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Online Slots games are the most prolific games in most casinos today and surpass even Roulette in their popularity. Straightforward in nature the player simply places a bet, the reels spin and the results of the round are displayed. Unlike Table, Card and Video Poker games, Online Slots games do not depend on any real world device that imply a natural probability (i.e. the majority of people know that the chance of receiving a 5 when rolling a 6 sided die is 1 in 6) and instead will use a large variety of different symbols. This allows the game manufactures to create a wide range of game settings and House Edge values within the same game without ever misleading a player as to the likelihood of a specific event.


History of the Slots Machine

Originally known as the One Armed Bandit due to the large lever – or arm – on the side of the early machines, the nature of gambling combined with the traditional high House Edge involved in Slots games often (understandably) left players feeling robbed after play.

The first Slot type game was introduced to New York in the late 1800’s by Sittman and Pitt. This machine used 5 ‘Drums’ (reels) that displayed playing cards. The results of the round were then determined by the strength of the poker hand the player received. Unlike modern machines this game didn’t payout money and instead when the player received a good poker hand while playing the machines – which as a standard were located in bars – they would be entitled to various products offered by the bar.

The first true slots machine – that paid out winnings in cash – arrived in the late nineteenth century when Charles Fey developed the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell machine simplified the earlier card based machine by dropping down to 3 reels and using fruit symbols and numbers instead of cards. One of the symbols used was a ‘Liberty Bell’, hence the name. 3 of the Liberty Bell symbol on a line also represented the highest possible payout. The lower number of reels meant that there were less possible winning combinations to account for, making the mechanics of automating the payout system far simpler.

The ‘Bell’ design proved so popular that many other groups started producing similar machines with Bell symbols.

In many US states at this point in history gambling was considered illegal. To get round this prohibition early machines often gave out fruit flavoured chewing gum rather than cash prizes, hence the name ‘Fruit Machines’. This practice has long since been abandoned with cash risked being paid off with cash returns.



The original slots machines had either 3 or 5 reels – reels being the long strips of symbols that rotate vertically when the machine is played – and showed one symbol off of each reel. These reels had a set pattern of symbols, often different on each reel. As the reels were physical objects there were only so many combinations of symbols that could come out and this created difficulty – as the reels were equally likely to stop on at any specific position, even if set so that there was only one way for the top paying combination of symbols occur, without having indefeasibly long reels, the top paying combination would still occur far too often to allow large jackpots. With 10 symbols on each reel the jackpot combination would occur approximately once in every 1000 spins. The first solution to this problem was to include more symbols on a reels – this did help but did not entirely solve the problem as what the designers really wanted to do was offer jackpots worth millions of dollars.

With advances in computer technology in the 1980’s, slots games moved away from using physical reels which were limited by their size and the number of symbols that could be fitted on them to instead use ‘virtual reels’.  A virtual reel could be as long or short as the game designer wished, by using electronic displays rather than physical reels computer code could define the order of the symbols on each reel and the length of the reel. No longer limited by the physical space required to fit the symbols on, each symbol can now appear in as many positions as the programmer likes, allowing the odds of the top jackpot combinations to be adjusted to allow for very large jackpots. Since that point slots machines have rapidly become the most popular game in any casino.

Modern slots machines have between 3 and 9 reels (possibly more, but 9 is the limit we’ve encountered online – some games do treat each symbol position as a separate reel which does result in technically more reels but the player will still see between 3 and 9 vertical strips) with 5 reels being far and away the most common. In general you will be able to see between 1 and 5 symbols on each reel with between 3 and 5 being the most common.



Differing Reel Layouts

While the rectangular single game reel is by far the most common type of game on the market at the moment, there are new and inventive styles of games appearing all the time. Some of the more notable examples are detailed below;

Multi-Game – The multi-game format places several of the same slots game in a grip on the screen (most commonly 4) allowing the player to play multiple instances of the same game at once.

Varying Reel Sizes – Most online casino slots games have the same number of symbols on each reel, for instance a 5x3 grid. Notable games that have moved away from this format are Siberian Storm, Star Trek Against All Odds and Sumatran Storm from IGT and Reel Rush from Net Entertainment which offers a diamond shaped reels, with less symbols at the extremities, Wolf Rising from IGT that has a double stacked reel (5x8) and DaVinci Diamonds Dual Play and Masques of San Marco from IGT that have 2 sets of reels stacked on top of each other.

