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Cookie Policy

Last update: May 2018

In order to offer you the best possible service we use cookies. These stop us having to ask you for the same information over and over again and ensures that when you choose to support us by signing-up to one of the operators we recommend that we get credit for is.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that our website – or one of our advertising partners - saves on your computer or device when you visit our website.

What do Cookies do and why should I let you save them on my device?

Cookies help us deliver an altogether less irritating experience when you come on to our site. For instance, when you select your preferred ‘Roller’ level using our Bonus Rating system, without a Cookie you will have to set this every time you move page. With a Cookie, your computer will remember your settings and automatically load the site’s default settings on every page.

Another example of the use of Cookies – the message asking whether or not you accept Cookies is controlled by a Cookie. If you choose not to accept Cookies you will be shown this message every time you visit. If you choose to accept Cookies, our site places a cookie on your machine that tells our site not to show this message for another 90 days after you accepted Cookies.

Alongside this you should be aware that your computer may receive Cookies when you click through any link to an external site (i.e. not The external site’s Cookie policy will dictate whether this happens or not. While these Cookies are not put on your computer by us it’s important that you understand why we hope you’ll agree to receive Cookies at gambling operator’s websites as well. These Cookies ensures that if you decide not to sign-up right now and want to come back later, that this service will still receive credit for your play. This site is funded by advertising revenue so without this we would not be able to continue to offer our dispute resolution service, reviewing service, bonus reporting or even continue to develop and maintain BetBlocker, our free Responsible Gambling tool. In short, by allowing Cookies you ensure that we can keep doing all the things that you like.

Some Cookies will last only as long as you are on our website, others will persist on your machine for pre-determined lengths of time depending on the purpose of the Cookie.

Do I have to accept Cookies?

No. Obviously we would like you to allow us to put Cookies on your machine. And we think you’ll enjoy browsing our website more if you do. However you do not have to allow us to. If you choose not to you may find that some parts of our site may not work correctly or might run more slowly.

If you have agreed to allow Cookies and change your mind you can change this by changing your browser. This will prevent future Cookies being added to your site. You can also clear Cookies currently stored on your device in the settings of your browser.

More information on how to deactivate or delete cookies can be found here:

Cookie providers

Our Cookies: These are cookies are placed by us to make your use of our website smoother and more efficient.

Third-party cookies: There are various Cookies added to your machine by third parties who’s tools or service we have incorporated into this site. These include the following:

Wordpress – This is the website programming platform that we currently use. These Cookies are used for the basic function of the site.

Social Media – We do not use social media services for advertisement in the same manner that many our competitors do, but we do keep several different social media accounts active and integrated into this site to allow players to contact us via different mediums. As these services are integrated into our site the operators of these services may place Cookies on your machine.

Aweber – Aweber is the tool we use to manage our email list. The forms we have built into the site that allows users to sign-up to our email list is integrated into the site and as such may place Cookies on your machine.

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google to websites to allow the site owners to track and understand how users are engaging with their site. Google Analytics does not provide us any information that would allow us to identify you personally but it does give us information on:

- How long users spend on our site.

- Where they came from (search engine, social media, another website).

- What pages they visit.

- Whether they navigate to additional pages or leave straight away.

These are just examples of the types of information that Google Analytics provides, but in general this information is used by us to establish which pages users like and which pages users are not as interested in. This allows us to fine tune the content we are putting together for you and ensure we’re offering you the most useful services.

If you don’t want your internet usage tracked by Google you can deactivate Google Analytics using a browser add-on that you can download here: This add-on stores “opt-out” information on your device but you should be aware that this only works for the device and browser you install it on. If you use multiple browsers or multiple devices you will need to download it multiple times.

Changes to the policy

Our cookies policy may be updated as and when we need to. Any such changes will then be posted on this page.

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