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Question/Advice on Self Exclusion

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Question/Advice on Self Exclusion

Post by JBurrows_85 »


First time poster and newly registered but long time reader of this forum and site for information and insights, of which it is the leading authority for players.

I was wondering if anyone could advise me here?

I’ve recently identified that I need to stop and have stopped gambling. After initial wins, the inevitable losses and then the chase which leads to more losses etc.

I signed up for a Casino on Wednesday, deposited and proceeded to lose. Lost more than I should have and contacted live chat and asked for an indefinite self exclusion. I was asked why and I stated that I had lost too much money. The account was closed and I was sent an email saying as much and that the group promotes responsible gambling and links to help etc.

The following morning, I woke up in a panic over my losses. I foolishly registered for a sister casino of the site I had lost on the night before, that was part of the same group. Same email address, actually the exact same details for registration. I deposited and started playing and proceeded to lose 3x the previous nights losses.

I spoke with and confided in a friend who investigated and suggested as I had self excluded from the sister site and the group the night before I should say this to them to see if they would consider any refund for allowing a self excluded player to play again. So, I did just that on live chat and was told that self exclusions don’t transfer to sister casinos and that when I send excluded I didn’t identify as a problem gambler. I said that self exclusion and the reason given “I lost too much money” would inherently suggest this is a problem gambler and surely they would have some responsibility to prevent registration, depositing and playing of someone who self excluded.

I have self excluded from the second site now. And I realise what an idiot I have been. My question is, do I have any recourse here?

My friend told me that if you have self excluded and for instance you had won, the casino would be in their rights to refuse to pay and return deposits because you had self excluded at a sister casino and that in my case the opposite is true also.

Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Question/Advice on Self Exclusion

Post by thePOGG »

Hi there,

We'd need to know where you're resident and the operator before we could offer any advice on this issue.



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Re: Question/Advice on Self Exclusion

Post by tamaqua44 »

I advise you to play for small amounts first so as not to get upset and understand the mechanisms of the game. Wish you luck :)

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