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iGaming Content Writing – Get the Best Content to Build Your Brand

Posted by ThePOGG on Oct 27, 2022

Search the term ‘content is king’ and you will find screeds of articles talking about this phrase. It’s used by online marketers and is generally a reference to Google’s long-standing assertion that delivering the best content to users is the strongest strategy available to any website if they want to appear higher in the search engine rankings.

A key part of any effective SEO strategy is producing content that is engaging and that people want to read. Competition within the iGaming sector is fierce and if you want to get ahead, you need to regularly update your website with fresh and unique content. Any successful business in the iGaming sector needs to have a content generation engine.

If you have experienced and knowledgeable iGaming professionals, who also happen to be high quality writers, already within your organisation you’re very well placed to generate content without any help. But the reality is that the majority of iGaming businesses do not have that. Which in turn means they have to source their iGaming content externally.

Hiring iGaming Content Writers is a precarious undertaking. If you are considering hiring content writers for this purpose you will want to keep in mind the below factors:

High Quality Copy

First and foremost, when you hire a content writer you need to know that they are highly proficient in constructing written pieces in the language you need. There are a plethora of content writers out there, many of them will offer impressively cheap rates. What you get back though is likely to be a poorly written piece often composed by someone who is not a native to the language you requested. Grammatically the piece will be poorly structured. Linguistically, the piece will often be littered with malapropisms and other errors in the language used. More often than not, these pieces will require more work in editing to make them usable than would be required to write a piece from scratch.

You get what you pay for and if you look to pinch pennies on your iGaming Content you are either going to have to put in a lot of work to find the rare cheap writer who will deliver high quality copy, or you are going to get back sub-standard content.

Always remember when it comes to iGaming Content, you get what you pay for. If you put garbage in, you will get garbage out.

iGaming Knowledge

Many content writers do not specialise in specific subjects. When they receive a request for an article on a specific topic, part of their process will be to research the topic to help construct the article they intend to submit. Within the iGaming field this type of surface level approach to preparing content regularly results in erroneous conclusions being delivered. Gambling is not a topic that you can gain a deep insight into with a few hours of reading and a weak understanding of the subject matter can actually result in content that is harmful to your readers and your brand.

The fundamental truth is that gambling is an activity that by its very nature tricks the human brain into superstitions and false logic. The natural response to gambling activities is to wrongly identify patterns that do not exist. This makes it very easy to end up spreading misinformation.

Whoever you choose to construct your iGaming Content should have a strong understanding of both the mechanics of gambling and the politics of the industry. If you use content writers without this experience you will end up with content that many users will see through, leaving your page quickly, which will damage your ability to rank. Worse still you could end up making your brand seem poorly informed, damaging your credibility and undermining your authority.

Regulatory Knowledge

Gambling is a pastime that is inherently risky. While for most of us gambling can be engaged as a from or recreational entertainment, for some gambling can become a serious problem. Those that are at risk of gambling harms can cause untold damage to their own lives and the lives of those around them.

For this reason, there is a growing trend that is seeing governments introduce regulatory agencies and the priority focus for the majority of these regulators has become minimising the harms caused by the gambling industry. One common focus that regulators have gravitated towards is the way in which gambling is advertised. This is not at all surprising given some of the irresponsible behaviour that some marketing gambling have taken – using imagery and themes that appeal to children, promoting gambling as a means of making money or even directly targeting people that they know are vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Many regulators have made clear to their licensees that the licensee will be held accountable for all marketing deployed on their behalf. Whether they post the content themselves or whether it is one of their affiliate partners. As such operators take a strong position on the actions of any marketing partner they work with.

This creates a substantial risk for any organisation that is buying gambling content. If you work with content writers who are not familiar with the requirements of the jurisdiction that you are targeting, what could seem an innocuous issue to the content writer could quickly end-up as a transgression that draws you unwanted regulatory attention or fines (if you are an operator) or that loses you valued partners (if you are an affiliate).

While cheap content writers may seem like a smart economic decision, if you don’t work with knowledgeable and experienced experts in the iGaming industry you could quickly find your business threatened by the content writer’s ignorance of the sector.

SEO Knowledge

Having quality content is only one part of the equation. Constructing that content in a way that ensures you’ll rank for the search terms you want to rank for is crucial to delivering the commercial success you are striving for in the first place. Any iGaming content writer that you engage has to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation and a good understanding of what your SEO content strategy is. What do you want your headings to be? What topics should the article cover? What keywords do you want built-in? What keyword density do you need? These are all relevant questions that extend beyond simple technical writing skill or subject knowledge. If your content writer cannot answer them, you are unlikely to gain success from the content that they produce for you.

To find a quality content writer for your iGaming project you should consider all of the above. Is the writer a native language speaker with a strong grasp on the written language? Do they have a background in the gambling industry or at least enough knowledge to be able to compose authoritative articles on the subjects that you want to cover? Do they understand the various regulatory requirements? Can they produce content that will be valuable to you and not jeopardise your relationship with partners or regulators? Can they ensure that any content they provide to you will help you rank for the search terms you want to rank for?

The reality is that finding quality iGaming Content Writers is not a simple undertaking and one where you are likely far better off paying for quality rather than looking to save a buck.

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