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Bingo Games

Discuss anything related to Bingo
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Post by chucky013 »

sounds great ressy! bingo is really fun most especially if you win some of the prize money!

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Post by ferd »

Beware of this game! It can be very addicting! It's so much fun when played by many.

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Post by credes »

Playing Bingo is so much fun. You can find it anywhere, in different establishments, malls, etc. You can also buy a set in a toy/sports store. One set already contains chips for the numbers, container for the chips, and matrices. With these, you can play Bingo in your own home. Have fun!


Post by ressy09 »

@SuzyJ Yes, we really had a great time! You should try it some time!

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Post by Niel »

SuzyJ wrote:No huge wins I'm afraid but we olny usually go just for fun. I think my best personal win to date actually at a bingo hall was £300.

It was exciting though and made the night even better!

Plus I shared the win with my 3 friends :cool:
Well, I believe you had a good night indeed.
Now I think, I should need to gave it a good try at least for one night. Who knows, maybe the luck be blessed upon me. :D

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Post by Niel »

ressy09 wrote:Playing Bingo is really fun! There was this one time I went out with my friends, we were really bored and passed by a Bingo Hall. Out of boredom, we went in and bought matrices that were sold around. We didn't bring any pen or marker so we just used lipsticks and eye liners to mark our numbers! Though we didn't win, it was totally enjoyable!
Lipstick and Eyelers!!
Ha ha ha, really funny!! :D

Keep sharing more.

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Post by SuzyJ »

Basic rules of Bingo for anyone interested. It's a fun game that's played around the world

As a rule, the game starts when all the players buy bingo tickets. A bingo ticket is a card with a 5x5 grid. 5 columns on the card correspond to 5 letters of the name of the game "B-I-N-G-O". 24 numbers per each card are random from the limits of 1 to 75. The center of the card is an empty space. After that the game begins and the caller selects numbers at a random and calls them. As soon as the caller calls one number, all the players mark it on their tickets. The winner is determined when one or several of the players complete the winning bingo pattern. The pattern can be different depending on the hall. As in one casino it can be a line, either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, a full house (when all the numbers are to be covered) or any symbol, letter or digit.

The numbers in the columns of a Bingo ticket are selected at random and printed according to the range - numbers in the B column are from 1 to 15, in the I column between 16 and 30, in the N column (that contains four numbers and the free (blank) space) between 31 and 45, in the G column between 46 and 60, and in the O column between 61 and 75.

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Post by PokerFace »

BINGO great post. It's a fun game for all ages

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