plays with this operator is in breach of the term.

This is one of the clearest and most egregious abuses of consumer rights we've ever seen but the reality is that this is a Blacklisted group. Our influence over them is minimal at best.

All I can suggest is that you now submit a complaint to Curacao eGaming, but honestly we've never seen this "regulator" take any serious interest in any player complaint.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help!


User icon
March 18, 2018

Thank you very much for trying. Its rellay terrible that they can get away like this. And its very scary when i think about that i could have lost a fortune without ever had the chance to win. I think its a serious crime.

User icon
May 15, 2018

Times square is now going to send me the money. This complaint can now be closed.

User icon
May 16, 2018

Hi Putriken,

Please confirm when you actually receive your funds and we'll mark this complaint as Resolved.



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March 5, 2018

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