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William Hill - please help me


Found for the Player - As is standard for the William Hill group they have refused to discuss this complaint with our service. As such there's nothing we can do to help.

Read our William Hill Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

o here is my story, I'm not gonna sugar coat it. this is exactly what happened and u guys be the judge and tell me if these are credible. Here it goes, SO I had won a little over 3 k on slots and went for the withdrawl, so I went to the rep and the rep told me the withdrawal wouldn't work since I had a 1 cent poker bonus ticket, however, the rep then told me its not a problem since I hadn't won anything from those poker tickets(upon sign up ur given like 10 dollars in poker ticket?) neways, so I said ok cool. 1 minute later the rep then tells me to log off and log back on ( I had no clue why they would tell me that? but now I understand) so I logged off and logged back, only to be greeted by another rep which then tells me that I cannot remove the bonus and that I had to wager..they told me if I remove the 1 cent poker ticket then all my winnings on slots would be lost. I thought this was odd but if those are the rules then I have no choice right? so long story short, I ended up wagering since I guess that's what I was required to do? I pretty much lost it all and was down to like 68 bucks. I was so angry and confused that I decided, lets try to ask the rep and see if would remove my bonus ticket now. guess what? without hestitation it was removed, ALSO, the winnings were STILL THERE..thats when I found out that I had been conned by these scam artist. till this date( happened around summer time) I have been going on the chats and through emails talking to these reps and these fake supervisors and I learned that they are all friends and lie for eachother, but let me show u guys how these people work and how they run around and pretend like they don't know what ur talking about. I saved a lot of these chat logs to prove to u guys that they contradict themselves and like to lie. please if u guys can raise awareness and spread the word around about this. I guess they tried to pull a quick one on me thinking I was a kid with down syndrome or something. I came to conclude that there is nothing else I can do but to let people know, so please guys spread this message around social media for me. we need to take action on dirty casinos like this one. anyways, let me show u guys a piece of these jokers so u guys understand what I mean...oh, i will be blurring out the cursing, i had to be rude because these people keep playing games, anyways the first chat is with rep [REMOVE]Allyssa[REMOVE]. oh and I forgot to tell u guys that, I learned that I could actually remove the poker ticket since I made no profit from it January 7, 2:18 AMHi, you’re speaking to [EDIT]. How may I help you? January 7, 2:18 Amu dirty lying slimeballs January 7, 2:18 AMthis is [EDIT] January 7, 2:18 AMim here t o sayscrew u and screw your casino January 7, 2:19 AMi will get my revenge January 7, 2:20 AMu guys need to pay out whats fair January 7, 2:20 Amu dirty slime balls January 7, 2:20 AMdont be telling players lies...ur breeching ur own rules..u think u will get away with that January 7, 2:20 Amu guys are con artists January 7, 2:21 AMPlease refrain using those words. January 7, 2:21 AMI’ll be glad to check. But first, can I have your username? January 7, 2:21 AMto the one that ownes this site and didnt wanna do nothing about my querie January 7, 2:21 AMtell that guy should be ashamed of himself January 7, 2:22 AMi been givign my username January 7, 2:22 AMthis is your last waring. January 7, 2:22 AMwhats the point? January 7, 2:22 AMWarning* January 7, 2:22 AMu guys dont do nothing anyway so it dont matter January 7, 2:22 AMCan I have also your date of birth and security answer ()? January 7, 2:22 AMMy first school January 7, 2:22 AMill b on this site 25/7 talkin to u all January 7, 2:22 AM[EDIT] January 7, 2:22 AM********** January 7, 2:23 AMThanks January 7, 2:23 AMHow may I help you? January 7, 2:24 AMu cant and u wont January 7, 2:24 AM[EDIT], are we still connected? January 7, 2:24 AMim here to help u guys though January 7, 2:24 AMim gonna fla this casino liek crazy January 7, 2:24 AMSorry to hear that. January 7, 2:25 AMsummmer time i played and won 3 k January 7, 2:25 AMMay I ask what section in our site? January 7, 2:25 AMi tried to cash out and these slimeballs told me i had to wager since i had a 1 cent poker ticket in my account January 7, 2:25 AMslots January 7, 2:26 AMso then i found out i didnt have to wager since i didnt win nothing from the poker ticket