Non-GamStop Casinos

Non Gamstop Casinos

The UKGC’s ground-breaking Responsible Gambling initiative GamStop has seen the regulator look to introduce a license wide self-exclusion option for all UK players. A player registers their details with GamStop and whenever those details are used to register an account with a UK licensed online gambling operator the registration is prevented or the account is restricted.

Is the system bulletproof? No, but it is another great tool to help those vulnerable players that are looking to take back control of their gambling.

Sadly, addiction being what it is, GamStop by itself will not be enough will not be enough for some users and they will look to find non-GamStop casinos, sportsbooks, bingo and poker sites that will still accept their play even though they have restricted themselves.

Gambling sites not on Gamstop

This has had an unexpected consequence. Some morally bankrupt websites have started to post pages explicitly to profit from GamStop user who are looking to circumvent their restriction by channelling these players to some of the most repugnant and dangerous unlicensed rogue casinos operators on the web. These sites are targeting search terms like ‘not GamStop Casinos‘ specifically to draw in players they know to have an explicitly stated vulnerability to compulsive gambling and channelling them to the casinos and sports books that will show the lowest possible duty of care and exploit their vulnerability ruthlessly. Any user searching for non-GamStop Casinos is very clearly someone registered with GamStop who is now trying to get back to gambling – in other words an addict.

As GamStop only works with UKGC licensed operators, unlicensed operators are completely unaffected when a player signs-up to GamStop, meaning that the protection it offers is incomplete. There are other tools available to help with this though.

Sites not on Gamstop

BetBlocker is an entirely free app that once installed on your device (available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Fire OS) blocks the device from visiting over 6.1k gambling site. As BetBlocker does not rely on user date or cooperation with gambling operators, it can block any site regardless of which licenses they hold. That means that it can block all not GamStop Casinos as well.

GamStop and BetBlocker combine to offer an augmented restriction which ensures that UK licensed operators look to prevent your details being used to register an account or access gambling, while BetBlocker takes care of hundreds of non-GamStop Casinos that would happily sabotage an addicts efforts to recover by restricting the user’s device from accessing the offending sites.

BetBlocker is a project conceived by to help those users who experience issues with gambling regain control over their lives. Unlike other commercial tools available on the market we wanted to offer the service entirely free. For the most seriously addicted users money is already in short supply. Asking them to pay to get help is often asking for the one resource these people don’t have. Any price barrier is more than some of these people can afford and those that are more likely to be unable to afford the help are the same people that need the help the most. By keeping the service free we ensure that everyone can access it and that there’s no fuss when a user wants to add it to a new device.

We offer BetBlocker to all in the hope that it will help those experiencing the scourge of gambling addiction find some hope and regain control of their lives.

Set in the North Atlantic, the island of Ireland has a population of around 6.6 million souls. Land-based gambling in Ireland is thoroughly regulated since Ireland has always been on the front foot in this sector. Online regulation from this jurisdiction is not quite in place yet – though the process is under way. Foreign operators appear free to accept customers residing in Ireland and Ireland does not pursue legal action against players that play with foreign licensed operators whilst they are in the process of finalizing their own licensing procedures.


The above information is what we believe to be the the legal status of online gambling, however information on this topic is limited and hard to find. We accept no liability for any errors or ommissions. It is the reader’s responsibility to ensure that they know the legality of online gambling in their country before engaging with any online gambling service.