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William Hill - Mislead conned and misinformed


Declined - While we can understand the player's frustration, this issue is highly likely to resolve itself without our intervention.

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Player's Complaint

I had some time this evening and had 10 pound to spare so looked for a good bonus and fancied some bingo and slots. So I searched and found an offer at William hill which was spend 10 pound on bingo and receive 20 pound all slot bonus and 30 pound bingo bonus... so before I deposited I called to clarify and was told to spend the full 10 pound on bingo only and stay and side games are not included. Being eager to play tonight I asked if the bonus was immediate as I want to play tonight they said yes so I was happy with that as I wanted the bonus tonight (busy weekend) however this is not the case the bonus was not credited and when I called they told me to use chat... upon using chat I was told I now need to wait 24-48 hours as it was a technical error what was most alarming is they refuse to send a transcript and when asked if the technical team was open refused to answer repeatedly.... now this isn't good no technical support at night also they do not have the ability to communicate with each internally so if they are large sums at stake this is a major I was annoyed which probably show but I was told they couldn't provide a transcript due to data protection which is rubbish I feel I was conned into depositing with false information had the bonus not been instant I'd have gone elsewhere. I was a fan of William hill until now I've deposit a fair bit on all section ls games/vegas/casino etc I have copied and pasted the transcript please as they would not email it to me.

[CASINO REP]: Hi, you’re

speaking to [CASINO REP] How may I help you?



[PLAYER]: I called earlier today to discuss the welcome offer

[CASINO REP]: I see. May I ask if this is for Sports, Gaming or Bingo?

[PLAYER]: They told me to spend 10 pound on bingo and do not use side games and the 20 all games bonus and 30 bingo bonus will be added pretty much instantly once it's spent I have done this and no bonus as yet

[PLAYER]: Bingo

[CASINO REP]: I see. For us to assist you further I will have to transfer you to our Bingo Team. Please hold while I do so

joseph Nield: Thank you

[CASINO REP] has disconnected.

[CASINO REP 2]: Hi, you’re speaking to [CASINO REP 2]. How may I help you?


[CASINO REP 2]: Hi there.

[PLAYER]: I called ealien today before depositing to ask about the bingo welcome bonus

[PLAYER]: As in spend ten and receive 20 all games bonus and 30 bingo only bonus

[CASINO REP 2]: I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this.

[CASINO REP 2]: In compliance with our standard procedures, I will need to verify some information for security purposes. Can you please verify the following information: • Username • Date of Birth • Email Address

[PLAYER]: He said spend 10 pound on bingo no side games and it will be added pretry much instantly




[CASINO REP 2]: Thank you for that information.

[CASINO REP 2]: Please give me a few minutes to check this.

[PLAYER]: I checked this before depositing as I didn't want to wait till next day for bonus

[PLAYER]: Thank you

[CASINO REP 2]: Thank you for patiently waiting


[CASINO REP 2]: Upon checking here, you were able to stake the require £10 on Bingo Tickets.


[CASINO REP 2]: Unfortunately, the New Player bonus promotion was not automatically registered in your account.

[CASINO REP 2]: No worries. I have forwarded it to our relevant team and have this checked to see if we can manually add your bonus.

[PLAYER]: Thank you

[CASINO REP 2]: Please wait for an update regarding this within 24-48 hours.

[CASINO REP 2]: No worries [PLAYER.

[CASINO REP 2]: Aside from this, will there be anything else I can assist you with?

[PLAYER]: I'm not being funny but this is why I called 1st I did not want to wait 24 hours I feared this would happen hens the reason I asked the advisor is it ibstant he said yea

[CASINO REP 2]: Yes, it was supposed to be instant.

[PLAYER]: I wouldn't have deposited I'd have chose something I didn't have to wait for

[PLAYER]: This seems to happen with most promotions

[CASINO REP 2]: Once you have registered your Bingo Chat name and staked £10 on bingo tickets, the bonus should automatically be added to your account.

[PLAYER]: I know that's why I choose to deposit

[CASINO REP 2]: Yes, I apologise, since there might have been a technical issue regarding this.

[PLAYER]: If that was not the case I wouldn't have I feel misled this was mentioned to be my entertainment for the evening hence I called 1st to make sure this would not happen so can you add it now please

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise, but I do not have the facility to manually add the bonus to your account.