January 7, 2:26 AMur sleezeball reps addmitted the mistake but didnt wanna fix things January 7, 2:27 AMu guys gererate so much revenue, yet u dont want to fix a problem with a costumer since it was ur fault? January 7, 2:27 AMim gonna get u guys for this January 7, 2:27 AMall promotion or games is depend in the rules or in the terms and conditions. January 7, 2:28 AMyes i know that January 7, 2:28 AMi just told u January 7, 2:28 AMi didnt have to wager and william hill rep addmited it was a mistake on their behalf January 7, 2:28 AMso if its a mistake on ur behalf should u fix it since i wanted to withdrawl in the first place? January 7, 2:29 AMi ended up losing cuz of this sleezeball rep lying telling me something i didnt have to do January 7, 2:29 AMAND THEY ADMITTED IT January 7, 2:29 AMI have checked your previous contacts with us and it was already been discussed to you many times that you failed to cashout your funds due to active wagering requirement on Poker. The terms and how you can complete this was explained to you. However you have lost your funds from continuous play. January 7, 2:29 AMlol January 7, 2:30 AMok tell me January 7, 2:30 AMwhat was the wager requirements? January 7, 2:31 AMFew minutes please. January 7, 2:31 AMhahahah January 7, 2:32 AMyes go and think hard with ur deceptive team and make sure u come correct January 7, 2:33 AMThanks January 7, 2:33 AMmake sure u explian to me what i had to wager exacvtly and why January 7, 2:34 AMThanks for waiting. January 7, 2:34 AMApologise but the wagering requirements is already cancelled. January 7, 2:34 AMuhhh January 7, 2:34 AMu can still explian to me at the time January 7, 2:34 AMSorry for that. January 7, 2:35 AMwhy i was told to wager and what i was wagering for January 7, 2:35 AMgo on lets hear it January 7, 2:35 AMI'm really sorry for that. January 7, 2:35 AMLMAO January 7, 2:35 AMsorry for what? January 7, 2:36 AMu just said how it was explained to me that i failed to wager January 7, 2:36 AMFor confusion. January 7, 2:36 AMrofl January 7, 2:36 AMu see what i mean January 7, 2:36 AMPlease refrain from using profanity here on live chat, [EDIT]. January 7, 2:36 AMu guys admit it was ur fault January 7, 2:36 AMwhy r u telling me it was explained to me and now u know January 7, 2:37 AMu guys know it ws ur fault for lying to me when i tried to cash out January 7, 2:37 AMso why doesnt ur manager fix this problem? like a real casino? January 7, 2:38 AMIt was already been discussed to you many times that you failed to cashout your funds.The terms and how you can complete this was explained to you. However you have lost your funds from continuous play. January 7, 2:38 AMthx for the evidence too...this is gonna be sweet January 7, 2:38 AMso wat r u apologizing for? January 7, 2:38 AMwhat was explained to me? January 7, 2:39 AMFor providing you an incorretcinformation. January 7, 2:39 AMcan u explain it now to me January 7, 2:39 AMIncorrect information* January 7, 2:39 AM Is there anything else I can assist you with? January 7, 2:39 AMlol? January 7, 2:39 AMu jus said i failed to cash out January 7, 2:39 AMand then u told me u provided false information January 7, 2:39 AMlol? January 7, 2:40 AMIt regards to the wagering requirements. January 7, 2:40 AMso did i fail to cash out or wager or did u guys fail to provide correct information? which one is it? January 7, 2:40 AMTo fail to cash out however, you have lost your funds from continuous play. January 7, 2:40 AMyea so kindly please tell me at the time i wanted to cash out why was i told to wager on for which bonus?? January 7, 2:41 AMyea and do u know why i lost my funds from continous play? January 7, 2:41 AMu do know why right? January 7, 2:41 AMSorry for that but please note if you have a promotion, read the terms and condition for confusion. January 7, 2:41 AMlisten, i know terms and rules January 7, 2:41 AMi tried to make the withdrawl January 7, 2:42 AMwhy r u guys lying telling me i cant cash out? January 7, 2:42 AMUpon checking that you don't have enough balance to withdraw. January 7, 2:42 AMOBVIOUSLY January 7, 2:42 AMdo u know why? January 7, 2:42 AMi was lied to so i thought i had to playwhen i didnt January 7, 2:42 AMbut its clear u can see that i tried to withdrawl on ur record January 7, 2:43 AMand ur telling me its my fault? r u serious? January 7, 2:43 AMu guys can make ur lame excuse if i actauly kept playing without trying to WITHDRAWL January 7, 2:43 AMbut on record you can see that a withdrawl was made yea? January 7, 2:44 AMSorry for the confusion. January 7, 2:44 AMso dont use those fairy tale tactics on me January 7, 2:44 AMYes we can check it in our end. January 7, 2:44 AMoh u guys will be sorry alrite January 7, 2:44 AMOkay.

