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Update T&Cs on guides?

Keep updated to changes in the terms and conditions of all of the casinos we list on site. Updated daily.
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Update T&Cs on guides?

Post by lampot »

Is there a specific place to post revisions to casino T&C? A lot of the guides seem to be outdated and the forums dead.

Anyhow, Dealerscasino has a max bet of LESS than £4 or 15% (as opposed to the £5.5 in the guide).

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Re: Update T&Cs on guides?

Post by thePOGG »

Hi lampot,

This board is the right place to post term change.

We do actually have a tool in development to crawl operator terms and report on changes, but this is having to take a back seat to our Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker just now which is currently taking the lion's share of the available investment money and maintenance time. Once that's stabilised we'll move on to finishing the terms monitor then we'll perhaps have money available to hire someone to make a project our of our forums.


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