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Cafe Casino - unauthorised transactions


Declined - Identity theft issues are beyond the remit of this service. This type of case is properly managed by the relevant legal authorities and card provider.

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Player's Complaint

I'm hoping you can help me out. I have been a loyal player at Cafe Casino for a little under a year and never had a problem. On the week of October 7th, I did authorize deposits and pay with those funds. My last deposit was on Friday the 12th. The last time I logged out of my account, I did have winnings in my account. I didn't go to cash them out as I have won pretty big a few times but I do enjoy gambling so I use those funds to keep playing. I never cashed out any winnings from them. I left for a retreat with my entire family Saturday morning at 6:00AM (10/13). I didn't have my phone or laptop device with me. I did have my tablet. No one had access to my home. I came back in the area around 6:30PM (10/14) and went to get gas and my debit card was rejected. I had cash so no big deal. I went home and logged into my account and I had a ton of transactions that were posted to my account. There were $3,341.09 from a third party vendor that deemed to be Cafe Casino. In addition, I had a $2,900.00 charge from and 94.26 from Itunes. All of these were not authorized by me. I run a business so it's very upsetting to think someone hacked my account. I immediately called and Itunes (I sent an email) both explaining the situation. They stated that the shipping address they used was in Wyoming. I don't know of anyone in Wyoming, I live in Pennsylvania. I had no problems and refunded the money and all was good. I notified Cafe Casino as well as 3 other casinos that I had accounts with and the other 3 stated there was no activity in my account. I immediately contacted them and asked them to disable my account until I could figure out what was going on. A friend of mine who works in banking said I should go to the bank and do a charge back but when I spoke with Cafe Casino, they said they would do an investigation and it would take 24-48 hours and they would get back to me. They specifically asked me not to go to my bank. So I didn't and it was until 5 days later that they sent me an email stating that the investigation had been complete and they determined that the claim was falsely submitted. At that point, I did become a little angry as now they are not only refusing to refund me but they are attacking my integrity. Because I run a business, I did have all my devices serviced by a licensed computer service which pulled various Malware and Spyware off my devices. I did speak with them in regards to what was going on and the technician said that the Malware/Spyware was downloaded onto my account on Thursday afternoon (looks like it came from an email I opened). He explained to me that when that is installed, someone that is hacking your computer can see what you doing such as sites visited, activity and typing. Basically everything you are doing. The issue was I use Sage One Accounting to process transactions and to keep our books. They told me it's possible, that they were trying to get this information so they could technically send money from my accounting software. The tech also noticed when he looked at everything that I had updated my Itunes account to purchase a song on Friday as well as I purchased toner from Amazon. Those were the only things I did on the Friday (10/12). They said that is potentially why they used Itunes, and Cafe Casino as those were the sites I signed into. He said he would give me a full report that I could give to them. So I did reach out to Cafe Casino again and spoke with a representative and explained all this to him. The representative stated he can see where I am coming from but unfortunately they never issue a refund or make any changes to a final determination. I got to give credit to the gentleman I spoke with (I didn't catch his name) but he was awesome. He took the time to listen to what I was saying and I told him I'm sorry I sounded a little angry on my second email but when someone says I falsely submitted a claim, it's an attack against my integrity. The representative did tell me not to take that personally as that is an automatic response that goes out to everyone. To me that is unacceptable. I run a business in training and I value customer service at 110 percent. They said all the activity came from my ip address and was consistent. I then did explain to him all the Malware/Spyware that was pulled off my computer. He said unfortunately there was nothing I could do. I have emailed them several times but they just keep telling me to call to discuss it. And if I call, they said there is nothing they can do. They do have a dispute resolution in their terms of service but when you click on the link it goes nowhere. I am very new to online gaming as I start back in October of 2017. I used, Bovada, Ignition and Raging Bull (only used them once as I had issues registering and they seemed kinda shady) so I closed that account. But with all of these, I only ever really played at which I never had any issues with and Cafe Casino which again up until now I never had any trouble with. On top of all this my email was hacked too. Various clients said they got spam mail coming from me. So I did have to shut down that email. Again, I explained the Cafe Casino and the IT service stated that if I logged in, they could see every move I made. All in all, it's been a horrible few days. Everyone has been great at refunding me except for Cafe Casino. The guy on the phone explained to me that a lot of people gamble way more than they can afford to loose and they turn around and scream fraud, so this is why this is happening. I honestly I thought he was feeding me a line but after researching, I guess a lot of people do that. To me that doesn't make any sense to go through all that trouble but then again, there are a lot of different kind of people out there to put it nicely. When speaking with the representative, I even explained to him my debit card was used 20 times to deposit money within the within the time frame of less than 48 hours. I told him to look back on my account as I never ever make that many deposits in 2 days. I even explained to him that if I want to deposit $400.00 than I deposit $400.00 (not (4) $100.00 transactions). It's very inconsistent with the way I deposit. I said to him I'm surprised that depositing that many times didn't flag any suspicion but he said it didn't. I asked them for a copy of their investigation report and they said they can't share that information. All in all they will not even think of processing a refund. I could understand if it was just Cafe Casino but I have proof of other fraud that happened that weekend also. In addition, I gave them copies of my bank statement as they requested. I just don't know what more I can do. I guess I should have done the charge back but they asked me not to and said they can settle this without doing me doing that, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The requested my bank statements as well which I gave them. I never ever withdrew my account. The bank called me first thing on Monday and asked what happened and I told them I'm working with the merchants. They called me because I never ever had an overdraft. I just am not sure what to do. I'm not sure who can help me. I know back in 2016 they were licensed by the KGC (Kanahwake Gaming Commission) however they were suppose to stop accepting USA players so they voluntarily turned in their license. So currently, I don't do think they are licensed or regulated by anyone. I need to get this back but I really don't want to do a charge back as I'll be honest, I'm afraid of getting into trouble for gambling online. I just don't know who else to turn to. I have deposited probably close to $60K with them over the last year and never ever had a dispute. Why would I do that now, if my intentions were to cheat the casino? None of this makes any sense. I was little irritated because the bank could have stopped the transactions from posting but because they asked me to work with them first and not report it to the bank, they posted and now I have $1100.00 in overdraft fees. In addition, I'm being charged every 3 days my account is in the negative. In addition, when I logged out on Friday the 12th, I had winnings accumulated. But I'm not even asking for that as it's like play money to me. They don't have to give me that back. The only thing I'm asking is for the funds that were unauthorized to be put back in my account. I would think someone who is trying to fraud a casino would probably want the winnings and the cash back that comes the very next day. I don't want any of that. Anything you can do to help, would be great. So many sites say they are legit because they are licensed by the KGC but most don't know that they voluntarily terminated that. I never had a username name with them. I logged in with my email address which was [EDIT] but because that was hacked I changed my email with them to [EDIT] and that is the email we've been communicating on. I can show you whatever conversations you need. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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October 24, 2018

Hi Player6284 - welcome to!

Sadly there's nothing we can do to help you in this situation. Unauthorised use of your card is a legal matter. You need to report it to the police and your card provider. That type of activity is beyond the remit of this service.

A couple of comments however. Firstly there's no problem with a US citizen gambling online. The government has taken a stance against companies accepting US players, not private US citizens playing. The sanction would fall against the company not you. Secondly, if the play has occurred from your IP address, it's highly unlikely to be the result of a hacker. Your IP address signifies your internet connection. They would have to have been actively accessing a device from your internet connection, so unless they were at your residence or your devices were turned on so that they could be remotely accessed, this is extremely unlikely.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help.


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October 24, 2018

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