Midas Millions from IGT also uses hexagonal symbols in a honeycombed set of.

Multi-Spin - The multi-spin games provides a similar experience to multi-hand Video Poker game where the player is given an initial set of symbols and selects which symbols to keep. The discarded symbols are then replaced. With many of these games the held symbols are repeated on to multiple instances of the reel allowing more than one game to be played in a single round. Unusually for online slots games, due to the player decisions, these types of game do have an optimal player strategy. Most software providers have been reluctant to release these strategies but accurate mapping of the reels would allow for derivation of the correct strategy. The Multi-Spin games that we are aware of are as follows;

3 Reel Hold Up – IGT

Enchanted Forest – Microgaming

Goblin’s Cave - Playtech

Ocean Princess - Playtech

Tropic Reels - Playtech

Ugga Bugga - Playtech

This list is far from exhaustive and no doubt many new variations will arise in the years to come.



The first slots machines had one payline positioned horizontally across the middle of the reels. Only symbols that fell on this line would be considered as part of any winning combination. Modern machines often use far more paylines which are defined as a path across the reels where if you receive two or more matching symbols in a row – typically starting from the left side of the reels - on an active payline (depending on the game and the symbol I can require more matching symbols) a win in generated.

Top online Slots games will often have their own method of how exactly the paylines work. Most machines will define the paylines in the paytable and pay only combinations of matching symbols that occur left to right along an active payline (one the player has chosen to wager on). However there are variations on this. Some games will pay combinations out of order (with non-matching symbols in between) while others will pay right to left (or both left to right and right to left).

A recent development in online slots games has seen the introduction of the ‘Multi-Way’ pay system. The Multi-Way system is offered by all the major online slot providers but we believe that it was first introduced by IGT. In Multi-Way games, rather than using defined paylines, any 2 or 3 - depending on the game - matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels starting from the left side of the screen results in a win. This is the equivalent of 243 paylines where 3 symbols are required and 1043 where 2 symbols are required.


Wild Symbols

As with some card games, a Wild symbol when you play online casino slots machine can count as any symbol on the reels. This means that even though the symbol doesn’t match, it is considered to and can be considered a different symbol on different paylines (if the Wild symbol happens to fall in a position where it is on multiple paylines). Often Wild symbols will associate a multiplier to the standard win making the combination worth more if it involves a Wild symbol. Sometimes the multiplier is fixed and for other games the multiplier is randomly decided at the end of the spin.

There are many different variations on the traditional Wild symbol, some of the more common we’ll discuss briefly.

Expanding Wild Symbols - Some games – like Cryptologic’s King Kong – have what are known as expanding wilds. When you receive a wild symbol – sometimes any wild symbol but most often on a specific reel or in a specific circumstance – the wild symbol expand to cover the entire reel making a full Wild reel.

Stacked Wild Symbols - Other top online slots games have stacked wild symbols, where the wild symbols are stacked one on top of another on the reels and as such every symbol on one or more reels can end up being wild.

Multiplying Wild Symbol - is a Wild symbol that will turn other symbols into Wild symbols at random – a good example of this type of wild symbol is the Fire and Lightning wild symbols in Net Entertainment’s Frankenstein slots game.

Moving Wild Symbol - One of the newer and more inventive wild symbols we’ve come across is the wagering wild from Net Entertainment’s Jack and the Beanstalk online slots game. During this game when you receive a wild symbol anywhere on the reels, you are paid and then the wild is moved one position to the left and the reels are re-spun at no extra cost to you. This keeps going until the wild symbol moves all the way over to reel one. There are many more variations on the Wild symbol that you’ll encounter as you explore different online casinos.

Locking Wild Symbol – The Locking Wild symbol is one that when received will lock in position for a number of spins. This type of Wild symbol is more common on Free Spin bonus features. Good examples of Locking Wild symbols can be found in IGT’s Ghostbusters game or Net Entertainment’s Starburst game.

