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Casino Plex - confiscated my winnings for unclear reasons


Resolved - Casino Plex have now got back to us about this complaint and after discussion have agreed to pay this player. As such the player will find the funds in their account.

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Player's Complaint


I'd made an account on Casino Plex and had made deposits on a regular basis and had used some of their promotions which were pretty good and of a large quantity. After losing numerous of this deposits I finally had a cash-out last month of €3331. I followed the normal procedure sending in my documentation and was awaiting to receive the funds. I always take my time reading the terms and conditions when using a bonus and had not violated them in any way.

After waiting for about a week I was shocked after I received an e-mail saying that I did indeed broke the bonus terms and my winnings were going to be confiscated.

I'll send you a copy of the term which they claim I broke:

"4.3. We will have the right to withhold or otherwise decline or reverse any pay-out or Winning amount or amend any policy in the event that we suspect you are abusing or attempting to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) other promotions; or (iii) specific policy or rules determined in respect of an existing game or a new game. It is clarified that we may determine that such an abuse has taken place also if your activity in our Online Casino, by itself, is not abusive, but your activities in other online casinos in addition to our online Casino, taken as a whole, constitute such abuse of our bonuses, promotions, policies or rules."

This is such a general statement that it is impossible to follow this terms as it could be applied with any kind of play. It gives them the unjustified license to confiscate any win and/or withdraw ever made on this casino using a bonus. I feel that this is completely unfair as there is no specific implication of why I have broken this term.

After asking them to clarify what exactly I had done wrong I got this reply:

"In our investigation of your game play on Rome and Glory and Chinese Kitchen we found that you have placed high bets close to wagering requirements while playing on auto play continuously. We believe that you have on purpose tried to keep your play just play just below the wagering in order to avoid our bonus fraud systems, however, our systems are built to catch these kind of attempts."

The terms do not make it clear that you can not play the way I did. If a casino limits a certain percentage of the bonus to be bet in one round and you never exceed it what exactly have you broken then? I have never exceeded the maximum bet in their terms. Also the fact that they say I've continuously used autoplay is an invalid argument. When trying to reach the wagering requirement you can't expect a player to sit and keep on pressing the spin button 100's of times. There is no rule in the terms that says autoplay for a long time is not allowed and why else would the feature be implemented.

The fact that I've constantly placed high risk bets should be an extra reason why I should be cleared by them of this accusation. The chance of me not winning a nice amount and losing a big part of my winnings is many times higher then clearing the wagering requirement with a nice balance. The fact that I have only deposited €134 for this win and reached a high balance is not in my control. Casinos know what kind of machines they offer and what the outcome of people playing on them can be.

I really hope that you can help me with this query.

Thanks in advance

My casino username is : [EDIT]

The registered email address for my account is: [EDIT]

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3 Responses

User icon
May 18, 2014

Hi grinder020123,

I've had a quick look at the Casino Plex terms and conditions and I agree that they do no appear to restrict the size of bets placed, changes in betsize or use of the autoplay feature. I'll contact them tomorrow and see what they have to say about this.



User icon
May 23, 2014

Hi grinder020123,

I have heard back from Casino Plex and I'm going to include their response below;


The player has already filed a complaint on another forum back in April about the same issue and the decision is final from our side as our investigation team found him abusing of the bonuses and our terms:

The investigation showed that his intentions in our opinion was to take advantage of our bonuses by playing just under the limits with high bets while trying to wager the bonus as a typical bonus seeker would do. So for this player our decision stands and we have paid him his original deposit back of 134 euro. His account will remain open for normal play, but without bonuses.

Unfortunately I am not able to do anything else in this matter.

Kind regards,

Casino Plex Rep

Obviously this is a complete roadblock to discussion of this complaint and I have informed Casino Plex that 1) the lack of transparency when it comes to discussion of complaints is a substantial issue for and 2) that they've confirmed that this is a 'Spirit of the Bonus' fund confiscation and that this practice is entirely unacceptable for any casino that has positive listing on the site. They have chosen not to offer further comment.

As such I'm going to close this complaint as 'Found for the Player', moving Casino Plex to 'Not Recommended' status and pulling all links to this casino.

I'm sorry I could not have been of more help.


User icon
March 13, 2016

Hi grinder020123,

While I realise that this is now long after the issue, I've had a recent conversation with CasinoPlex and this complaint specifically came up. My current understanding tis that they are trying to contact you and do intend to pay this balance.

If you could get back to me and confirm that this has happened I'd appreciate it.

All the best,


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May 18, 2014

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