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ThePOGG Auditing Service

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ThePOGG Auditing Service

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I'd like to introduce everyone to our newest service - ThePOGG Audit.


If you're a casino operator and looking to give your properties the best chance of receive positive placement with your reviews, this is the service for you.

When you agree to an Audit, you will receive a 15-25 page report compiled by our reviewing team addressing every aspect of your customer facing service. This will highlight all the areas that are likely to present barriers to receiving a positive review alongside dozens of smaller factors that have the potential to generate player complaints or result in a poor user experience.

Other benefits include (for those operators that address the issues highlighted in the Audit Report):

  • Use of 'ThePOGG Audited' seal.
  • An increase in starting Trustworthiness stat from 6 to 7, reducing the length of time required to reach our 'Recommended' list from 12 months to 6 months.
  • An increase in maximum Trustworthiness stat for non-Deposit Guarantee sealed properties from 8 to 9.
This service is intended to allow you to get the feedback and perspective to allow you to address any issues before they are publicly highlighted in a review and to ensure that operators that have a genuine interest in offering the best possible service receive the best placement.

You can read the documentation we've compiled on the Auditing service here.

You can see a full example of an Audit report here.

If anyone has further questions regarding this service or would like to request an Audit, you can PM me here or email us at [email protected].

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Auditing Service

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