There are some exceptions where wild symbols are not considered as replacement symbols which we’ll cover below.


Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are very simple to understand – rather than being required to have them in a row on a payline, simply having 2 or more (depending on the game) anywhere on the reels qualifies you for a payout. In almost all cases, Wild symbols do not substitute for Scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are common in most online games now and are often used to trigger bonus features.


Bonus Features

Bonus features were the single biggest factor in raising the popularity of the best online slots sites and games. The basic idea is that some trigger within the game suspends normal play and initiates a second tier game with a far higher than normal chance of a substantial win and no further requirement for the player to wager more.

Free Spin bonus features – Free Spin bonus features are one of the most common types of bonus feature offered in online Slots games. The basic premise is that when triggered – most often when 3 or more of the same Scatter symbol appears anywhere on the reels during a single spin – the player is awarded a predetermined number of spins on the game without having to make any more wagers. As a standard these bonus spins are played at the same number of coins and paylines as the bet that triggered the Free Spins.

Many games will play the free spins on a separate set of reels that offer an increased chance of payoff for the player or simply fit a different aspect of the theme of the game in question.

It is common for additional benefits to be awarded during the Free Spins. Commonly seen additions include multipliers that are applied to all wins (these can be consistent throughout the free spins or vary from spin to spin), additional Wild symbols or unique Wild symbol behaviour (Locking/Expanding wilds) or additional scatter symbols.

While most Free Spin features are triggered by specific symbols appearing on the reels in a single spin, or occasionally randomly at the end of a spin, some recent games have built in ‘bank’ features that allow the player to earn their way towards complimentary spins. Examples of this type of feature can be found in Microgaming’s Scrooge or The Dark Knight Rises and Net Entertainment’s ‘Robin Hood Shifting Riches’.

These bank style Free Spin features are generally played out on the average coin size and lines played during the earning of the feature, but occasionally they have been set to play at the coin size and paylines of the last triggering spin. This has led to some substantial issues involving Microgaming and RealTime Gaming softwares where players have played minimum bets while earning the majority of the feature then moved up to maximum bets to trigger the last part of the feature, resulting in some smart players winning substantial sums of money that the casinos involved were unhappy to pay.

Pick Bonus Features – This bonus will generally take the player to a new screen showing a selection of objects or symbols connected with the theme of the game being played. The player will then get to either select a set number of them with each object awarding a prize, or continue to select objects until a specific symbol or alert is found that ends the bonus feature. A good example of this type of feature would be Microgaming’s ‘Tomb Raider Secrets of the Sword’.

While the Free Spin and Pick bonus features are by far the most commonly found online Slots bonus features there are a huge variety of bonus features on the market. Below are some of the games with the more interesting bonus features we’ve come across that haven’t been mentioned above;

Leander Games – Megadeth

Net Entertainment – Evolution, Elements – The Awakening, Aliens, Scarface, Magic Portals, Jack Hammer 2 – Fishy Business

IGT – Monopoly Plus, Dungeons and Dragons Treasures of Icewind Dale, Transformers – Battle for Cybertron, Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortune

Cryptologic – Time Machine, Horns and Halos, Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Playtech – The Avengers, Spiderman – Attack of the Green Goblin, Pink Panther, X-Men, Alien Hunter

Rival – Rock On!

Betsoft – Greedy Goblins

Microgaming – Battlestar Galactica, Avalon II – Quest for the Grail, Immortal Romance, Gold Factory



Progressive Jackpots

Commonly associated with Slot machines is the Progressive Jackpot. These vary from the standard payouts offered by the best online slots machines in that they are constantly rising until such a point as a player hits the jackpot at which point it drops back to its ‘seed’ value (the minimum value provided by the providing game network).

Progressive jackpot slots in general offer the player the chance to have ‘life changing’ win sizes which are far larger than those offered by other machines but compensate for this providing far lower win frequencies at the lower end.

The jackpots are built up by player contributions. Each spin played on the machine a percentage of the wagered amount will be added to the Progressive Jackpot. This means that the longer the Progressive Jackpot goes un-won the larger it becomes.

It is standard for Progressive Jackpot slots to be networked – i.e. every casino offering a game will contribute to the same jackpot pool held by the network provider and when the jackpot is won the network provider then pays the win rather than the specific casino.

