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Deck Media - Various problems

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Deck Media - Various problems

Postby thePOGG » Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:38 pm

We've had a couple of complaint come through about Deck Media associated property FairGo that highlight some incredibly poor practices going on within this group.

Firstly we have a Responsible Gambling related case where it has not only come to light that this group is putting barriers in the way of players who want to self-exclude - requiring them to print, sign and return a self-exclusion request before they will take any action - but where a self-exclusion failure was identified they then decided which deposits needed to be refunded based on deposit method - refunding some deposits but not others. This is a hugely problematic practice all round.

Secondly we've got a situation wherein a player who had played with a bonus, adhered to all terms and won then placed a withdrawal. While waiting for their withdrawal they claimed another bonus - something that's prohibited within bonus terms while you have a pending withdrawal. Rather than simply voiding the play with the offending additional bonus, FairGo decided this was sound grounds to also seize the pending withdrawal.


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