k so thats the first one, u guys notice how they admittied they made a mistake by giving my false info? neway lets go to number 2 where [EDIT] from managment emails me,

[EDIT] - 07/01/2018 10:53 PM

Hello [EDIT],

I'm from the management team and am contacting you in relation to your Poker bonus concern.

I've familiarised myself with your case and have reviewed it.

I see that you claimed our Welcome Poker bonus back in August of last year. You came to us on chat to ask how you could withdraw your winnings and at this point you were advised that you needed to complete the wagering requirement of the bonus before this could be allowed as per the promotion's terms and conditions.

At the time you had to generate 85 WH Points to complete this wagering. However, it seems during the process you depleted your pending winnings and then asked for your bonus to be cancelled.

The advisor you spoke to did comply with your request and advised you that by doing so the bonus won't be possible to be re-added and that any pending winnings would be lost. Since you didn't have any pending winnings at the time, nothing was cut when you confirmed for the bonus to be cancelled.

As such, even if you had contacted us earlier to cancel the bonus while you had pending winnings in it, they would've been cut as per the terms.

I'm really sorry to find out that you're unhappy with the explanations we've provided regarding this so far and I apologise if we've caused you any inconvenience.

However, from what I can tell, the promo terms were upheld and we did advise correctly about the bonus cancellation.

That being said, if you want to take this further, please contact our Executive Management Team @ [EDIT]

They will be able to review this case for you as well and advise accordingly.

Please just make sure that you do not include any chat or email reference numbers in the subject line of the email - otherwise it may not reach the intended recipients.

If you need more help feel free to get in touch once again.

We're available 24/7 on Live Chat, phone (for the UK: 0800 085 6296 - landline and mobile) or email.


William Hill

I'm gonna show u guys some proof of this [EDIT] guys quote and explain to u something fishy and u can see for yourselves....

"The advisor you spoke to did comply with your request and advised you that by doing so the bonus won't be possible to be re-added and that any pending winnings would be lost. Since you didn't have any pending winnings at the time, nothing was cut when you confirmed for the bonus to be cancelled."

do u guys see the funny lies this guy is trying to cover? since I didn't have any pending winnings at the time??? u guys notice in my story I explained how I had about 68 dollars and asked for the bonus to be removed, which they did without hesitation? now this Robert guy is telling me I had 0 dollars and that's why they removed it? ladies and gentlemen, would it make any sense for me to ask them to remove my 1 cent poker ticket with 0 winnings? wouldnt that beat the purpose of me asking for the bonus ticket to be removed so I can cash out the 3k i won from slots ? WOULDNTt that beat the purpose of me coming to askgamblers and writing my review about not being able to cash out because of this 1 cent poker ticket? can you guys smell BS here? if you guys read it carefuly, you can see that [EDIT] is trying to pretend that, me trying to cash out the first time didn't happen( remember when I said the rep told me to logg off and log back on? ( they did it because I wouldn't have any chat log history or proof confirming that the rep told me I was able to remove that bonus since I won nothing from it) This means that I'm not the first one they did this to, because it shows they have planned to do sneaky schemes like this. I would also like to point out that I am very aware of bonuses and terms, being that I have been gambling online for the passed 3 years almost everyday and I am diamond status at a few casinos, so don't think that maybe I don't know the bonus rules and terms and how they work( each sites have its own familiar bonuses and terms) it would make no sense for me to come on here and waste my time, neways, besides these 2 reps contradicting one another, can u see the BS in [EDIT] lie? think about it guys, either I just made this whole story up for no reason at all and wasted my time for countless hours, or you can see some real, [EDIT], u guys decide...AND if u guys want, I will go to my most played at casinos and I will ask those reps to come here and vouch for me and let u guys know that I have never ever tried to pull any of these moves so I can get a freebie. please let me know I am 1000 pct serious so u can see if I ever pull this type of nonsense neways thanks for ur time, people. I Hope my message gets across. please forward this when u have time. cheers.


