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Jackpot Knights/Danguad - Impossible bets

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Jackpot Knights/Danguad - Impossible bets

Postby thePOGG » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:35 am

While we have another thread active about Danguad Limited properties and why they've all been moved to Blacklist status, I feel this complaint is significant enough to require its own thread.

We've just published a complaint against Jackpot Knights where the operator has seized four figures from a player based on what they claim was a maximum bet with bonus funds violation. However there are huge problems with this claim. Jackpot Knights carry a maximum allowed bet of €7.50 and provided game history showing a bet of €8. The player was playing the Betsoft game Sugar Pop. The first problem is that there is no betting combination on Sugar Pop that would result in a bet of €8! We challenged the operator to explain this and the response we received was that the player had used the double feature of the game to reach this bet total. On inspection it became apparent that Sugar Pop does not have a double feature!

We've chased this up multiple times since informing the operator of this fact and we're getting dead air now.

This issue looks highly suspect to my eyes and would again be ample justification for the Blacklisting of this entire group if that hadn't happened already.

You can read the full report here -


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