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Unibet - Deposit refund request due to self exclusion


Resolved - This player has managed to resolve their issue with Unibet casino without our intervention.

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Player's Complaint

Good afternoon

I wish to submit a complaint against Unibet and Maria Casino can you advise me on how I go about this?

June 2018 I self excluded from Maria Casino. In November 24/25th i then played on another account with Unibet for with the same details (apart from email address, and I had moved physical address). On the morning of 25th, over a 8 hour period I had deposited a total of £6500.

I had been requested verification documents and sent, and had approved by 8:30am, and continued to deposit.

I also received a call to discuss my gambling levels at around 10am, I returned this call half an hour later as they wanted to discuss the levels I was playing at as I was a new customer (8 hours old)

Within half an hour of this first call Unibet had closed my account as they then found I was self excluded form their sister casino. Apparently my name, mobile number and date of birth were not enough to confirm this but my is showing my new address (which they were given on registration was enough)

I was completely unaware they were the same company.

I have PayPal’s receipts showing every deposit.

I have contacted Unibet and they have refused to refund my deposits stating that a different address was used (I moved house) and cited their terms and conditions that should I open another account I would forfeit and monies. I do not free with this and strongly believe that they have breached their responsible gaming obligations and believe I am due a refund as above.

They have said their policy is correct and that they are fully committed to responsible gambling and that it is the players responsibility to ensure they do not sign up with their group.

I would appreciate this if the deposits were low sums of money, but they admit they are a 24 hour customer service team and not once red flag was raised when within 2 hours £2600 was deposited at 12am in the morning and no verification requested (at this time)

I am now self excluding on as many sites as I can and will be seeking help to start afresh with my problems.

Can this please be considered.

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7 Responses

User icon
November 27, 2018

Hi endo_zippy - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this instance.

Unibet are correct that where your details differ significantly from the account you self-excluded with - a change of address and email address would both be considered significant - the operator has a reasonable time frame within which to manually detect your account before they would become liable for any losses. This is generally accepted to be 24 hours.

Given that your account was detected and restricted within this time frame and within 12 hours the operator were contacting you to discuss your play levels this would appear to be compliant with their responsible gambling commitments.

You could take your complaint to the Gambling Commission for review, but our assessment would be that the operator are not at fault in this case.

Sorry we cannot be of further help!


User icon
November 27, 2018

Hi The Pogg, and thank you for your response.

Would not the fact that £2500 was deposited within an hour, and then a further £4000 deposited in an hour the following morning not raise flags quite quickly? Including that they continued to allow deposits after verification, and the registered details, full name, date of birth, mobile phone number, were exactly the same. Unfortunately I cannot help moving house, and also changing my email address. I actually have a few for different things, and use them accordingly.

The money deposited really shouldnt have been allowed and has left me completely broke when I shouldn’t have been able to play any more. I am excluded from most casinos due to this and it’s always flagged up within half an hour of any attempt has been made.

I am really struggling. Help!!

User icon
November 27, 2018

Hi endo_zippy,

The operator have responded to high levels of activity within 12 hours by conducting further checks on your account that ultimately resulted in your account being restricted. That's a reasonable response within a reasonable time frame.

As to your details, name and DoB can legitimately be shared by multiple people. They are not reliable indicators of identity by themselves. And you are right that you cannot help having moved house, but in this situation you need to contact the operators you have self-excluded with and update your account details to ensure that they can easily and quickly locate your account.

As far as your email address goes, the UKGC's own approved self-exclusion scheme (GamStop - I would recommend you register with them) explicitly stipulate that changing email address from the one you register with them may result in the system failing.

I appreciate your frustration and sympathise with your situation, but this isn't a case where we can fault the operator for not acting. When your details change this makes it more difficult for the operator to identify who you are and despite this Unibet have identified you as a high risk player and located your excluded account is a reasonable time frame.


User icon
November 27, 2018

Thanks guys.

I don’t believe they have, personally. I’ve seen many cases of moved addresses were the player has been refunded due to self exclusion.

The fact I was allowed to continue depositing after verification, and even called to suggest setting a deposit limit only after 6500 deposits, and still allowed to play, and deposit says as much. It took 3 phone calls, and they have complete dismissed any wrong doing.

I do not believe I am at fault, I ah ent done anything wrong, but this should have been flagged earlier. UKGC state the account should be set as before it is played, which would entitle me to something.....

User icon
November 27, 2018

Hi endo_zippy,

The account registration process allows you to set limits while signing-up and there are in account tools to allow you to do this or self-exclude at any time.

During verification you presumably provided proof of address that did not coincide with the excluded account.

As I said, feel free to take this issue to the UKGC for review, but this is not a case where the regulations as we understand them to be have been breached.



User icon
December 1, 2018

Dear Pogg,

Case resolved by unibet mediators and a refund has been given.


This can be closed.

User icon
December 6, 2018

Hi endo_zippy,

Thanks for letting us know - it is appreciated!


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November 27, 2018

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