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Bet Size and RTP

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Bet Size and RTP

Postby slotsuser » Fri May 22, 2015 1:32 am

I noticed some slot games MAY or MAY not have variance in their programmed and published RTP (the published house edge). Does someone know what games do this? If so, how much is this return rate adjusted? Does bet size, number of reels, or anything the player does affect return rate at all for the initial spinning of the reel?

Also, specifically... The three reel slots game "milk the cash cow" has a published RTP as well. The 'jackpot' goes up to 10k units for 3 coins, does that mean the RTP is much lower for 2 or 1 coin? The 'jackpot' is adjusted to 4k or 2k... Or is the variance adjusted to fit the RTP based on the bet amount?
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Postby thePOGG » Fri May 22, 2015 6:54 am

Hi slotsuser - welcome to!

The question you're asking is fairly involved and I'm afraid to say there are no clear cut answers.

Firstly with regard to player actions effecting RTP - this depends on the game. In general the companies producing the games are reluctant to give out any information and it's only in the last couple of years that this practice has become common place. Even now the information being published is less that perfect. In general one figure gets published for the entire game, which by all logical accounts should be the figure for max coins and max bet lines.

Number of lines played - I would assume that it'd be difficult to synchronize each payline so that it returned at exactly the same rate as every other payline. As such I would work on the assumption that changing the number of paylines played would alter the RTP.

Number of coins played - If the paytable for ALL symbols is proportionate to the number of coins played (i.e. the payout of playing 5 coins is 5x the payout for paying 1 coin) then there shouldn't be any change to RTP depending on the number of coins played. However many games offer increased rare symbol payouts for max coins so changing the number of coins played will often change RTP. Generally you should always play the maximum number of coins.

Bet size - This should have no impact what-so-ever on RTP. I would be inclined to argue that the manufacturer was cheating if they were offering a different game based on the size of the bet.

There are some other games where playing decisions will effect the RTP of the game, but there is no hard and fast rule - these would have to be addressed game by game.

As to progressive jackpot games - like 'Milk the Cash Cow' - the variation in jackpot DOES effect the RTP. The higher the jackpot the higher the RTP. The published figure is likely to be one of three things - 1) the RTP the game initially plays at (seed rate) 2) the RTP the game will return on average (long term expectation) or 3) the RTP excluding the jackpot (Microgaming often publish this figure). It should be remembered when it comes to progressive games that a lot of the return is tied up in hitting the jackpot, a very rare event. For most player this won't happen and as such they'll be playing with an effective RTP that's lower than the game would suggest (conversely the player who ultimately hits the jackpot would be playing with an RTP far higher than normal).
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