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Omni casino - Wants me to ship my notarized documents to the Phillipines!


Resolved - The player has successfully submitted Notarized ID to Omni casino and has now received their funds. We are disappointed that we didn't receive a response from Omni to this issue.

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Player's Complaint


I am a regular player at Omni Casino since the beginning of this year. I never encountered any issues, the support was nice and fast. They payments were also always reliable and fast.

Now they tell me my documents address doesn't match the Info I provided in my information, although its the correct one - not even a typo in there.

While I don't mind it too much to send them new documents for proof address, they asked me also for a notarized copy if my Personal Identification card, which I did.

I sent them the documents via mail, but unfortunately they request to send me the original Copy of my notariziation via express mail to the phillipines!!!

I am very concerned regarding this, because I don't want to send such high sensitive documents around half the world and especially not such a long distance to a 3rd world country.

This seems very unusual to me, that's why I wanted to reach out to you.

In addition, this will all be at my cost. The notarization did cost me a lot of time and money already, and express letter to the phillipines wont be cheap either...

I am highly unsatisfied how they start to treat me as a regular player, its like a 180 degree change.

Could you please clarify if this is a normal procedure?

I wouldn't mind to reach out the documents to you, since you are based in the UK and I trust your service more than them for now..

Please let me know what do you think about this and if you encountered such a thing before.

My username is [EDIT] and my registered email is [EDIT]

Kind regards,


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6 Responses

User icon
April 29, 2016

Hi creatinwalde - welcome to!

I'm afraid to say that this type of request isn't all that usual. If an operator has reason to believe that a player isn't the person named on the account, many will request Notarized ID. Unfortunately no amount of pressure from us would ever make an operator bypass what they feel is a legitimate security procedure.

Further to this, when the vast majority of Playtech casino operator makes this type of request the documents are always shipped to the central office in the Philippines. Even where they operator request the documents shipped to an office elsewhere, they are generally forwarded to the Philippines after this.

While we very much appreciate the faith you've shown in our service, I'm afraid that no operator would accept our assessment of documentation without reviewing it themselves and as such we would simply end up having to forward the documents on to the Philippines.

I appreciate the inconvenience this causes but the best advice I can give would be to comply with the request if you feel the amount of money at stake is significant and regardless of the results find a new operator to play with. As you're account's come under increased security observation, even if you do receive payment it's unlikely that you'll ever receive the promotional return that your play would receive elsewhere at Omni casino.


User icon
May 18, 2016

Hi creatinwalde,

I just wanted to follow up and see if you'd managed to submit your ID?



User icon
May 18, 2016


I send them the Documents a while ago, but didnt hear back from them yet.

Possibly the documents didnt even get there yet, so I keep just patient.

Thank you for hitting me up, I let you know once this is solved :)

User icon
May 20, 2016

Hi creatinwalde,

I'll contact Omni casino and see if we can at least confirm receipt of the documentation at this point.



User icon
June 6, 2016

Hi The Pogg Team,

It's been quite a while, but omnicasino finally received my documentes and a few days later they also Paid me with no more questions asked!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and patience you put into this. I am sure without your help it wouldn't be as easy as it was now.

Anyways, It's all solved and I cant necessarily say any bad thins about them, but probably will refrain from playing there in the future.

Thanks a lot again! I wish you a great start into the week! You guys are the best!

User icon
June 7, 2016

Hi creatinwalde,

That's great news and I'm glad to here this has been resolved for you!

All the best,


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April 29, 2016

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