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Playboy/Playboy multiplayer

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Playboy/Playboy multiplayer

Postby xalksx » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:38 pm

I no ive went on about this slot allot ..And something just does not add up with it ..Maybe this is just how it works ..So i joins a site and finds this slot ..I plays at 60p and 90p spins ..I wins close on £1000 of the first feature ..Luck? I thought it had to be so i joined another site same again ..This happened for a while ..One site im actually way ahead when it comes to winning on low bets per spin ..So ive unlocked all features and boom ..All goes wrong ..The last and final feature i think the most ive had is around £100 for a 90p or £1.20 spin ..I keep trying all the features and none hit ..So i should give up right? Na i keep trying and the more i try the more frustrating it gets ..So i tried there new multispin one ..Thats worse..Ive no idea how much a spin it costs but its allot and they do not tell you how much it is per spin ..Is there anyway a slot can be set to pay out so much then when you have unlocked all features the payout variation change ? One slot that never fails to make me smile is Dr Whatsup , really is a fun slot to play and is a very fair slot :) ..Just not likeing the slots that you play to get the feature and the payout is crap..Sorry for the bad grammar :|

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