If u guys been reading it all, i know what ur thinking,,,WHAT? trust me, this is why i realize i wont get nothing ...can u guys see the contradictions? [EDIT] admitted fault while [EDIT] told me i wad advised correctly..u could see that i guess they are trying to play it off and trying to strick to one story, neways u guessed it, this [EDIT] guy doesnt even reply to me when i asked him to show me in the terms about me wagering for a poker ticket i won nothing from..i wasnt surprised they wouldnt email back though but here let me show u how i finaly got a hold of this little sneaky supervisor named [EDIT]....

thanks for patiently waiting.

January 8, 2:21 AMits funny tho because when i tried to withdrawl, rep told me they can remove the poker ticket since i made nothing from poker, but 2 minutes later one of u supervisors told him to tell me i couldnt? something very funny about that January 8, 2:21 AMI checked the chats and the email and I can confirm that what [EDIT] discussed was correct. January 8, 2:21 AMand u know whats even more funny? u guys actualy remove the poker ticket for me when i was down to 65 bucks..why? January 8, 2:21 AMThis was also explained to you on your previous contacts about your withdrawal attempt. January 8, 2:22 AMok so explain to me what was lucy talking about when she told me i was given the wrong information? January 8, 2:22 AMI'll be dealing with the incident with [EDIT] to identify how that information was provided. January 8, 2:23 AMu guys removed the bonus when i had 65 dollars left January 8, 2:23 AMand i still had my money January 8, 2:23 AMIn any case, you already lost all your funds with your own decision to continue playing with the funds. January 8, 2:23 AMobviously thats a lie January 8, 2:24 AMyea? so because i had a 1 cent poker ticket that i won nothing from, i cant remove it or i lose my winnings correct? January 8, 2:24 AMis that right? January 8, 2:24 AMWe've also advised you that should you wish to take this matter further, you can contact our Second Opinion Team at [EDIT] January 8, 2:24 AMur the supervisor, answer the question January 8, 2:25 AMis it right that i cant remove the ticket or my winnings or gone? January 8, 2:25 AMyes or no January 8, 2:26 AMwhats wrong? u dont wanna get into detail? January 8, 2:28 AMIf you have accepted any of our bonuses, whether it be the Casino side game bonuses or the CGT tickets, you will need to complete a certain amount of wagering before you can withdraw. January 8, 2:28 AMYou won't be able to get your winnings unless this is complied. January 8, 2:28 AMyea? ok show me where in ur terms it says that January 8, 2:28 AMNow, if you wish to remove those active bonuses, you will lose whatever winnings you earned from those. January 8, 2:28 AMyea yea..please show me in ur terms and ill accept it January 8, 2:29 AMThe details of our promotions terms can be checked here: January 8, 2:32 AMSince I've not heard back from you, I'll close the chat session. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you. January 8, 2:32 AMSupervisor [EDIT] has disconnected.

Do u guys notice how I am asking her to show me specifically where I cannot remove my bonus ticket regradless if I have made any profit from it? She would not show me.are u guys getting this? she tells me that [EDIT] was right and that she will have to talk to [EDIT] about what she said LOL...neways, i asked this supervisor where in the terms does it tell me that i automaticaly have to wafer a poker ticket if its in my account? she gives me no direct answers and only sends me the link for the terms and condiotion. As soon as i open the link and foud NOTHING( check for urself and look at the rules) before i could even say something, she closes the chat HAHAAHAHA..anyone that plays here, you guys know if u dont reply, they will ask u "are we still connected" this manager doesnt say nothing, just runs off like she had to go to the emergency room, and i kept trying to reach out to here and they keep giving me excuses. so please guys judge for yourselves and tell me if im the one who is lost. and please guys as, as gamblers in the community, we alll need to look out for eachother and let eachother know about wiliam hill but yea thats my story, RAISE AWARENESS PLEASE

AND for the best part everyone….

