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Omni Casino - Spin result unknown


Resolved - Omni Casino have provided as much information as they can, and more recompense than they had to, for a spin that was terminated due to a technical error.

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Player's Complaint

On 26 april i was playing game wheels n reels 5 euro bet. At some point i hit free spin and chose 20 freespins with 7 multiplier. Animation stopped with some error on 4th spin. After i reopened game my balance had added 175 euro and i spinned another 5 euro. I thought game was finished 'in the shadows" it happened sometimes and the results were in game history. But after i opened game history there was no mentioned of the free spins 20x7 and balance in game history also was 170 euro less. Like that spin never happened. Support is unhelpful, after my initial complaint i logged and at some point unfinished game opened but it also ended in error 50.31, no additional free spin was played. I asked casino to request my game history from playtech, i want to see the results of that free spin, but they did not do anything. I finished now wagering of bonus (so that winnings did not burn because bonus had wagering time) and when bonus wagering was completed game history balance updated accordingly to actual casino balance, before wagering completed it always showed wrong amount - 170 euro less than casino balance. I'd like to receive the result of that spin from gaming provider.

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5 Responses

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May 8, 2021

Hi motorr - welcome to

To be clear - your balance was credited with €175 after the error, so we know how much you won from the free spins (it's common practice for some software providers - including Playtech - to simply conclude the round and credit the balance where a game round interruption occurred), so all you're looking for here is that we get the game history breakdown of the free spins?



User icon
May 8, 2021

"so all you're looking for here is that we get the game history breakdown of the free spins" - To be short, Yes, but it might be more complicated as support have not given me spin number or anything about it, they couldnt see it when i contacted them (after 10 minutes from the time it occured) well, i only saw 3 of the free spins, and its not in game history, also when omni casino tried to fix the problem ("Hope you are having a great day.

Our Technical Team has reviewed your game inquiry and kindly ask that you log back in and resume the game (GPAS) Wheels N Reels™ POP and complete it as our specialists advised that the issue has now been fixed.Also, please let us know if the problem still occurs so that we can review further and find another solution to this.We appreciate your patience as we seek to resolve this for you") free spins animation actually started again end again ended in error on same spin. This time error 50.31. I had problems with game interruption before, and every time spin result was there in casino history but not this time. Also when other free spins occured i found that each spin concluded separately (if i update casino page i can see balance before the animation end but it is not the balance after the whole free spins session). It might be that free spins session is opened and 175 is a win from first 3 free spins. Support just tells me to wait and its a spin from 26 april so i think its time to have this complaint solve in 3rd parties. But in short, yes, i want the breakdown of free spins sessions that not visible in game history, verifiable in some way.

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May 30, 2021

Hi motorr,

The operator informs us that they've reached out to you to address this issue. Can you confirm?



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June 4, 2021

This is what i received. Shortly speaking they claim they also dont know how free spins ended, so they added 350 euro to my account to make it to some sort of average of 20x7 5euro spins. I'd like to have your, thepogg, thoughts on this, and maybe add some comments to playtech software. What kind of malfunction is that and how often do they happen and maybe thats intentional malfunction to cover something? My first malfunction ever and now i have big trust issues with online casinos..

Thats is not what i expected and also does not resolve my paranoid thoughts - what if player hit too big win and that big win is then simply replaced with error and then it just never happened and replaced with average expected win? Maximum that i could win there is actually 5*10000*7= 350k euro at single spin! They also claim that a lot of time passed but i contacted them via chat and e-mail minutes after that error happened so it is casino fault . And i would like to see what playtech actually sent about the spin and game session. And it is not as simple and straightforward as after my first e-mail to omni they actually did something and i saw the interrupted free spins, i saw the animation it started from 4th spin and right after that error 50.31 happened, at that point in time free spins probably could be recovered, system remembered the state, that it was the 4th spin and started but interrupted with error again and not recovered from next game logins. And i also dont understand how results formed in free spins - every free spin is independent, so we know first 3 and last 17 didnt happened?, or results formed for all of the free spins simultaneously but the data just lost and can not be recovered?

Dear [EDIT],

Firstly, we wish to apologize to you directly. We are reviewing how and why you case went unresolved. While it was a strange and very rare issue, the matter should have been resolved back in April!

Secondly, this was a very difficult case. We had been in contact many times with Playtech's technical department to get a resolution on your spin. Unfortunately, as you noticed yourself, that when retrying to revive the game state, it was failing. This is extremely rare and we cannot recall the last time a game state was so damaged that we could not recover it.

What we have been able to discover is that you had a game failure at exactly:

Wheels N Reels™ POP game from 2021-04-26 13:59:28 GMT with total bets €5.00 and total winnings €175.00.

We have asked several times is there anyway we can get this game to revive and after several attempts, Playtech was unable to recover the game state. As such; what everyone does know is that there were winnings of €175.00. What you are correctly asking is "was there more?" And, it is a valid question.

The fact is - we cannot determine that.

As the game failed and cannot be recovered in any manner (including the actual spin results determining the 175.00 in winnings) we have no choice but to declare this spin: "Malfunctions voids all pays and plays" as noted in the game help files.

While the casino is formally ruling a "malfunctions voids all pays and plays", we are certainly not ruling that "all pays" be void.

Rather, we do know that €175.00 was declared by the system to have been won. AS YOURSELF, neither Playtech or Omni Casino can determine if this was the entire win or a portion of a win. And, if it is a portion, all gaming is 100% random and we have no guess as to what you 'could have' won (or not). Therefore, after consideration of all of the facts of this case, we hereby make the following determination and final conclusion.

1. You have been issued €175.00 winnings that are known to have resulted, (but did not credit to your account due to the game state failure).

2. While the casino cannot determine if this was the complete win amount or not, and noting the length of time to resolve this service matter, we have decided to match your known win amount of 175.00

In closing, Omni Casino has issued your account €350.00. These funds will appears as a 'bonus' when you log into your account. Simply accept the funds. To be clear, these funds are FREE AND CLEAR of any restrictions. They are not bound by and terms and can be withdrawn.

HOWEVER, please note that we also found that you have 50 free spins remaining for the game Storms of Ice. We recommend that you play those spins that you had accepted so that you can complete your wagering for the bonus that you accepted on April 26th as to fully close this matter.

Once again, while we cannot control the lost game state (rare), we do control our customer service and apologize for this lengthy delay in service.

This case is now considered completed and final.

Kind regards,

User icon
June 6, 2021

Hi motorr,

The operator was under no obligation to do anything for you in this instance. Casino operators do not take responsibility for, nor do they have any control over the outcomes of the games that they offer (i.e. they neither know what the outcome of any round will be nor can they change the outcome). That is why every casino operator carries terms detailing that any bets are void if a technical error occurs.

Omni Casino has tried to go beyond what they were required to do to address this situation.



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May 7, 2021

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