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Betway - £9.5k confiscated


Found for the Player - The Betway group failed to respond to this complaint and appear to have instituted a Spirit of the Bonus fund confiscation. This is an absolutely unethical practice that would not be upheld by any reasonable law. This combined with their failure to respond to other complaints at other mediation services will result in them being listed as Not Recommended in their upcoming reviews.

Player's Complaint

deposit guarantee banner Betway aren't paying me my £9,500 balance. So I signed up to Betway casino on the 1st of November. I got their initial sign up bonus of £250 for a £250 deposit. I played Break Da Bank Again with £27 spins first of all and then played lower spins and completed the wagering with £1500 in my account and requested a payout. The next week I logged in again, I was going to reverse my withdrawal but it was no longer in there so I decided to do the next deposit bonus of 25%. I deposited £100 and got a £25 bonus. I done £7 spins on Break Da Bank Again that time and lost. Then I deposited again, £1000 this time for the final sign up bonus of 50% up to £500. This time I done £45 spins on Break Da Bank Again. I was down to my last £15 On BDBA when I got a £9,300 win (missing out on a £93,000 win by one reel position!). I then completed their wagering requirement, never betting more than £45. So I had two pending withdrawals, one of £1500 and one of £7942. They asked for my ID documents, which I sent to them. Then they asked for certified documents, which I also sent straight away as I already had them done a couple of months back. Then they sent me this;

Following a review of your account, we have identified that you are in breach of the casino’s standard Terms. Please refer specifically to the following clause:
- Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming for bonus play-through requirement purposes. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to, placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. Should the Casino deem that irregular game play has occurred, the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings. Please be advised that your deposit of 1,350.00 and that all winnings gained as a result of said bonus has been confiscated.
So I emailed them back explaining that I never broke any of those terms. My bets were miles under the 30% max bet and I hadn't broke any of the other rules. They emailed me an exact copy of the first email so I explained it again. They then sent me this;
Thank you for contacting Betway. Please be advised that after reviewing your account, our Operations Department has made the decision that your withdrawals that were made on your account will be confiscated. This decision is an indefinite one at this stage. You are welcome to take this decision further and contest it with eCOGRA, who is aligned to rules of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, where we hold our gaming licence and they are our industry regulator/auditor ( We thank you for your understanding in this matter.
I noticed on your site there's a case about someone keeping the slot complimentary spins for use when their balance goes down to zero, to avoid the wagering requirements. My balance DID go down to zero when I got complimentary spins, but I couldn't help that as it was my last bet. I didn't 'save' the complimentary spins from a previous bet and I still had to complete the wagering as normal. Maybe Betway have got confused and think I have done that? Also, I just noticed that another casino I won at recently is part of the same casino group. I won £7,500 at Hippodrome Online and they have just paid me out fine. I played the same game Break Da Bank and I am the same person, so I am not sure why they paid that one and not the Betway one. I was going to contact eCogra, but I have heard they are not truly independent, so I thought you would be the best bet. Regards [EDIT]

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6 Responses

User icon
November 26, 2013

Hi eggyman12 - thanks for getting in contact.

Before I can move forward to discuss this issue with Betway casino, I need you to provide me with the Username and Email address you use with Betway.

Once you've done that I'll make effort to contact Betway.


User icon
November 27, 2013

Hi eggyman12 - thanks for forwarding on those details.

I've emails Betway and I'm now awaiting a response.

*Point of interest - their affiliate contact form is not currently functioning as the drop down 'Enquiry' field does not provide any options to select, but the form won't send without a selection.*


User icon
December 3, 2013

Hi eggyman12,

I've not had any response from Betway. I'll try again at the end of this week.



User icon
December 9, 2013

Hi eggyman12,

I've just tried to contact Betway casino via their live chat service and the response is as follows;

Our support team will be with you shortly. You are currently number 1 in the queue. We estimate that you will be answered within 0 seconds.

Click on the ‘Close’ button (see top right) at the end of your chat to rate your service agent

You are now chatting with '[EDIT]'

[EDIT]: Hi there ThePOGG

[EDIT]: How are you?

