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Use of this section and Disclaimer

Posted: Sun May 12, 2013 4:56 pm
by thePOGG
In a effort to prevent future disputes wherein casino rules have been changed after the completion of the disputed play, we have set up a system to monitor both the general and the promotional term and conditions of every casino we have reviewed. We will post update regarding changes in this section. This should serve as a record of exactly when changes to terms and conditions occurred and make it easier to prove/disprove any claims.

Each page is checked for changes at least once a day.

In the small number of instances where a casino has designed their website in such a way as to prevent us from automatically checking their terms, in the first instance we will contact the casino and ask them to provide a crawlable version and if they are not open to that we will make note of this in the Trustworthiness section of their review and reduce their score.

When changes occur, new words will be highlighted in yellow and removed words will be shown as struck through.

While every effort will be made to ensure that all the changes are detailed and that our copy of the affected sections are displayed accurately, we cannot guarantee that our posts will be without errors at all times. This is a huge and time consuming task and as such while we will do our best to ensure accuracy, some errors will undoubtedly occur. As such, you should not rely on these posts to determine the rules at any casino and should defer to the rules listed on the specific casino site.

Alongside this, where a site goes offline for a period of time before coming back up, it becomes impossible for us to distinguish any changes that have occurred during the time the page was offline.

If you believe a change has occurred at one of our monitored venues that we have not posted please get in contact with us. We do have some limited access to historical changes and may be able to identify the specific change.