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breached TOS by accepting a deposit bonus; what should I do?

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breached TOS by accepting a deposit bonus; what should I do?

Postby cheesekraft » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:19 am

I made a deposit with Neteller on a casino [EDIT] and did not notice a clause, unfortunately.
(vii) Deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for the welcome bonus and if taken, any winnings will be confiscated.

I have not cleared the bonus, and the account has been idle since discovering this. I have won a lot, and my 'cash' and 'bonus' balances are a significant amount of money to me. Upon depositing, you simply select 'I want a bonus' or ' I dont want it'. I fell for this trap, how do I get the most I can out of the account? Is it possible to get any of the winnings? Should I ask for the bonus removed, or what is the best move?
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Re: breached TOS by accepting a deposit bonus; what should I do?

Postby thePOGG » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:06 am

Hi cheesekraft,

Firstly I've edited out both the name of the operator and the negative language used in your title - at the end of the day this is your mistake, the operator's done nothing wrong and shouldn't be shamed for it.

Regarding your issue, you're in a tight spot. Technically you have breached terms and the operator is well within their rights to void your play. There is next to no chance that this will go unnoticed at the point of withdrawal. As such, imo, your best option is to contact the operator, explain that you made an honest mistake and see if they're willing to overlook it. I doubt you're going to get paid on this one, but you never know.


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