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Cafe Casino - Took my life savings in 2.5 years and didn't even have my correct birthday, asked to be self excluded and they sent me an email telling me to login to their site, not good people


Declined - If you choose to play with weakly licensed, or unlicensed, operators the protections they will offer against gambling addiction will be minimal. Our intervention won't change that.

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Player's Complaint

On July 30th the casino service team emailed me to tell me my information had changed that was due to an earlier chat where I found out they did not have my correct birthday on file. Upon knowing this while on chat I looked up my transaction history, deposit, withdrawals, money in and out.. I told the customer service person I was doing so and all of the sudden I'm locked out of the site. I first started gaming there in March 2021. First week I won $11K I was never able to withdrawal even though they guarantee a 24 hour pay out (please see details in my email to the casino below). I did make other withdrawals of a very much smaller amount later in time. How could a company see the way I was depositing, not have my correct information and let me continue on their site? Ignition Casino flagged me after about 6 months and shut me down. Due to the $11K I supposedly won I was flagged as some sort of professional gambler and was not able to get rewards or bonuses, mind you I never withdrew that money. So I contacted the casino on July 30th to see if I had any free play available as I had never asked before. My intention was to get the freeplay and then end ties and get self excluded. Instead I was locked out of the account, sent an email regarding the customer service given and asked if there was a way to get me to come back to the casino. I sent them the below email. They responded telling me the best way to get in touch with anyone was to long into my account? SERIOUSLY?!!! I asked to be excluded and you are telling me to go back onto your website. I wish I could sue them for every dime they took from me, this could have been handled very differently. I had a relationship with Bovada as well and that ended amicably and believe me I spent thousands and thousands of dollars there. I am only asking that in return for their unfair treatment of me and allowing extremely problematic gaming to take place that they refund 25% of my initial winnings which is $2,750. In my email to Cafe Casino below I initially asked for %5 of my total deposits minus withdrawals for the corrupt business practices. I doubt anything will come from this but I did research that I can be part of a class action lawsuit due to the medication Abilify which I was prescribed for 2 years as it enhances obsessive compulsive behaviors associated with gambling. So if this doesn't work might go that route.

August 13th email to Cafe Casino after their customer service contacted me to lure me back.

Hi [EDIT]-

Thank you for your email. I found this site during a very hard time in my life [EDIT]. This site was a way for me to check out and upon my first week I won $11k but was unable to cash out because there were huge lags and I just thought I would never see the money but I kept playing because that’s how checked out I was. I then discovered I could withdrawal but not that $11k and I’ve spent an extreme amount of money at CafeCasino. It has harmed every single aspect of my life but I’ve become so behind I was just hoping for a win to catch up in some aspect of my financial life. I am in finance for a big corporation and I make $100k a year and I can barely pay my rent. [EDIT]. This is no exaggeration, it’s not a joke, this is my reality. I lost my relationship of 12 years, cashed out my retirement, I don’t sleep at night. I had spent quite a bit of money and I asked for free play, I never had before after 2 years of blowing my life savings and I was told I didn’t have any available. Then I was told my birthday was wrong. Then I noticed things didn’t look right in my transactions and wanted to review but then was shut out of the site because I said I wanted to screen shot my transactions for my records because I had planned on quitting the site if I wasn’t awarded free play and that would be my last time on cafecasino. How could it be that I could give everything I had to a site that didn’t even have my correct information? [EDIT] This is not a sob story this is the truth, [EDIT]. I have documentation of all these things if needed not too mention because of the [EDIT]. I have thought of ways to contact you so I appreciate you reaching out. I don’t know how much I’ve given you over the last few years because I was locked out of my account but I would say that if you refunded even 5% of my deposits, minus withdrawals of course, I would be grateful. I live in literal hell [EDIT]. I was uneducated about this, very depressed and like I said a perfect storm for destruction. If you could reply to me within 48 hours regarding my request I would appreciate it. I also learned about self exclusion and I would like to be excluded from your site. The following is my bitcoin wallet address where if you find it in your heart to refund anything I would probably come and kiss the ground you walk on:


Thank you for your time,

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1 Responses

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August 14, 2023

Hi kandykanelane - welcome to!

Please read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with a weakly licensed/unlicensed property. These operators function without appropriate licensing specifically so they do not have to adhere to the standards set out by regulatory authorities surrounding the protection of vulnerable players. As such, the chances of them deciding to take appropriate action in a case like this simply because we asked them to is vanishingly small.

You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 18k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.

You can also find information on the various support agencies available to support you in your country in our Responsible Gambling Directory.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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August 13, 2023

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