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William Hill - complaint


Declined - This complainant has already initiated a complaint with William Hill's appointed ADR. As such we feel they are the correct body to review this issue.

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Player's Complaint

Dear Sir,

I am writing to make a formal complaint against William Hill online casino as listed below.

1/Misleading advertising promotions- logging online to what was my William hill account advertising promotion offers were showing. For example if I was to deposit £50 WH would match it (£100) If I won £100 WH would only let me withdraw below the £50 I had deposited in the first place even if following the terms and conditions. This was confusing and frustrating. When first raising the concerns a supervisor named [EDIT] informed me I was only entitled to 10-15per cent of deposit bonus. Therefore overall I am confused to why WH would show me such promotion adverts if I wasn't entitled to them.

2/Terms and conditions- confusing and unhelpful. Trying to get support from WH customers service I have better progress by banging my head against a brick wall.

3/Defamation of character-William hill supervisor [EDIT] because I made a complaint instead of being helpful and attempting to resolve my complaint as stated in a complaint procedure accused me of having a gambling problem. (Which I don't) I was offended insulted and distressed by such remark as a free card out of dealing with my complaint. If somebody had a glass of wine then fell down injured that does not make them a alcoholic or someone with drink problem.

4/William hill supervisor [EDIT] then ended the communication she had suspended my account because of my gambling problem (that I don't have) therefore I am wondering what exactly WH complaint procedure is if they are responding to every complaint with you have a gambling problem and we closed your account (by the way we have your money).

5/Not taking complaints seriously-I try raising the complaint again this time a supervisor [EDIT] responded again making a serious allegation that I have a gambling problem (I don't) and fobs me off by saying if I'm remain unhappy to contact [email protected].

6/William hill employees contacting customers at approx 3am with unhelpful information and disturbing customers and their relatives when sleeping. Although I made WH fully aware it was a email (chimes) that woke us a executive relations manager responded with not being able to find any outbound call by WH at that time.

7/conning and scamming- I strongly believe William hill have conned and scammed money from me under the grounds of unfair gaming protocols.

8/Dishonest-I strongly believe the reason WH have suspended closed my account to cover up and prevent me from taking my complaint further.

9/Online reviews-there are endless recent reviews about WH online from strangers that are negative and some complaints I can relate to from my own experience with William hill.

10/William hill employees- I have not as of yet had communication with a WH employee that hasn't not been rude, offensive, insulting or unhelpful. Which every time caused me further distress.

11/There is online a recent report from ASA and watchdog about William hill conning/scamming customers with false misleading promotion advertising.

12/William hill have distressed me so much it's beginning to make me both physically and emotionally unwell. I can't sleep, eat or relax because of WH.

13/ there are no options available for customers to opt out of WH promotions so not to fall into the trap of being conned and scammed.

14/William online site-sometimes the site won't connect.

15/ID checks-i am 32 and was born in December 1983. Playing William games online I can't see William hill employees and they can't see me. Not once have WH done a ID check on me. They have my bank card but my niece had her own bank card at the age of 14. Anybody can tick the I am 18 box. I am concerned by William hill security procedures. Not in this instance but another time it could end up easily being a child.

16/on occasions I have logged into my William hill account and swear money I had deposited was less.

17/During playing William hills games online the site would freeze to the point where unable to finish the game and whichever device I was using at the time whether mobile, computer, kindle I would have to turn the device off and on again. Then when logging back on to WH site found that William hill had still charged me for that game.

18/I joined William hill for abit of fun while I'm recovering from a operation. Saying I had a bad experience with William hill is putting it lightly. My experience with WH was hell.

19/second_opinion at William hill-firstly I had a unhelpful response from a executive relations manager called [EDIT].

20/ I have informed WH that if my complaint isn't resolved I will take legal action and considering the option of reporting the matter of my own money disappearing to the police.

21/Distress caused by [EDIT] - "I have reviewed your emails and whilst I can see that your upset, I am struggling to understand your actual complaint it seems your just generally unhappy" UNHELPFUL response which caused me further distress.

22/Distress caused by [EDIT] - "if you can advise me of your complaint and where William hill have acted incorrectly in handling your account" I WAS Frustrated because I already had raised the complaint numerous times before.

23/Distress caused by [EDIT] -"Unless we receive this information we will not be able to assist you with resolving your complaint" AGAIN I was frustrated I kept having to repeat my complaint and couldn't provide WH with any evidence because supervisor [EDIT] had suspended/closed my account instead of taking my complaint seriously.

24/email received by [EDIT] in order to cause me even more distress-"I am sorry you remain unhappy with our response as previously stated you have not been able to provide us with time whereby you were mislead (think [EDIT] meant misled) we will not be able to help you" WH have trapped in raising a complaint by closing my account down and employees unhelpful as usual.

25/. 11/11/2016 [EDIT] still causing me distress-"following a review of your account the decision has been made to cease trading with you unless we specifically inform you in writing William hill plc are not prepared to operate any betting facilities with you" I was absolutely mortified they have taken via con and scam my money from me then attempting to get rid of me for making a valid complaint.

26/Distress caused by [EDIT] -"This (above) would also apply to the account in someone else's name used on your behalf" Again I was offended being implied fraud. I never had or ever would fraud. I am a law abiding citizen who is police checked CRB for work.

27/ Distress caused by [EDIT] - "Any balance that remains has now been withdrawn back to your registered payment method" this hasn't and I've already checked with my bank.

28/after that disgraceful letter from [EDIT] received a email from William hill-11/11/2016 18:03pm. Advert -20 complimentary spins

29/ I've asked via email WH how much they are refunding me but they are now ignoring me. If possible I would like this matter to be resolved please. I am absolutely disgusted with how William hill have treated me. I would appreciate it if you could please help me to get the matter resolved. Thanks for your time.


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1 Responses

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November 15, 2016

Hi angel66622 - welcome to!

Having looked through your various communications to this site, I can see that you've already submitted your complaint to IBAS. William Hill are non-responsive to complaints to submitted to this site and IBAS are William Hill's UKGC appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution service. They are the appropriate body to submit your complaint to.

As we're also an ADR service, though not the service appointed for William Hill, it would be inappropriate for us to investigate a complaint that is being reviewed by the appointed ADR.

I'm sorry we can't be of more help.


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November 15, 2016

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