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Redbet - Casino has decided for me


Resolved - An issue with which hand reached the server first has been resolved and the player is happy with the refund provided.

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Player's Complaint

-I stablished in good faith a responsible loss limit of 10.000 kr per day with RedBet

- I was today playing Live Blackjack, two hands, 4ks SEK per hand

- Redbet, or Evolution Gaming suddently in the middle of the action has decided to maintain second hand, instead of first hand (no action from my side), and I guess based on my losing limits that could be surpassed.

- It is very curious that has maintained the second bet, instead of the first.

- Second bet had worst cards than the theoretycall first bet. And have lost.

- So basically the casino has decided on behalf of me what to play. It is unacceptable from a player point of view. I'm sure it is not RedBet bad faith but a matter of responsible gaming configuration that needs to be tuned up.

- I want either all my beginning day balance to be restored (around 13.000 SEK), either my deposits to be reimbursed (as my position was a loss of around 7.000 SEK)

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6 Responses

User icon
March 5, 2018

Hi Crawfall - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what what we can find out for you, but I need to be clear from the start that it will only be the funds in the impacted round we would look to be reimbursed if a problem is found.



User icon
March 5, 2018

Of course!

I'm very happy with this casino. I think it is only a bug in the responsible gaming limits auto-actions.

Two hands were in play, 4.000 kr each.

One was retired automatically (first one), second remained in the table.

Basically only 8.000 kr are under discussion (2x 4.000 kr). The amount you comment.


User icon
March 6, 2018

Sorry, my message was a little bit confusing.

Two bets in place. 4ks kr each. First and Third slots of live blackjack table. Second slot is occupied by another player.

Just right before beginning the round, RebBet or Evolution Gaming (I guess Redbet as they are the ones that handle the responsible gaming, not Evolution), retires the first slot bet automatically and reimburses it to my balance. 1 second before begining!. Third slot bet remians active.

Second slot (other player) wins (not risking, with a safe hand) while third slot (me) loses (terrible hand)

So basically the open discussion is, summarized:

- 4ks kr wagered and lost

- Why the third slot is retired instead of the first one? The rationale is to retire the last bet, not the first, right?

- Why are not both bets retired or maintained? This is the key point as casino is deciding instead of you with this software decission making rules, and it is unpleasant.

In my opinion the cleanest resolution would be to be reimbursed 4ks kr (cash lost), althought the most fair one would be to be reimbursed 8ks kr, as I'm helping in the fix of a bug. If third slot would have been retired I would have won 8ks kr. 4ks kr can be seen as a show of good faith and a compensation for the incoinveniences caused.

Hope I made things more clear and less blurry! It is not an easy topic XD


User icon
March 7, 2018

Hi Crawfall,

I've spoken to Redbet about this issue. It is actually the Evolution system that managed this and having contacted Evolution retiring the first hand is their standard system procedure.

Effectively, as long as this is always the case, it does not disadvantage the player any. However I do appreciate how this system appears illogical and could be perceived as unfair. I am continuing to discuss this with the operator.



User icon
March 13, 2018

Hi, sorry for not having written an update here earlier.

Effectively, RedBet has acted in a very responsible manner. They have contacted their supplier (Evolution Gaming), and they have shown me the facts, not far away of what you have achieved.

Even you have been told you that the first slot exclusion is the usual procedure, I have been told that it was a matter of milisenconds time spent before the bet arrives to the table . Whether you have been told one story, and I have been told another, I think it is useless to discuss.

If there is a responsible gaming limit, and the player wagers a certain amount of bets using different slots (best example is a roulette), no matter how many amount of bets are in the table, ALL MUST be cancelled. It is a matter of basic rationality as otherwise it is a third party the one that is participating in the decission making of the betting process, which bets survive, which bets do not survive, that MUST be by force a basic right owned by the gambler. It's BASIC.

But not losing the track, what has hapened it is a matter of random and luck. I could have perfectly won the second slot, while losing the first. It has not been any bad faith, scam, or bad intention by both parties (Evolution and RedBet). It has been only a technical issue that I guess with time will be fixed.

Moreover, RedBet has compensated me with a goodwill gesture of 1.000 kr because of the inconveniences caused.

So accordingly I'm happy with the resolution, even with the 3.000 kr loss. I'm happy with RedBet, who has shown proffesionality, an excelent support, and have helped me attending direclty to the point. RedBet is one of the good ones.

Accordingly I would like to close this claim as resolved & closed in the best positive manner.

Many thanks for your always great management and efforts.

Kindly appreciate that.

User icon
March 14, 2018

Hi Crawfall,

The explanation you've given is the same as the one ultimately given to us. It is not always possible to control which of two signals will be processed first when they are passed along a chain of computers in the middle.

Regardless, I'm very happy to hear you are happy!


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March 5, 2018

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