ThePOGG: Hi [EDIT], I represent We've recently had a player submit a complaint about Betway casino and I've tried using the email support form a couple of time without any response. Could you put me in contact with the right person to help resolve this player's issue for me?

[EDIT]: ThePOGG the player would need to contact us directly regarding their complaint

[EDIT]: Should they wish to raise the matter further, they are welcome to contact eCOGRA directly

ThePOGG: I'm afraid that would result in a negative report for Betway casino and that's what I'm trying to avoid - there's no legal barrier to the discussion of player complaint with 3rd parties as long as the correct permissions are granted and we don't consider eCORGA independent as they are funded by the casinos that use their service, a huge conflict of interests

ThePOGG: furthermore the Betway group are Accredited at CasinoMeister

[EDIT]: ThePOGG, we cannot discuss any player's account with any third party

ThePOGG: simply put they wouldn't hold that status if they were unwilling to discuss player complaints

ThePOGG: so the bottom line is that you do discuss player complaints with a 3rd party

ThePOGG: I'm looking to provide the opportunity for Betway to present their side of the story

ThePOGG: but if they are not willing to do that, I have to take the complaint at face value

[EDIT]: Once again ThePOGG, we are unable to discuss any player's account with anyone other than the players themselves

ThePOGG: well I've done everything I can to help you including pointing out your errors

ThePOGG: please forward this conversation on to a member of your management team

ThePOGG: if they change their mind regarding this issue they can reach me at [email protected]

ThePOGG: otherwise a report will be published at the end of this week

[EDIT]: Is there anything else I may assist you with ThePOGG?

ThePOGG: just insure the issue gets escalated to your management team and that's everything that's [EDIT]

Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.

[EDIT]: ThePOGG, as previously stated it is against our security policy to discuss any player's account with any third party

[EDIT]: Please have a good day further

ThePOGG: [EDIT], I'm not asking you to discuss the complaint as you've informed me that you don't have authorisation to do so

ThePOGG: but I am asking you to forward this conversation on to your management team, a request I've made several times now but you've not confirmed actioning?

[EDIT]: ThePOGG, why previous answer to your question directly relates to your request to have the matter escalated. As we do not engage in discussion of private player information with 3rd parties, there is unfortunately no escalation which can take place in this respect.

[EDIT]: But as I have mentioned the player is more than welcome to contact us and discuss any concerns they may have on the account

ThePOGG: so you're saying that you have final say on all customer service issues [EDIT]? I suspect you're acting above your role in this capacity

ThePOGG: none the less, if you're saying that your word is final, there's no facility to me going round you so I can't do anything further. As the customer is unhappy with the responses they've already received from your team, simply telling them to contact you again would be unfruitful, though I will pass this along all the same. It would appear that players have not valid course of action with your group.

[EDIT]: The player is more than welcome to contact us directly to discuss their concerns

[EDIT]: Alternatively, they may contact eCOGRA directly

[EDIT]: Do you have any more questions or queries ThePOGG?

ThePOGG: certainly not [EDIT] - if you're good conscience gets the better of you feel free to pass my contact details on to your management team, the deadline will remain the same

User icon
December 16, 2013

Wow, what a joke.

Can't believe these people are allowed to advertise on English TV. I am going to complain to Trading Standards

User icon
December 18, 2013

Well with nearly a week extra Betway have failed to offer any sort of response. This is highly disappointing from a group that have held Accredited status with CasinoMeister. Their status with CM would make it highly doubtful that they "do not engage in discussion of private player information with 3rd parties" as they would have to be willing to discuss complaints with CM to gain Accredited status in the first place. That being the case, the chances are that we simply cannot reach anyone authorised to discuss player issue and between their affiliate email form not working, failure to respond to repeated emails and their exceptionally unhelpful support staff, there really is nothing I can do to get round this.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be of greater assistance eggyman12. In this instance I'd suggest contacting CasinoMeister who may have in roads with this group that I don't have access to.


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November 26, 2013

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