Unfortunately certain unscrupulous online casinos have started building in terms and conditions stating that Progressive Jackpot slots games will be paid out in instalments. The intention behind this is that once the network has paid the casino for the win they can then hold onto these funds for longer (giving them a substantial free capital boost) and the player, forced to leave a substantial body of winnings in the casino, is likely to lose a significant proportion of their win back to the casino before the win is paid out. This is absolutely unacceptable and unethical behaviour. As the casino does not pay the win it is not within their rights to withhold payment of the win. Players should be aware of casinos that engage in this practice and avoid them.

It should also be noted that games featuring Progressive Jackpots – once the possibility of winning the jackpot is excluded – usually result in the player playing a very expensive game compared to other non-Progressive Jackpot games. So unless you get extremely lucky and hit the jackpot, your bankroll is likely to disappear quicker than when you are playing non-jackpot slot games.



House Edge

The House Edge of online slots games is difficult to derive unless the software provider publishes this information with the game. Generally when this happens the software provider will publish a ‘Return to Player’ or ‘RTP’ figure.  The RTP is just the reverse of the House Edge. While the House Edge tells you how much you will lose of every 100 credits wagered (on average) the RTP tells you how much of your 100 credits will be returned. To find the House Edge subtract the RTP figure from 100.



Theoretical and Real RTPs

You’ll regularly see discussion on slots forums of Theoretical RTP (tRTP) and Real RTP (rRTP). This is simply the difference between the short and the long term results of the game.

The rRTP is the return the game has provided to players in the recent history. While this figure does accurately reflect the performance of the game over a defined period, it has no bearing on how the game will perform in the future.

The tRTP is the return the game will provide over the long term (millions of spins). While the variance of most online slots games is high making short term predictions about results difficult the tRTP has far more relevance when it comes to estimating the results to come in the future.



Online Slots RTPs

Below you’ll find the top 10 slots games for most major providers defined by the best House Edge;


Amaya*House Edge
Vampires vs Werewolfs2-5%
Diamond Tower2.96%
Serengeti Diamonds3.00%
Samurai Princess3.00%
Thundering Zeus3.00%
Lost Temple3.00%
Fortune 8 Cat3.01%
Sinful Spins4.00%
The Italian Job5.00%

*Many Amaya games appear to have 3 different House Edge settings. These range from very high (10%+) to low (3% or less). We have excluded these games from this list as it is impractical for players to ascertain which setting they are playing against.


BetSoft*House Edge
Good Girl, Bad Girl2.20%
Sushi Bar2.5-5.25%
Safari Sam2.50%
At the Copa2.58-2.6%
After Night Falls2.7-2.73%
Greedy Goblins2.80%
The True Sheriff2.97-3%
Triple Crown3.00%
Back in Time3.00%
True Illusion3-5%

*Betsoft do not currently publish the House Edge information for their best online slots games. The figures in the above table have been sourced from various online casinos that have independently published their figures. As such these games may have variable settings explaining the range in numbers.


CryptologicHouse Edge
Reel in the Cash2.00%
Buccaneer's Bounty2.00%
Aladdin's Lamp2.00%
Rags to Richs2.05%
Dino Delight3.05%
Noughty Crosses4.00%
Striker Fortune4.23%
Just Vegas4.51%
Samba Nights 4.53%
The Flash - Velocity4.5-4.53%


IGTHouse Edge
3 Reel Hold-Up1.94-6.28%*
Texas Tea2.64%
Wheel of Fortune - Triple Action Frenzy3.00%
Monopoly - You're in the Money3.22-5.97%
Monopoly Plus3.29-5.97%
Sumatran Storm3.44-6.77%
100 Pandas3.48-6.96%
Dungeons and Dragons - Treasures of Icewind Dale3.48-6.94%
Transformers - Battle for Cybertron3.53-7.39%
Nouveau Riche3.57-7%

*3 Reel Hold-Up requires an optimum strategy to reach the lowest House Edge. This can be found in the game help file.