[PLAYER]: Or call the department or are going to tell me there closed

[CASINO REP 2]: I have already forwarded it to the relevant team so they can check this for you Joseph.

joseph Nield: Nothing you can do like it or lump it

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise if you feel that way. Rest assure that once they have checked it, they can add the bonus to your account

[PLAYER]: When will it be tonight or have I made the wrong choice in thinking by calling 1st and ensuring I was picking the right bonus

[CASINO REP 2]: Rest assure that it will be within 24-48 hours. [PLAYER]: Because I didn't want the bonus tomorrow or Sunday I have time tonight !! I wanted to play tonight you happy to take my money tonight

[CASINO REP 2]: I'm sorry if you feel that way Joseph.

[PLAYER]: Can you not call the department

[CASINO REP 2]: But I do not have the facility to manually add the bonus to your account.

[CASINO REP 2]: We'll just have to wait for the relevant team to check your account and add the bonus for you.

[PLAYER]: So why can't you call the department do you not communicate with other departments via phone

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise [PLAYER], we are unable to do so.


[CASINO REP 2]: I have already forwarded your concern to the relevant team and we'll just have to wait for the update regarding this.

[PLAYER]: Are they closed ?

[CASINO REP 2]: They are also checking other concerns that is why we'll need to wait for this.

[PLAYER]: What concerns?

[CASINO REP 2]: Concerns of other players. Rest assure that you will be notified once it is done.

[CASINO REP 2]: Aside from this, will there be anything else I can assist you with?

[PLAYER]: Can you send me this transcript via email please also justhe to clarify the department is not closed ?

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise, but I cannot provide you with a transcript of this chat.

[CASINO REP 2]: However, I can provide you with a reference number of this chat which is 170603-003144

[PLAYER]: It is illigal not to have to facility to send a transcript it is my right under the rules of a sunset access request

[PLAYER]: Subject access request

[CASINO REP 2]: You still have access to the transcript of this chat which can be checked with the reference number that I have provided.

[CASINO REP 2]: With this said, will there be anything else I can assist you with?

[PLAYER]: It's OK I have capied it I think the UK gambling commission should no you don't provide customers with a copys of transcripts incase of disputes I will also be reporting this and pasting it to gamblers aware

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise, if you feel that way. No worries, if you wish to dispute, you can provide the reference number that I have given.

[PLAYER]: A reference number doesn't give me a copy does it so what use is this to me so you guys can see the chat what if a need it for a third party

[CASINO REP 2]: We can have that checked first with our relevant teams and will provide a copy after checking.

[PLAYER]: It can be edited or lost you do realise this breaks the the UK gambling commission's rules

[CASINO REP 2]: I apologise, but I cannot provide such information on my end. I can only provide you with the reference number of the said chat or communication.

[PLAYER]: Why does it need checking I should be able to receive it with out it being vetted

[CASINO REP 2]: Please be advised that we are under the Date Protection Act.

[CASINO REP 2]: *Data Protection Act.

[CASINO REP 2]: Are we still connected?

[PLAYER]: Data protection act only come into it when providing a third party with information Im in financial service I can go through the data protection act word for word and as it stand the data is between you and me meaning the data in turn belongs to me

[CASINO REP 2]: No worries. I'll forward your request to the relevant team to have this checked.

[CASINO REP 2]: Aside from this, will there be anything else I can assist you with?

[PLAYER]: Be careful of any other statements because you are misinformed and by telling me your not allowed to give me a trancript you have broken the laws and a lot of the other infringments

[PLAYER]: No I want want I was told I would get minute before depositing

[CASINO REP 2]: Thank you for contacting William Hill. Please contact our Online Support team again if you need help. We are here 24/7.

[CASINO REP 2] has disconnected.

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1 Responses

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June 7, 2017

Hi Ksjnforever - welcome to!

I'm not really sure what you're looking for us to do about this issue. Unfortunately tehcnical issues happen from time to time and while I appreciate that you were frustrated you didn't get your bonus immediately, it's highly likely that this issue will be resolved without our intervention.

With regard to the failure to provide you with a copy of your chat transcript, while the Live Chat operator is wrong and this type of communication is not protected by the Data Protection Act in the way they were inferring, neither is there any legal requirement for the operator to provide this information to you short of a freedom of information request, especially given that you can take a copy for yourself by copying and pasting or taking screen captures.



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June 7, 2017

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