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The state of online poker

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The state of online poker

Post by mister_blackjack »

Online poker used to be huge, fun with a large array of games and players to play against. Then came Black Friday which wiped out all the American players. Ever since then online poker players are weary about playing. At any moment a country can go offline or just be unavailable. If you are a player nothing is worse than the risk of having your funds frozen and possibly stolen.

If you are a professional then the other problem exists of having your job instantly terminated. Imagine being a French poker player and being forced to play only players in France but missing out on juicy fish players around the world.

So for the next few years online poker will probably be in a bit of a lull. Many players have lost interest and the advertising for it has drastically been reduced. It is a tough business for the operators of online poker and for the recreational players it is just not as appealing as it used to be.

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Post by thePOGG »

As government's squabble over who gets the tax dollar from online poker, they've done a good job of strangling the goose who's eggs they wanted.

Poker was riding a wave of popularity before the US - one of the biggest gambling markets in the world - pulled out of the market. When they did that, they removed a large portion of the playing population online, making the games for everyone left tougher and less fun to play. So less people play. Not only does this reduce the amount that these companies earn, but it lowers the profile of poker in general.

Look at the instant decline seen in attendance at the WSOP the year after UIGEA - attendance still hasn't recovered to pre-UIGEA levels as far as I'm aware. Strangling the burgeoning industry the way they did may well ensure that poker never achieves the sustainable success it could have.
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Post by danielbluffz »

Yeah there was a period of time where it was really hard to find sites to play on in the US, but it definitely seems like now in 2016 its starting to pick back up.

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