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WildSlot - live chat drove me to say no thanks id rather jump off cliff they called the cops on me!!!


Found for the Casino - Any responsible operator has to take a very serious approach to any suggestion that a player may engage in self-harm.

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Player's Complaint

I just joined this sister site wild slots! and OMG!!! after asking the same ? over and over live chat offered me free spins on book of the dead i told them I hated that gaming anything and I would make a deposit but they said that the bonus that I just watch my friend get wasn"t real I said no thanks Id sooner jump off cliff!! they Have banded me on all their site that i've spent a lot of $ money at PLUS to My disbelieve they called the police on my saying that i was threatening to take my life !! and that caused me a lot of grief plus I no longer get my weekly free spins that after spending a lot of time and coin added up to over 175 free spins per week! I skydive as a hobby and even when I talked to this very rude lady they still wouldn't let me on my sites.. all these sites i've been playing on for over a year or 2 building up my vip bonus to platinum at next hopa wixstar gold level at magic red, lucky thrillz Go pro ,jaak,spinsons to name a few! i have a weekly budget for gaming and Aspire Global International LTD gets it all for years! I sent them a letter and they didn't even reply to it !! I'm so very upset and disappointed it was my fav thing to do and just to be shunned by this company has left me not wanting to even play! they thought i was going to kill myself and after 3hrs they sent me an email and a hr or so after that they called the police talk about insult to injury If in FACT that Was any of my intentions or a cry for help they left me hanging NO pun intended.I was so thrilled to reach platinum vip at next and gold at hopa and so on i worked at building up my vip status very hard and for a very long time just to have them take it all from me what a scam and to have my whole neighborhood watch as the police cars and ambulance where flashing there lights in my drive way how embarrassing to say the least i have most of the conversations from chat before i was disconnected and I have all the letters that I wrote and that where sent to me That i'll try to attach so you may see for yourself please let me know what you think about this do they have the right to just humiliate me spen taxes payer dollar having emergency pro come to my house and then to be blacked balled! I really feel very mistreated and violated!

Dear [EDIT],

We take the obligation of responsible gaming very seriously here at Wildslots, Your Conversation with my colleague today has caused a concern N. We take Threats to life very seriously and want to ensure that you are safe and well.

I have tried to contact you on the phone, but we appear to have an incorrect number for you. In the chat you had with my colleague you said 'ok forget thanks but i have to go jump of a cliff now like i said and the start of this anything but the BOOK OF THE DEAD"

This threat had been taken seriously and if we are unable to make contact with you in the next few hours, ( good thing i wasn't hanging from that cliff waiting for them to act) we may be forced to contact your local authority to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

N. we are here for you if you are having Responsible gaming issues, You are not alone and we want to ensure that you are safe and well. Please come to live chat and ask for me (Alex) and i will be only to happy to talk with you.

In the Meantime, all the accounts that you have within our network have been closed under our responsible gaming policy Please feel free to visit our responsible gaming page for more information and advice Yours sincerely

[EDIT], Responsible Gaming Advisor..

Regarding Your Wildslots Account


"Close all my accounts then call the authorities!!!!"

This comment was nothing more than a figure of speech (aka a joke) referring to how long the live support was taking to answer my questions or be any sort of help, i'm sorry you didn't see it this way, or get my sense of humor like most of us Canadians have. I have no intentions to harm myself it was just a joke. I hang glide for my hobby and had a jump at 6am this morning So when i said that It wasn't a threat more like stating a fact as i felt we where getting know where and I had wasted to much of my time trying to make sense out of your live support person.. This has gone way overboard for a silly little reference plus I had my( ELDERLY) parents and all my neighbours witness the police presence in my property causing me all kinds of stress and anxiety as its a small neighbourhood where we all know each other and developed relationships. I have been getting phone calls all day from concerned neighbours and its down right embarrassing. I understand your concern and am glad you care but in the letter i got and I quote your statement [EDIT]. "This threat had been taken seriously and if we are unable to make contact with you in the next few hours, we may be forced to contact your local authority to ensure your safety and wellbeing".

