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Cafe Casino - won't pay my $22,800


Declined - Complaints related to identity theft/fraud are beyond the remit of this service and need to be managed by the payment provider and police.

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Player's Complaint

Content : I had contacted the DRO and chatted with cafe support about this issue and it's a very hard subject for me considering what all I e went thru and since what that experience has since cost me and it's gut wrenching and unfair to say the least,ok on May 5 the 2022 at about 1:39 am I won $20,000 on tens times Vegas and that was a blessing I thought because I needed to move and didn't know where I was going to get the money to find a place anyways long story short I was on the way home when I won so I decided to stop for a celebratory drink I must have been talking to loud or something and was robbed on my way out of the restroom the man physically took my belongs threatened me and knows my home address after stealing my belongs phone purse wallet etc I made a police report and by the time I was able to log into my cafe account to withdraw my funds they were gone I contacted support and I still don't know what addresses they withdrewmy funds to because cafe disabled my account and told me no unusual activity had occurred in my account and that was it ,after customer service reps assured me they would reissue me those winnings and I showed my police report to cafe only to be treated very poorly they told me nothing happend to my account and if I wanted my account reactivated I had to accept responsibility for the theft,I can not do that I would accept half the responsibility because I should have kept my account password more secure but I had not known I was going to be a victim of robbery, I just want to be able to withdraw my winnings I was so desperately in need of and for cafe to uphold their employees assurance to me that they would make it rightand issue me my money I was robbed and then robbed again and told by cafe that it was my fault that's terrible to tell someone,please someone help me I have shown them my police report and contacted the outlets they directed me to I contacted the cfpb but I found this site and hope to get some type of help here and not having to go any further I loved cafe and was a loyal player therei spent a very good amount of money with them and I can't believe the way they treated me when I already had a tramatic experience and I couldn't even get answers about anything nothing they offered no help I could have tracked the withdrawals or something but was unable to access that information and one would even answer me when I asked so please I am just trying to get the money I rightfully WON and due to an unfortunate act by a horrible human I was cheated out of that please help me over come the horrible negativity and heal also I have to move and due to my job closing I don't have the funds to get another place but I don't want sympathy I just want what I won thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you , Have a good day and thank you again Sincerely [EDIT] ...ok that got approved as a complaint in the Curacao e gaming website they wrote me contacted cafe then they gave cafe until June 23 2022,to respond with proof showing they were trying to come to an agreement with me and that was the last I've heard from the Curacao e gaming adr department that's the last communication about my dispute complaint and I've wrote them and cc'ed cafe on all threads and never got any answer at all my complaint case number thru the official seal is ####13516 I really need some help I feel as if they just don't care and just are ignoring me and I desperately need my money this has been a horrible situation all around for me and now I am being evicted from my home and I need my money that I won fair and square I should be the only one able to withdraw it I had Every available security feature that was offered or available to me by cafe casino this was an unforseen act of a theft crime please help me I don't know what to do

Thank you

Best regards, [EDIT]

[EDIT] is the email I have the dispute with I didn't know if I could get in trouble for filing another complaint but I don't know what else to do

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3 Responses

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July 25, 2022

Hi stacelynn22 - welcome to ThePOGG!

Sadly there is nothing we can do to assist you with this matter. Where your claim asserts that an unauthorised person has either played with or removed money from your account it is beyond the remit or authority of this service and needs to be reviewed by the relevant legal authorities in your jurisdiction.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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July 25, 2022

Ok well thank you but if you could help me it's getting the e Curacao gaming ADR department to respond to my case that they already approved as an acceptable complaint I have the case number and they gave the site I which I have the dispute with until the 23 of June to respond,and since that last email from them I haven't heard anything back they haven't responded again and there's no way to contact them now only thru the email thread and I'm not getting any thing,I don't understand Hy the ceg would accept my complaint email th site open the case send me 3 or 4 emails about the case and then nothing I have no decision,no final ruling,no next step,it was just wait until the 23 of June for the operator to respond showing they are trying to come to a conclusion v agreement with me in the matter and that time has since been passed over a month now and they never sent anything after that what's going on I need some kind of help and I don't know where to get it from!:as for my local law enforcement to handle the matter they said there's nothing they can do without having caught the suspect,nor can they prove he without a doubt is in fact guilty of said crime,and it would be to costly to go to court but they haven't even caught the man ,they told me to take it up with the websi

te for failing to properly identify and lack of security,but anyways can you help me to at the very least get ahold of the adr department for Curacao e gaming ceg or someone who is able to give me some info about my case please I'd greatly appreciate it

Also I appreciate your prompt response and also the time time spent hopefully you will be the someone able to help me get in contact with them

Best regards

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July 26, 2022

Hi stacelynn22,

We have never had any success communicating with Curacao eGaming in any of the cases we have tried to contact them about in the last 10 years. Sadly we cannot assist you in this matter.


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July 25, 2022

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