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Found for the Casino - BETAT provide clear evidence that demonstrated a breach of term 10.3 of casino terms and conditions.

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Player's Complaint


I joined betat casino last November and deposited 5400 EUR since.

Last month, for the first time, I got lucky and recovered all my losses + 1600 EUR.

After having my account verified, I started receiving my account balance partly to my bank account and partly to my Neteller account.

Everything seemed fine until one day I got that mail:

Ticket number: LTK171370129173X (Please use this number in any further communication).

Hi [EDIT],

Please be informed that your account has recently been placed under investigation where your gameplay amongst other things has been analysed by our risk team. It is during this routine investigation that signs of fraudulent behaviour have been drawn from your account.

Due to the above, we are required to terminate any direct line of communication with you and open an anti-fraud case internally against you.

It is also our legal obligation to forfeit any winnings from your account. Furthermore, access to your BETAT account has been disallowed.

No further correspondence on this matter will be entered into directly with yourself, due to the fraudulent nature of your activity. However, we advise you to raise this case with one our official regulatory bodies which may be found in the complaints section of our website, and of who will act as the mediator between both parties for any dispute.

Kind regards

BETAT Casino Support Team

I have no idea what they are talking about or how I am supposed to relate to those vague and insulting accusations.

What can possibly be wrong with my gameplay? As far as I can remember I never accepted any bonuses so I didn't think that there are any limits on the way I play.

FYI, Back in November, soon after opening my account, I remember sending them an email asking them whether or not they received a wire I sent, while I later discovered that I confused the details of betat with that of another casino that uses the exact same bank account name "worldpay AP limited" and therefore that wire never arrived to them, I immediately informed them of my error and I find it hard to believe that they would suspect me of trying to cheat them. That would be stupid. What kind of a casino would deposit money in my account based on a single email regarding a supposed wire?? If this is the problem, I can show you or them the proof of transfer to the other casino at the same date and for the same amount I mentioned to them in my email.

My reply to their email:


This is unbelievable.

Are you under a legal obligation to [EDIT] me of my money with some vague excuse? A legal obligation to [EDIT]? That must be a very convenient obligation for you. There was no problem with my game play while I was losing.

I insist that you clarify what, in your opinion, I have done wrong.

I have chosen your casino following the recommendation of the pogg, If I don't get my money or some reasonable explanation, I will make this issue public at the pogg, gambling grumbles and on any other gambling forum I can find, in order to warn others of your conduct.

kind regards,


Consistently with their first and only email regarding that subject - they did not answer my email.

Could you please help?

BETAT username: [EDIT]

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2 Responses

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April 20, 2015

Hi sil8i98i98 - welcome to!

I'll contact BETAT and see what I can find out.



User icon
April 27, 2015

BETAT have provided substantial and credible evidence clearly indicating a breach of term 10.3 of casino terms and conditions. Given the nature of these terms no further discussion of this complaint or the evidence provided will be engaged with.


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sil8i98i98 consented for ThePOGG to act on their behalf and share the personal information that they provide to ThePOGG with the following agencies for the purposes of resolving their complaint:

April 20, 2015

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