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Affiliate Edge

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:23 am
by thePOGG
The Affiliate Edge group have restricted players from Hungary:
Affiliate Edge wrote: [font=Segoe UI]10. Club World Casino (CWC) does not currently accept any real money wagers from the legal jurisdictions of the Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Israel, Russian Federation, United Kingdom (inclusive of Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man), Romania[/font][font=Segoe UI],[/font][font=Segoe UI]Hungary[/font][font=Segoe UI]or France. If you are unsure as to whether these restrictions apply to you please contact support.[/font]

Re: Affiliate Edge

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:34 am
by thePOGG
Affiliate Edge have specifically removed a term related to how long players will remain tagged to your account:
Affiliate Edge wrote:4.2 Tracking. When a new Player comes to the Site through your Tracker, our system records the Player as yours based on a multi tier tracking system to ensure as close to 100% tracking as possible. The multi tier tracking is based on cookies, IP time stamping and Java side servlets. In pursuit of state of the art systems, we may at any time change how the tracking is done as we in our sole discretion decide from time to time.Once an account is actually opened, then the account is permanently tagged with your Tracker(s) so that all subsequent activity relating to that account will be credited to you via our database until the account is closed or this Agreement is terminated, whichever occurs first.
This change was made on the 13th of March 2017. In light of the numerous accusations coming from a significant number of affiliates of wide spread detagging of players from their accounts, this change in their terms seems surgical in nature and highly supportive of the claims made by the affiliates.