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Use of Multiple Casinos

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Use of Multiple Casinos

Postby pinnit2016 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:18 am


I've always wondered whether, and i know it's called gambling!, you stand a better chance of doing well on slots if you stick with one casino or spread your funds across a few?

Though it's probably in my head I'm pretty sure there are a few casinos that are more generous to me than others - there are some i simply know I'm not going to win anything before i click spin!
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Re: Use of Multiple Casinos

Postby thePOGG » Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:04 pm

This comes down to the constant battle between pattern recognition and mathematical variance.

Technically, no it makes no difference what-so-ever*. However, that's based on what we can say about the future. Because you've had a positive/negative results playing a specific game at a specific casino in the past does NOT give any indication of what will happen in the future. If you've had a win you're no more likely to have another win playing that game than you are at any other casino. That said you're no more likely to have a loss either. The games are the same everywhere and chance is a fickle mistress.

The above said it's perfectly normal to feel lucky a certain casinos or on certain games. Your wins/losses aren't distributed evening, that's what variance is. Otherwise gambling would be very predictable and boring. Results can and do cluster at times. I remember on afternoon hitting two £8k hands on Video Poker in the space of half an hour. These hands should have occurred around 1 in every 20k hands, so I felt pretty lucky that day. There's nothing wrong with feeling like that, but it's wise to remember that past luck is no indicator of what will happen in the future.


* This doesn't factor in how various bonuses and promotions may impact your results.

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