Microgaming*House Edge
Hot Ink2.50%
Retro Reels - Extreme Heat2.50%
Couch Potato2.57%
High 52.57%
Jungle 7’s2.57%
MegaSpins High 52.57%
Froot Loot2.83%
Summer Holiday2.86%
Mad Dash2.90%
Scoop the Cash2.93%
Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Special Edition2.94%
7 Oceans3.00%
Mardi Gras3.00%
5 Reel Drive3.05%
Reel Thunder3.05%
Sun Quest3.05%
Treasure Palace3.05%
Big Top3.06%
Crazy 80s3.06%
What A Hoot3.06%
Immortal Romance3.14%
High Society3.20%
Great Griffin3.21%
Bust the Bank3.25%
Max Damage Alien Attack*3.29%
Kings of Cash3.32%
Jurassic Park3.33%
Get Rocked3.34%
Thunderstruck II3.35%
Alaskan Fishing3.37%
Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune3.37%
Gift Rap3.38%
Pollen Nation3.38%
Age of Discovery3.38%
Terminator 23.38%
Kung Fu Monkey3.39%
Battlestar Galactica3.40%

* Max Damage Alien Attack is a skill based arcade game. It’s presumed that you need to play at optimum levels to reach the quoted House Edge figure and that weaker play will result in a higher House Edge.

* We have included a far longer list of games for Microgaming as many of the above games are only available at download Microgaming casinos and we wanted to ensure that players could find information on the best games to play at instant play Microgaming casinos as well.

Net Entertainment

Net EntertainmentHouse Edge
Mega Joker1.10%*
Jackpot 60001.25%*
Blood Suckers2.00%
Fishy Fortune2.1-4.6%**
Kings of Chicago2.20%
Devil's Delight2.40%
Pirate's Gold2.70%
Jack Hammer 2 - Fishy Business2.90%
Demolition Squad 2.90%

* These games are likely to involve a strategy to reach the stated House Edge.

** Fishy Fortunes operates a progressive jackpot explaining the range of possible House Edges


PlaytechHouse Edge
Goblin's Cave0.68-4.3%*
Ugga Bugga0.93-3%*
Ocean Princess0.93-3%*
Tropic Reels1.05-3%*
Triple Profits1.28-4.46%*
Golden Tour2.29%***
Alien Hunter2.31-9.07%*
Jungle Boogie2.60%
Alchemist's Lab2.68%

* These games involve some degree of skill or strategy to reach the optimum House Edge.

** Cinerama involves a Progressive Jackpot so presumably this House Edge figure is only accurate for the highest Progressive Jackpot levels.

*** Golden Tour has the ‘Dollar Ball’ side bet. Players should avoid this bet as it’s very expensive.

Realtime Gaming

We do not include any figures for Realtime Gaming casinos as we are not aware of any reliable source for this information. It is believed that Realtime Gaming online slots games have 3 possible settings – 2.5%, 5% and 8.5%.


RivalHouse Edge
Cosmic Quest - Mystery Planets1.05%
Rock On!2.00%
Doo-Wop Daddy-O2.01%
Gold Rush2.54%
Reel Crime - Art Heist2.97%
Watch the Birdies3.71%
Wheel of Cash3.71%
Scary Rich 23.73%
Reel of Fortune3.79%


We do not have any information about the House Edge of the slots games offered by Saucify.


We do not have any information about the House Edge of the slots games offered by TopGame.


Reel Mapping, Variance and Simulation

What defines the House Edge of a Slots game is the Reel Map – that being the layout and frequency of occurrence of different symbols on the reels. For instance and for obvious reasons, Wild symbols are usually a lot more valuable to the player than other symbols.

Where the Reel Map can be established it is a relatively simple task for anyone with reasonable programming skills to take that information and simulate the game and confirm the House Edge settings and variance (size and frequency of different wins and losses) of the game. With some software providers the Reel Map can be read from the game code, but the majority of major providers encode this information to prevent players from obtaining it. In these situations the only way to obtain the reel map is by recording hundreds of thousands of spins worth of information.

It should be noted that many online slots games use different Reel Maps for each reel, making accurate mapping more complex.


