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Redbet - game restrictions terms and conditions


Found for the Casino - by their own testimony player broke both the restricted game and maximum bet size rules for the bonus they accepted. As such, we never went as far as contacting Redbet. It's fine to feel that these rules are unfair, but if that's your opinion then you should not engage with casinos that use them.

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Player's Complaint

Hello, I'd like to report the baddest experience I've ever had in an online casino. I saw the 200€ (100%) welcome bonus, which it seems very appealing for me, before I make a deposit of the maximum amount I can receive it (200€ as well). Of course I want money mixed with the adrenaline of gambling, but I know the risks of the games I use to gamble. So I tried successfully to maximize my money, betting all my money in french roulette (400€ on the online french roulette and then 800€ on live french roulette). After this, I started to play slots, with 1600€ and completed the wager requirements they require, finishing with a total of 380 € (180€ profit). ONLY, when I tried to withdraw my fair winnings, they've contacted me, saying this:

"We can see that you played casino bonus money with bets more then 5 euros per spin (bets of €400)and on games like Roulette. Please be informed that this is against our casino bonus wagering rules which you can read in this link below:


- Gambling on Table Games, Poker Games and Video poker games does not count towards the bonus' wagering requirement. The only valid games are Classic Slots, Video Slots, Keno, Bingo, Golden Derby, Triple Wins, Cash Bomb, Zodiac, Tribble and Vault assault.

- Please observe that it is not allowed to use the bonus money to play on any Table Games, Poker Games, Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000 or Video Poker games. Bonuses may not be used on jackpot games.

- The maximum bet allowed when using a bonus (until wagering requirements are met) is €5 per spin.

As you have violated our casino bonus wagering terms and condition, your bonus winnings were removed and the initial deposit of 200 euros were reinstated. Please be informed that your are excluded from future bonuses in our casino.

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us again."

At first, I thought this was ironically funny. First of all, how these rules can be so non-sense and second, why do they let me gamble an amount of money, on a forbidden wagering game in the first place, to say AFTER, when I fairly made some profit, that they would have to refund only my deposit and retire all my winnings?! I'd love to see their behavior, If I'd lost my 200€ in the first bet on french roulette. Would they refund me as well, saying that it's not allowed to play on that game and claiming the some silly rule of " €5 per spin"?! OF COURSE NOT! I'd bet my right hand on it!

After this, I tried to get some better explanation on chat support. The lady was clearly confused about the rules of the casino SHE works and not talking about some rudeness, in her answers.



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1 Responses

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August 8, 2013

Hi rikycoen93 - thanks for getting in contact and I'm glad to see that your issues accessing your account have been resolved.

I'm going to start off by saying that I understand how you're feeling. Having previously had a win of over £4000 confiscated because I failed to take proper note of which games I was allowed to play with a bonus, I know how frustrating this experience can be.

However, you don't have any valid grounds for a complaint here.

Firstly I'd point out that far from being nonsensical as the original title to this complaint suggested, the terms are very clear and straightforward, there were certain games you weren't allowed to play and a maximum you were allowed to bet. Unlike spirit of the bonus terms that do not clearly define what you are and are not allowed to do, the rules in this situation were completely clear.

Secondly - and most significantly - you agreed to these terms before you played. Part of signing up to any online casino is agreeing to the rules of the casino - it's your responsibility to ensure that you know what the rules are and you follow them. This also covers the idea of them having to repay you because you broke the rules (i.e. had you lost rather than one on French Roulette) - the onus is on you to know the rules, if you choose not to familiarize yourself fully or choose to disregard them there's no go reason for any casino to repay you for failing in your responsibilities.

I do agree with you that it's frustrating that so many casino softwares fail to enforce game restrictions and maximum bet sizes automatically (so far as I'm aware only Pinnacle and Lucky 24/7 do this a standard at the present time and Pinnacle do not offer any bonuses), it would be a useful feature that would help protect players and is something I'm actively pushing for. However, game restrictions and bet limitation rules are commonplace in the online gambling industry with most venues having one or both of these type of rules in place. For anyone with any experience playing online it's highly unlikely that they won't come across these rules fairly quickly.

The bottom line here is that you were offered a bonus and that bonus was given conditionally on your agreement not to play certain games and not to bet more than €5 per round. If you feel these rules are unfair, you should not have accepted the bonus. As it is, you're no worse of than when you started as your deposit has been returned.

My advice would be to ensure you read the terms and conditions of any bonus you receive in the future fully before you play and if you're unsure of what certain rules mean, please feel free to pop onto the Live Chat service we offer or drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll be happy to try and help you.


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August 8, 2013

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