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When to stop when to start

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When to stop when to start

Postby xalksx » Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:15 am

Right i think this is one of these things we can all relate to some where along the line

So we all like a bet someway or other my question is from others whens the best time to stop i will give an example the other day i deposited 100 euro i won 1100 euro then lost it again the next day i went chasing and lost allot more now i was chasing 1100 euros that i had won (silly i no ) but whats peoples methods ive read some cases where people win 30k and go and lose it the next day now in my eyes im a binge gambler i can leave it for months but then hit it for a month..So i got up to the 1100 euro i thought im on a run im gonna keep going to win more and lost

When do we stop ? do we set an amount we want to win and then say right thats it or do we just pic and choose what we do (this is not ment as a negative post) i love bashing the bookies but we all no the bookie/casino will always win so as i say whats other peoples strategy on winning/keeping the money and resetting
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Postby thePOGG » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:57 am

This is a tough one to answer and I do accept that everyone has their own feeling about this, but for me you should always set a limit of how much you are willing to lose in a given time period and stick to it. You have to be strict with yourself and choose a limit that is an amount you're comfortable with - i.e. one that won't leave you feeling bad if you hit it. This is the tricky part because if you set a £500 loss limit but really you'll be upset if you lose more than £300, by the time you've lost £500 you've already lost your emotional grip on the situation and because of that it becomes far more likely that you'll start chasing the £500 rather than stopping at the limit you set yourself.

In my mind win limits aren't as important, though I appreciate that many players do find them useful and ironically my big problems have always occurred when I decide that I've won a good amount but I want to win just a little more to bring it up to a round number. Oh I'm sure there've been plenty of times when I've been successful and got to cash out £500 rather than £497, but the times that I remember are the times I didn't cash out anything because I didn't make that round number and kept trying to 'win it back up' lol.
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Postby xalksx » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:29 pm

We gamblers are pretty weird when you think about it huh as you say there £497 now of course you cant bank £497 it has to be £500 ive done it with lower amounts and higher amounts i remember one day i set the limit £100 in to get £200 profit and i went over in what i wanted leaving me at £650 and odds close enough odds to want to round it of to the £700 so where can i round it off easy go on black jack and do a couple of bets and ule round it of simple so you stick your bet on ive even seen it being £5 to make it up to the round number and the dealer whopping me a few times then the "bugger you " kicks in so you up it then your right back in the position you started this is another thing that i find silly i deposit such an amount and get a good win i then lose the good win but am left with my deposit after the 12 hours or so betting that deposit is now no good and i just have one spin on the roulette and lose it

I think the moral of the story is if you cannot be strict on yourself and set limits of play then just give up ban yourself from all the sites i love gambling i love winning but still hurts all the same when you lose setting a limit say £100 a day or whatever would bug the crap out of me i think because after loseing the cash id be looking at another site to bet at lol my dream is to win enough money to go to vegas and have a great time but its not happening anytime soon thats for sure lol :D

Postby Christin30 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:52 am

Its a most difficult decision to be taken at the time of investing and playing. I simply do not understand when can I continue and when do I stop it further.

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