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Advice needed please guys?

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Advice needed please guys?

Post by boshdk5 »

does anybody out there play online bingo ???

if so, what strategies do you use to win, apparently it's just luck (which is complete rubbish) as it is law of averages and nothing more, do you stay in the same bingo room all the time play the same amount of cards...what ????

does it make any difference weather you should leave for an hour or so and then go back, or should I just stay and play.

I am losing an awful lot more than I,m winning I need advice please .

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Post by thePOGG »

Hi boshdk5 - welcome to the boards!!

Unfortunately while you are right that bingo is subject to the law of averages (or large numbers), the game itself - as with all gambling games - is subject to a built in house edge. Basically that means that the average return to player is going to be lower than the amount they wager. So if you took a million players and had them all play the same game once, the amount that the players would win in total would be less than the total amount they wagered.

Changing room and leaving or taking brakes will make no difference in the long run to results. Think of it like this, do the balls know or care that you've not played for the last hour? Are they going to change because you've just entered the room. These concepts fall into the category known as 'Gamblers Fallacy' in a similar way to thinking that red is more likely to come up on roulette because the last 5 spins have been black. It's not, the probabilities remain the same.

There are strategies for beating Bingo, but they involve having a strong mathematical knowledge and taking account of many factors including how many people you are playing against. Michael Shackleford's site has a good break down of this for offline players -

The best advice I can give if you feel you are losing more than you're comfortable with is to quit playing for a while. Other than than, buy less cards per game and go to lower value games. This way you can still play, but you reduce the stake to fit more with your comfort zone.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Advice needed please guys?

Post by Mateaso »

True, I agree.
I guess when you keep loosing, you just stop for a while. Or sometimes when I change the casino its better. I would also recommend to only play where its safe. Trust me, you dont want to play in unsafe casino.. Friend told me he plays viac trusted reviewer so I have been to since then.. Beware of scammy websites dude.. And also, maybe online bingo strategies will help you too. Goog luck, hope I helped at least a lil bit.

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