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Global Live - wont pay winnings


Found for the Casino - Global Live provided a wealth of evidence that demonstrates playing patterns that are not even vaguely achievable by a human. This is a clear breach of casino terms and conditions and as such we're closing this complaint in favour of the casino.

Read our Global Live Casino Review.

Player's Complaint


This post is for all my fellow gamblers, or those who are looking for a trustworthy online casino. In short, I signed into an online casino called, deposited money (didn’t take any bonus from casino), won money legitimately 3 times playing roulette at the sums of over 40,000 euro, and each time they dragged me with endless emails, endless excuses all kind of made up terms and conditions excuses, and no withdrawing winnings, I lost few weeks of my life with them, lost money and it was one of the worse online experiences ever, a total aggravation. When I deposited money and lost some, they took it really quick and with no problems, but once I won, it began to be a nightmare.


Below is a more detailed of my case:

3 weeks ago (now its 15.6.15) I was looking for an online casino that has live dealers and that registers players from Hong Kong, I found this website called under PlayPearls Limited, it looked simple and friendly to user. I must say that it’s my first online casino experience ever and I was very skeptical at first and wasn’t easy to trust with my credit card. [REMOVED]

I deposited money with my credit card, and did all verifying that were necessary for withdrawing winnings. I won around 1100 euro playing roulette with live dealer.

The second I asked to withdraw money, my account was blocked and they accused me for using gambling system and now my account is under investigation.

I was shocked at first, all I play in roulette are outside bets (even-odds bets), its impossible to cheat at it, its real live dealer, they turn camera away from the roulette while spinning plus they stop putting bets before the spinning of the roulette wheel.

The next day I lost 1000 euro, and then I deposited 500 more and actually made 12,700 in 6 hours playing roulette only. I asked to withdraw most of it and my account was immediately blocked again for suspicious of using systems or computer aids to win money.

They say I breached their terms and conditions because:

  1. I use a system called even odd system to have an edge on the house- which is basically betting only on outside bets (only red black, even-odd or high low bets).
  2. Their terms and condition states that the user should play for recreational and entertainment only and non-professional play, and they said I played professional.
  1. [REMOVE]. If anyone here knows the rules of roulette, there is no such thing that you are not allowed to bet only outside bets. And for sure the edge will always be on the house side no matter what. This has a blog about roulette saying that there is no way of beating the roulette and that every spin of the ball has nothing with past result.
  2. How can u indicate if I play professional???

Roulette is not a game of knowledge, its game of pure luck, there is no way to predict the outcome of a spin, unless the wheel is fixed with computer controlling the wheel and magnets. Anyway if you win money it means you are professional.

In the end what happened is that they agreed to let me play again in their website saying that I didn’t use any computer aids but I did breach their terms by using “common system” to beat the roulette. They gave me 3000k as compensation for time and fair play.But they said to me that I have to bet also on numbers at the amount of at least 50% of my bets of more in order to be able to withdraw winnings.

This is so unfair I thought to myself. I never played numbers on roulette.

But I was so devastated and frustrated I decide to take those 3000 euro, also because I realized it’s probably the best I'll get out of them.

I decide to play their way, and after 2 days I actually won over 30000 euro, and thought to myself wow 30k is amazing.

Again when I asked to withdraw, my account was blocked and again under computing.

It’s been almost a week since they started to compute my bets.

I just got an answer from them blaming me for using bots and software to place bets because I placed them quick, I'm playing roulette many years I know the layout very good I used their re-bet button few times, and I clicked numbers very quick, they say its computer aids, I told them that I'm willing to send my computer for checkup…


Should I laugh or cry???

We gamblers usually lose money, some of us lose a lot, when we lose those online casinos take the money really quick no questions asked. But when you win money, it’s a nightmare.

Stay away from, [REMOVED].


For conclusion:


Read the casino review

6 Responses

User icon
June 15, 2015

Hi django1232 - welcome to!

Before I go any further, I've edited your complaint to remove all accusations. At this point we can't verify your claims and when we approach the casino this will only make it more difficult for us to discuss the issue.

The purpose of the complaints section of this site isn't to allow you to simply post up your experiences, it's intended to allow us to help you resolve your issue.

If you'd like us to speak to Global Live casino for you;

1) I need you to provide me with your username and email address at Global Live

2) I need you to understand that no fee will be charged for this. If you get money back, it's all yours to keep. It's a generous offer you make but not one we could accept.



User icon
June 21, 2015

hi, I just saw your ad now... user name: [EDIT] email address: [EDIT]

User icon
June 21, 2015

Hi django1232,

Thanks for getting back to me.

To answer your email - the information you've posted above is not currently public. Only you and our team currently have access to this thread. Once the complaint has reached its conclusion the thread will be published, but at that time all personal information will be edited out.



User icon
July 3, 2015

I've now had an extended conversation with Global Live casino regarding this issue. They've provided extensive evidence - that we've reviewed and confirmed - indicating that the player engaged in the use of 3rd party software during the playing sessions in question. This is a clear breach of terms and conditions. Specifically;

2.14 Any Player found to be using any form of computer aid in their betting (such as bots and other automated processes) will be banned play in the casino and their accounts blocked permanently. The Player should not play on the same game across multiple websites of the same live table feed at the same time, should not use computer aids, mathematical equations or betting systems to play. Using any combination of these will lead player account to be blocked and funds to be frozen. Global Live Casino will reserve right to notify authorities in all cases.

As their has been a clear breach of terms, this complaint will be closed and marked 'Found for the Casino'.


User icon
July 14, 2015

hi to all,

im really sorry, but what exactly are their evidence???

I have all my bets pictured, snapshots of my bets.

they say some b.s claims, you cannot have any evidence unless you checked my computer for software.

they claim I bet too quick...funny, because a normal human can click the mouse between 5-10 times a second.

their only evidence is saying that I clicked to fast.

they also claimed I used multiple tables same times, u can see on my screen shots that I rarely did it and not really same time.

I have all the proofs plus I suggested to send my hard drive for checkup.

if you would ask I would give you explanation how I bet and if you would let me know what their evidence are I would explain why its fake.

im sorry, but I don't think you have checked how their roulette game is, or, do u even know how to play this game???

if you do, you would immediately feel that there is something stinky here.

please contact me again so we can discuss this. im totally innocent, and there is a casino who is trying to go free from scamming an innocent player.


User icon
July 14, 2015

No django1232, you're not.

I pushed Global Live for a lot of evidence in support of this claim because I was very aware of that it is technically possible to click the mouse ~5 times in a second on the Global Live Roulette games.

I've reviewed large sections of your game history and am completely satisfied that this isn't a case of just placing bets quickly. The pattern's present would not be achievable without the use of a computer aide.

And no, I will not be publishing anything further - all that would serve to do is tell you how to improve your tool to avoid getting caught next time.

This issue is closed and no further comments on it will be approved.


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June 15, 2015

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