Amusements with Prizes

Amusements with Prizes (AWPs) are a variation of the standard slots game. With standard slots games each spin is entirely independent of the last. When you see casinos advertising which games are “hot” or “cold”, this is baseless superstitious nonsense. The game may have paid out more or less than expected within recent history but this offers no insight as to what the game will payout in the immediate future.

AWPs are generally different in this respect in that they will respond directly to recent payouts (or a lack thereof) by loosening or tightening up to force the game back towards its theoretical RTP.

Offline these types of games are generally found in pubs and bars in the UK and can be beaten by skilled players, though it should be acknowledged that a large number of players that play AWPs regularly ‘think’ they can beat the game but are losing money in the long run. The combination of alcohol and gambling only serves to reinforce the confirmation bias most people are naturally inclined to, meaning that the wins create far stronger memories than the losses and results are not tracked accurately.

Online we are aware of several games at Microgaming casinos that are advertised as ‘AWPs’ but cannot confirm whether or not these games perform as true AWPs or simply a different form of online slots game. Alongside this, offline each AWP functions independently based on the results of that specific game. Online would these games function independently or as part of a network? If the latter the volume of play across the network would quickly level out the short term fluctuations making the games force to tRTP irrelevant.


Myths and Intended deceptions

Regularly when playing online slots you may feel like you are receiving a lot of “near misses”, seeing valuable symbols line-up one position or reel from a stop that would have resulted in a large payout. This type of occurrence leads players to believe certain things that are not true.

Firstly, past results have no impact what-so-ever on future spins. Even if the observed near misses were genuine (which they’re likely not) they give no insight into what will occur if you continue to play.

Likewise, a run of either positive or negative results gives no indication of a machine being “hot” or “cold” or “overdue” for anything. These terms imply the ability to predict the future based on the short term past results of the game. If this was a possibility no casino would stay in business. Every spin is independent from the last. Terms like hot and cold, overdue or streak are only applicable after the streak has already happened.

Further to this, most slots games are designed with the intention of making the player feel like they just about hit something good. On a psychological level this near reward is a good way of sustaining player interest and ensuring you keep playing.

When playing any slots game it’s important to remember that the sounds and visuals after you click the spin button are there solely for entertainment purposes. The moment you click that spin button the result has already been decided. The animation services only to build tension and expectations. This even extends to bonus features. When you win free spins? Yes, the amount you are going to win has been determined the moment you clicked the spin button for the spin that triggered the free spins. This doesn't mean the free spins are non-random. Simply that the game can play them and determine the outcome in a fraction of a second, then spends the next few minutes 'playing' those spins for your entertainment. Likewise with Pick and Click type bonus features - it doesn't actually matter which items you pick, the prizes you will receive was determined the moment you clicked spin.


Winning Strategies for Slots


Offline slots tend to differ from their online cousins in one substantial respect – the House Edge of online slots tends to average at around 5% whereas offline slots regularly run with House Edge figures in excess of 10%. This prohibitively large tax on the player makes winning in any form against offline Slots games exceptionally challenging.

This said smart players have been known to utilize slots club promotions and most notably Progressive Jackpots to gain an advantage over slots games. If a player can determine at what jackpot level a game becomes a positive expectation play and then, using a team of players, lock-up the machines associated with the jackpot (have one player on each machine), they can play until the jackpot is won. Technically there’s no requirement for a team of players, a player could play by themselves and still be playing with an edge, however if other players can be prevented from playing, and potentially winning the jackpot first, the variance inherent in this type of play can be substantially reduced.


Despite typically having a higher House Edge than the Video Poker and Table games available online, in the modern environment Slots games are often the optimum choice for the smart player. The high volatility of online slots games can turn even relatively modest bets, when upfront bonuses are taken, into an advantageous situation for the player. The main drawback of this style of play is the large bankroll required to sustain play through the variance. Given the extended losing streaks (performing below theoretical expectation) that can naturally occur, relatively commonly lasting in the tens to hundreds of thousands of spins, and the large volume of play it takes to reach the theoretical expectation, a very large pool of funds needs to be available to weather these periods and last through to the long term.

Alongside this, slots games are prone to generating lots of smaller losses followed by a substantial win. Given this tendency towards sizable wins the risk to the player from disreputable casinos finding reasons not to pay when they win is substantial.