I think you should consider changing your protocol because if someone were to actually commit suicide which only takes one moment, I don't think stopping and taking the time to close there accounts, which is basically just covering up the casino's tracks and is a total disregard for human life, is not helping in any sort of way. The police didn't even show up for about 5 hours after the comment and they were not impressed at all by this waste of time, the officer just stood there shaking his head, there was a big accident with injured people just down the street they could have attended to sooner so now people's lives were actually affected by this, I believe the RCMP which is equal to fbi are now investigating this casino's way they conduct their business as our casino's in Canada handle these situations way more professional. By the time they showed up any suicidal person ample time to self harm. This has gone way out of context for a silly comment and the way aspire global handled this situation is totally unacceptable in my eyes. There is definitely a better way to handle issues such as these like maybe talking to the person and trying to calm them down for example. I could think of 100 different ways this could of been handled differently for the better. I myself am not suicidal and this comment I made was obviously just a figure of speech and you all just jumped to conclusion without understanding the full conversation. I won't ever make that mistake again on your sites. I hope you can find a better way to investigate these things before someone actually inflicts harm on themselves due to aspire global s protocols. I will make sure not to make any sort of comment or jokes such as these ever again, and would like to have my accounts unbanned please as I like enjoy playing on these sites for fun and was a great pass time, this has gone way overboard and I have never had any sort of problem such as this in all my years of playing at aspire global's casino's. I hope you all understand and see my point of view.I would hate to loose all my stats as I have spent lot's of time and dollars!! (responsibly well within my budget of course) building up my account stats and credentials just to have it all taking away instantly. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Also here is the (apparently non existent according to live support and the lady named [EDIT] who told me that it did not exist) 10$ bonus I was referring to attached as a PDF to this email.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can work this issue out. however I found the live support to be very slow and when I asked a simple question like 3 times I was never answered I fully understood that i had to make a deposit I just didn't want the bonus spins to be on the book of the dead as I don't like the game and find the title to be a bit disturbing.I did say that to [EDIT] a few times .. She even had a hard time finding my account and took for ever to answer my questions so there time laps..

I would also suggest your live support team to maybe take courses if they are subject to stopping suicides,because they handled this situation totally the wrong way and could be held responsible if a life was actually lost. I hope they realise that or were at least informed which I highly doubt. This could be a major issue for some of your employees and I hope they signed contracts and understand these things because they could face jail time, and/or be extradited.

p.s I would formally like to request a copy of the transcript as requested by my legal counsel..



I I never did get the transcript that I asked for many times and with out it the legal adviser couldn't move for word with there investigation so they might give me free legal advice. So very sad ! I think there should be more consumer safe betting sites or help like yourselfs that protects us the players from these sites that have this god like complex and the ability to just screw over the very people who make it possible to even have a job ! in the first place just because they can!.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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1 Responses

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March 21, 2020

Hi kitkatnat, Any responsible operator has to take any 'threat to life' statement very seriously. While you may feel in the context of your conversation that this was not a 'serious' threat, if something had happened and they hadn't taken action they could face serious consequences from the regulatory bodies are subject to. No operator is going to let you play again after they feel you have made a statement of this nature. Nor would we encourage them to. These types of issues the interpretation of this context always need to be that of the more rather than the less serious consequence. All we can suggest is that you avoid making comments of this nature to any gambling operator in the future. Finally - with regard to the Live Chat conversation - if you have indicated that you are having a lawyer review information this sends a strong message that you are considering legal action. Setting aside the Responsible Gambling context of the closure, no operator is likely to welcome you back to play if they feel there is potential for a legal threat. That statement alone would likely make any further dialogue redundant. If you are serious about having the Live Chat records reviewed you need to have you legal representative write to the operator citing whatever freedom of information laws are relevant in your jurisdiction. This is not a matter that would fall under the remit of this service. Sorry we cannot be of further help. ThePOGG

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March 21, 2020

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