I has posed as someone else on live chat to ask about how the bonus and terms work and ceck out the response!!!!!

January 13, 11:29 PM Hi, you’re speaking to Marge. How may I help you? January 13, 11:29 PMhi January 13, 11:29 PMi am thinking of joining this acsino January 13, 11:30 PMcan u explain how bonus terms work? January 13, 11:30 PMfor the poker bonus tickets? what are the wagering requriements? January 13, 11:31 PM Let me explain first our casino promotion. January 13, 11:31 PMk January 13, 11:31 PM In casino, we have a lot of promotions like first deposit bonus. January 13, 11:31 PM In order to withdraw your winnings, you must wager at least x30 your deposit and bonus amount (minimum wagering requirement). January 13, 11:31 PM You may check it here also: [EDIT] January 13, 11:32 PMoo January 13, 11:32 PMam i able to remove the bonus if i dont want it? January 13, 11:32 PM Yes , you can decline or accept the bonus. January 13, 11:32 PMooo ok thats cool January 13, 11:33 PM However, once you started the bonus, you need to complete first the wagering requirements. January 13, 11:33 PM You may also check here our poker promotions: [EDIT] January 13, 11:33 PMwhat if i used the bonus tickets but won nothing from them? can i still remove them without a problem? January 13, 11:34 PMeven if i didnt win nothim from them? im not able to remove them? January 13, 11:34 PM You can remove it, as long as you don't have funds. January 13, 11:35 PM I mean your real money. January 13, 11:35 PMooo January 13, 11:35 PMwhat if i have real money or i won in sports betting or slots? January 13, 11:35 PMwould i still be able to remove the poker bonus ticket without losing any of my winnings? January 13, 11:36 PM f you withdraw before having reached the minimum wagering requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void. January 13, 11:37 PMooo January 13, 11:37 PMso then i cant remove the poker bonus tickets? January 13, 11:37 PMi am reading in ur terms and it doesnt specifically mention that? January 13, 11:38 PM It's your decision , if you want to remove the bonus [EDIT]. January 13, 11:38 PM As long as you didn't touch it , you may remove it. January 13, 11:38 PMbut if i remove it then my other winnings r gone? January 13, 11:39 PMyea but i mean i used some of the tickets fo rfun and didnt win in poker January 13, 11:39 PM You can remove it as long as you don't have funds in your poker account. January 13, 11:40 PMdont u think thats silly that i cant remove them? because on the terms it doesnt say " once you accept bonus terms, you are required to wager once u use the tickets, even if u dont accumulate nothing from them" January 13, 11:40 PM Because if you do have funds and you started the tickets or bonus , your winnings from the bonus will automatically remove. January 13, 11:40 PMyea so if i have no funds from the poker but have funds in my sports betting account January 13, 11:41 PM Yes, you can remove it. January 13, 11:41 PMand if i wanna remove it then its alll winnings gone? January 13, 11:41 PMoo cuz i thought earlier u said that i cant? January 13, 11:41 PM Poker and main account is different, so you may remove it. January 13, 11:41 PM I'm sorry for the confusion. January 13, 11:41 PMooo ok but ur sure this is the rules right? January 13, 11:42 PMbecause i dont wanna get confused January 13, 11:43 PM We have different terms and conditions in every promotion. January 13, 11:44 PMoo ok but as far as the free poker bonus tickets..the one u get from signing up at william hill January 13, 11:44 PMi can remove them if i used them but never won nething right? and my winnings from slots or sports betting will remain? January 13, 11:45 PM Yes, as long as you don't have real money in your poker account. January 13, 11:45 PMawesome January 13, 11:46 PMthanks so much for ur help and time marge, i appreciate ....take care 

