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18Bet - Casino has misleading rules


Found for the Player - 18Bet are relying on terms that do not clearly define specifically what it is that the player has done wrong, but rather only give a general impression.

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Player's Complaint

We would like to remind you that your betting activity violates our rules since you started off with 10 € bet stakes, gaining significant balance and right after doing so, you dropped to 3 € stakes only. According to our rules, this is not allowed it is considered as bonus manipulation.

You can refer to our rules here:

9.8.1. Casino bonus manipulation amongst others may consist of:

- Placing bets listed as Restricted Gameplay in the specific promotion’s rules

- Increasing the balance then changing the gaming pattern significantly (bet, game, type, bet structure, etc) in order to complete the wagering requirements for the bonus

- Making large bets leading to a substantial gain followed by a drop in bet size equal to or greater than 75% of the previous average bet size in order to complete the wagering requirements for that bonus.

Please keep in mind that all the restrictions and limitations implemented along with the bonus are done in order to provide a more convenient way of playing during the bonus campaign. However, not all restrictions are technically possible to be applied, which is why the terms & conditions of the offer specifically mention what you should avoid placing bets on.

I believe it is not fair as there terms are not cleat and they contradict to each other! First of all, what does casino consider to be a "​significant balance"? What number considers to be a significant amount? Second term is also confusing. It looks like those terms were written so they could be used whenever it is needed not to pay to the player. The only one term that is clearly written is the third one and I did not breach it as you can see. I did not drop my bet size to 75% of my average bet size (10€ was my biggest bet and 3€ was the smallest one) or more so I do not understand why the money was confiscated!

One more thing! In their email they are stating that "not all restrictions are technically possible to be applied". Since when is it became not possible? Does it mean that casino can interpret their terms in the way that is more beneficial to them?

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5 Responses

User icon
November 14, 2019

Hi yourguest - welcome to!

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with an operator that is both negatively listed with this service and who has historically been non-cooperative with complaints submitted to us. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.

Can you tell me how much you deposited?



User icon
November 16, 2019

200€ was my deposit

i did not expect that. should be more careful while choosing a casino to play with :(

User icon
November 21, 2019

Hi yourguest,

I'm not passing comment on the rest of the complaint but I think it can be reasonably asserted, where your balance had increased by almost a full order of magnitude, that the balance has "increased significantly" without exacting clarification of the operator's intended definition of "significantly".

I'll revert to you once we have further information from the operator.


User icon
December 10, 2019

Hey, did casino reply ?

User icon
December 20, 2019

Hi yourguest, 18Bet have provided us a reason for non-payment - namely a term restricting "Increasing the balance then changing the gaming pattern significantly (bet, game, type, bet structure, etc)" - however they have been unable to provide a clear violation of this term. As stated previously it seems absolutely reasonable to contest that the balance has "increased" (significantly or otherwise) but what has been shown to us in terms of 'changing the gaming pattern' would not qualify as 'significant' in our opinion. At this juncture we do not expect to receive any further comment from them. All we can suggest you do is contact Pardee Consulting, 18Bet's ADR. Alternatively, if you wished to consider legal action our understanding is that offer a no win no fee service that specialises in the remote gambling sector. Sorry we could not be of further help. ThePOGG

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November 14, 2019

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