It should be noted that online advantage play is not specific to Slots and many other games can be played profitably online if the player is familiar with the correct strategies to use.

Casino Bonuses and Slots Games

With the rapidly increasing popularity of online slots game, the bonuses that are available to players have skewed in favour of slots games with more and more bonuses only being available to play on slots games. Below you can find a brief summery of some of the different types of bonuses:

Welcome Bonus (First Deposit Bonus)

This is a bonus that you are offered when you sign-up and deposit for the first time. Some casinos will offer a ‘Welcome Package’ which will offer a series of bonuses on your first few deposits. Generally the bonuses will get progressively less generous with each subsequent deposit.

Deposit Bonus (Reload Bonuses)

This is a bonus offered after the Welcome Package that will match a percentage of the deposit you are making.

No Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that a casino gives you without having to make any deposit. Be careful though – No Deposit Bonuses often come with very restrictive terms and conditions, that generally include a rather low win cap. It can be very frustrating to see a big win come through on an online slot game, only to realise that the most you can withdraw is €25 because you were playing with a No Deposit Bonus!

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonuses – also often called Bonus Spins, Complimentary Spins or Cash Spins – are a bonus that the casino gives a player on a specific slots game, or small selection of possible games, that allows the players to spin the game a certain number of times without betting any money, simply keeping the winnings. Free Spins bonuses can be given with a Deposit Bonus or as a No Deposit Bonus and they also often carry a maximum win restriction, limiting what you will be able to withdraw from the winnings.

Generally, Free Spins bonuses will carry a wagering requirement on the winnings. So if your spins win €100 and the wagering requirement is 20xwinnings, you will need to wager 100x20 = €2000 before you can withdraw anything.

How To Choose The Best Online Casino Slot Site

In today’s market, it is commonplace for casino operators to have thousands of games. With thousands of potential sites that you can play with, the challenge for any player is not picking a casino with the slot games that they like – there will be loads and loads of options that have your favourite games – it’s finding one that treats players fairly.

The first thing that you should do is check to make sure that the casino you are considering is appropriately licensed. A Curacao license should be considered a massive red flag!

For a more in depth discussion of this particular topic we’d recommend reading our article How to Choose an Online Casino.

Is There A Way To Determine The Best Payout Percentage In Online Slots?

The majority of slot game developers these days include the payout percentage (RTP) within the slots documentation. So if you want the information straight from the source you can check inside the game!

We also include the RTP information for thousands of online slots games and you can use the resource on this page to find the games with the best payout percentages.


Which Online Slots Have The Best Payouts?

There is no single game that has the ‘best payout’. With tens of thousands of games on the market, there is a huge spectrum of payouts offered by different slots games, and a large number of games at every level of payout. The resource on this page can allow you to search games by their RTPs and find good games that are a cost level you are comfortable with.

What Is The Best Online Slot?

There’s no good answer to that. The “best” slot game is the game that you like the most. While we can and do review slot games, that is just our opinion and like all opinions there are plenty of people who will disagree with us. The best way to find the best online slot for you is to try a few and we would recommend doing that in free play mode first.

Are There Slots That You Can Play Online For Real Money?

Yes. Almost all slots games can be played for real money. Most, but not all, slots games also have free demo versions to let you try them and see if you like the game.

What Are The Most Profitable Slots?

That is a REALLY dangerous question. The only group that will “profit” out of a slot game is the gambling business. All casino games are designed to ensure that players lose. Never convince yourself that gambling is a good way to make money.

The only thing you can do is reduce the amount you are likely to lose and the way you do that is by choosing to play games that have higher RTPs. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose less – that can’t be known until after you’ve played – but it makes it more likely that you will lose less.

What Slot Machines Are Most Likely To Hit?

There is no way to know. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a charlatan and a fraudster looking to sell you a mirage. Slots games are designed to be entirely random. That means that every spin is entirely independent of any spin that came before it. Read our article on the Gamblers’ Fallacy [] to find out more about how unscrupulous people will try and use common misunderstandings about gambling to trick you into believing that you can predict future results.

How Do Slots Games Work?

Need a quick walkthrough of how slot games work? Never fear, we've got one here:

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