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Spin and Win - Reversal of winnings


Found for the Casino - The player claimed a no deposit free spin offer which came with a maximum allowed win. As such Spin and Win are within their rights to void the additional balance.

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Player's Complaint

I have a complaint about spinandwin the online casino. On receipt of an email I signed up to an offer on the website which stipulated I could have 30 complimentary spins with code DIAMOND 30 on 27/11/2016. It stipulated that the maximum free win which could be withdrawn from the spins would be £10. On winning £10 I lost the remaining complimentary spins which I understood as it would risk me winning more on that game.

I decided not to withdraw as there was nothing in the T&Cs about playing on other games. I therefore played on a variety of games and my winnings gradually increased. I decided to withdraw circa £3000 and whilst it was going through verification I decided to wager using real funds. After this I reversed my withdrawal and ultimately won and requested an amount of £4034. I requested this as the weekly limit is £3000 and customer services advised my request for £4034 had been accepted so I withdrew and left it at that as I wanted to make sure that it was genuine and therefore took this as confirmation.

As I believed I had won this amount I played with another £400 of my own funds to which I lost. On 01.12.16 on chat, [EDIT] told me that the £4034 had been reversed and forfeited on the basis that I should only have been allowed £10. As you can imagine, this came as a huge shock to me. I understand that from the original game could only withdraw £10. However there was nothing to say that this could not be used on other games as long as the wagering conditions were met (which they were). I find the whole situation misleading and suitably convenient for the vendor which has caused me stress and ultimately financial loss as a result of being misled in to the fact the system still allows you to play on and win and withdraw! It was only when it was passed to validation that this came about.

I beg you to please take my complaint seriously and prove that there needs to be more clarity for other players, particularly when promotions are offered and to pay me what I rightfully won from their games. I feel cheated that this could be allowed to happen and you are my last hope.

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3 Responses

User icon
December 5, 2016

Hi Bf67ze - welcome to!

I'm going to make some observations on this situation and I need you to correct me if I'm wrong.

You accepted a No Deposit Bonus of 30 free spins. This bonus has a maximum win amount of £10. When you'd won £10 you discontinued the free spins as you couldn't win any more. You went on to play other games.

There are several problems if the above is accurate.

Firstly, by not completing the free spins you've left this promotion open. Any restrictions would automatically remain in place going forward.

Secondly, I'd hazard a guess that it's unlikely that you ended on exactly £10. If your total was even 1p over this amount, when you went on to play other games you were playing with void funds.

Thirdly,when you discontinued play you were not immediately entitled to the £10. This wasn't your money, it was still bonus funds. As with the majority of casinos free spins at Spin and Win carry a wagering requirement on any winnings. Having had a quick look at their site it appears to be 25x the win amount. While completing the wagering requirement the maximum win limit still applies.

Finally, assuming that you completed the wagering requirement and continued playing without any other breaches of terms if your balance dropped by more than £10 from the total at the completion of the wagering requirement at ANY point then you've been playing with funds that are void and as such the winnings would be void.

If you could provide feedback on the above I'd appreciate it.



User icon
December 7, 2016

Hi Bf67ze,

I'm posting the email you send through below:


Thanks for your reply. I apologise for my ignorance as I am not clued up about how this all works. What I do know for sure is that when I was playing the game with the free spins I started with 30. By about spin 24 I had accumulated exactly £10. I know this sounds odd but that's when I noticed the remaining spins default to zero and it kicked me out of the bonus mode as I could have won more. That's when I decided to use the £10 to play on the other games as I realised the free spins were over and I had won the maximum amount of £10. I did not realise that playing on would allow such an accumulation of winnings as I appreciate how lucky I was to get it up to £4034. However that's where I am confused as I did not continue the bonus game or withdraw fund. A representative told me I could have taken £5. Not sure how that works but it's really stressed me out as it was not clear to me as I don't see any logic in playing for a £10 win to then have to wager much more to even withdraw it. £4034 taken away just like that. What annoys me more is that I asked to withdraw £4034 as the limit is £3000 and got a reply saying it had been accepted. This is why I then funded another £400 which granted I lost. I hope this clarifies things for you and I really appreciate your time and effort.


In response, different operators have different policies regarding how free spins are managed. Most simply allow you to play all of the free spins but will only allow you to withdraw a pre-defined amount. Spin and Win clearly deviate as they terminate the free spins as soon as you reach the win limit. However, in the vast majority of cases there will still be a wagering requirement associated with the free spins. In this case that would be 25x£10 = £250.

As long as you were playing with winnings that were derived from those free spins I'm afraid that the maximum win of £10 would apply. Your deposit could complicate things, but I assume that came after you'd placed a withdrawal in which case you were only playing with your deposited funds and the void free spin winnings wouldn't have any bearing on that play.

Finally, I understand your frustration with the 'acceptance' email, this will be an automated response and is a practice that most operators engage in. It simply tells you that the withdrawal is being processed. At that point it still has to be reviewed to ensure compliance with terms and conditions and security verification checks.

If the above is incorrect and the deposit was made before the point of your withdrawal please let me know.



User icon
December 12, 2016

Hi Bf67ze,

To clarify the situation - you withdrew the £3k, deposited £400, lost that, then reversed the £3k withdrawal. Even if you had a few pennies left of deposited funds at the point of your withdrawal reversal, your balance was still essentially entirely made up of the winnings associated with your No Deposit Free Spins Bonus. As such it would still be subject to the Free Spin rules.



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December 5, 2016

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