There u have it guys. Tell me if this casino is a joke, I am confused as who I can get help from because all of these workers from williamhill are giving me different stories..this has been going on since summer and everytime I explain WH customer support this story, they pretend like I never asked for a withdrawl and leave certain details out and pretend I never asked for my bonus to be removed.but if u guys realize that first [EDIT] admited they made a mistake on there behalf and then [EDIT] emails me and tells me that I was advised acorrectly, but he states" u had asked for the bonus to be removed at the time because u had no funds in ur account"..lmao what? And then he says" even such a case ur winnings would be void" lmao..that means im here complaining about a bonus being removed with no funds in my account, do u guys get it? And then the third person which is supervisor [EDIT], who then, shows me the terms, without showing me specifically it explains in detail regarding my case, but without even saying anything, she just leaves the chat, and I cant get in touch with her every since. And then live rep [EDIT] live rep tells me the total opposite which contradicts [EDIT] and [EDIT]. Can u guys smell BS here?

Please note that my case happened since last summer and I did not save chat log at the time because I thought I was able to get a copy of my chat loggs so I can show the customer service since I thought wh were honest and maybe it was me that didn’t understand the terms and conditions. However, I had come to realize that it was necceassry to save the important chat logs after. Be aware that this casino may respond by saying things like" "we advised u correctly and u never asked for the bonus to be removed" these people are not truthful. They don’t have certain departments you can reach out to, because they are all the same department, so it doesn’t matter, wether u go to live rep, second opinion, or management, given that they are all the same people who will tell u lies and certain people they think are easy targets. Now some of you may think that I could be making this up for whaetever reason, but I wouldn’t be using all my time to make up these lies, especialy if I knew I was the one who didn’t understand and especialy if william hill were realy truthful and did advised correctly, id be wasteing my own time right? I can also tell u guys that I have been reaching out to whoever is in charge of this matter, to just have a discussion with me to explain to me with honesty and understand, and for that, I told them I would leave this matter and wont bother them anymore, because mayb, perhaps I could have been confused? However, they wont even have an honest discussion, so ill let u guys judge and tell me.I want to know why was I told I was able to remove my 1 cent poker ticket( yes guys, 1 cent! A 1 cent poker ticket that remaing in my poker account, which I won nothing from and made nothing from) and then told me I coudlnt remove it, and then admitted the mistake was on their behalf, and then pretending that it never happened, and then telling me I was advised correctly, and then catching them lying, but even showing the WH support team about this, they are still trying to cover up tracks.

Read the casino review

3 Responses

User icon
January 17, 2018

Hi igotthisbro - welcome to!

Firstly you need to be aware that the William Hill group are routinely non-responsive to player complaints submitted to this service. We will try to contact the operator on your behalf but it is highly unlike we will be successful.

Secondly, the manner in which you've spoken to the various employees is entirely unacceptable. While I understand that you're frustrated, that does not give you the right to be abusive. These are individuals with every right to complete their job without experiencing that type of behaviour and I will be clear that if you were to speak to any team member working for this site in a similar manner we would immediately close your complaint. That type of behaviour is not only unacceptable within reasonable, adult interactions, it is also detrimental to your cause as the recipient is far less likely to want to help you. Do not engage in this type of activity again. If we find out you have it will result in the immediate termination of our involvement in your complaint.

I will revert to you as/when we receive a response from the operator.



User icon
January 22, 2018

Hi igotthisbro,

William Hill have responded and again made clear that they will not discuss complaints with this service. As such there's nothing further we can do to assist you.

I would recommend that you submit your complaint to William Hill's ADR service IBAS. While they are not required by license to manage non-UK complaint via IBAS they have indicated they will work with IBAS on all issues.

Sorry we could not be of more help.


User icon
March 19, 2018

Hi igotthisbro,

We've received another submission that is a repeat of this complaint.

Your complaint was not rejected because you swore at casino staff - though we did warn you that this is entirely unacceptable behaviour and no excuses can be made that would justify these actions. Casino staff are people just like you who are doing a job. They are not there to be abused by you.

Your complaint was actually found in your favour because William Hill made clear that they would not discuss the issue with us, as is detailed above.

The second submission has been deleted.

William Hill's policies have not changed. The only advice we can give is the same as previous - you need to contact IBAS.



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January 17, 2018

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